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Monday News Week of November 24th - A Week of Thanksgiving

J0309568 Good Monday morning everyone!

I had a fantastic weekend. If you call being covered in paint fantastic. I'm super excited about the transformation going on in our home I can hardly wait. I was feeling a little slackerish after this post, so off I went and purchased our supplies. The ceiling is done and if my plan goes as correct we'll have new walls in no time. Don't you just love fresh paint? I was just telling my husband, often times people seem to get the winter blues around this time of year. I thought a painting project is just what they need. Take this time to freshen up your walls, give them a brighter color and feel better in your surroundings. You can do it!

Coming up here at Vintage Indie there will be another great giveaway, this time with artwork. Continuing all week - Being thankful in every day life is just as important than on Thanksgiving, this week I want to really highlight ways to show appreciation and your gratitude. Have you sent your letter for The Mother Letter? This is a simple and free way to show thanks to your mother, someone else's mother, or mothers who are strangers.

I hope you'll stay close by I also have another fun surprise for you, an addition to the Vintage Indie family.

Have a great week everyone! I'm so THANKFUL you'll be stopping by to read this week.

XOXO  - Gabreial

Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.
-- Author Unknown


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