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Reader Collection - Vintage Tins - Clara Lidstrom Fashion/Home Journalist from Sweden

It's been a little while since we've featured a reader collection. I hope you enjoy this one from Clara Lidstrom of Sweden.

Reader Collection_Vintage Tins

VI - What made you start collecting these?

I always liked pretty vintage things and when I stumbled upon some beautiful tins at an old relatives house I was delighted. So I started collecting them, and I never paid more than five dollars a piece. Most of them I got as gifts from friends and family and I use them to store anything from  jewelry to food.
Nyhus_6411_1208105824 copy  

My favourite tin copy

VI - What's your favorite tin out of your collection?

I love this blue tin that once belonged to my grandmother. I use it to store crisp bread and biscuits.

O-061 copy Tesermoni-394 copy

VI - What's missing from your collection, that you dream about having? 

I don't really feel that I am missing anything in particular. I buy whatever I like without giving it too much thought.

Nyhus_1378_1194448911 copy Nyhus_1400_1194448939 copy

VI - What do you think makes a great collector or a great collection?

A complete collection means nothing compared to a collectors taste and ability to pick out the best pieces.There are plenty of tins at vintage stores so you have be quite picky, unless you have a huge storage space for your collection. 

Thank you Visit Clara's blog called Underbaraclara

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Katie Trott

What a great collection! Clara obviously buys what she loves!

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