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Tie One On Day: Interview with founder EllynAnne Geisel author of The Apron Book


A Special thank you to  EllynAnne Geisel author of The Apron Book & Apronisms for introducing us to your latest project Tie One On Day. We are thrilled with this concept and think this November, the month of giving thanks is a perfect time to Tie One On.

Where did your vision for Tie One On Day come from?

I was fairly astonished by the carrying on of those-with-more-than-most when Thanksgiving rolled around. For a holiday with thanks at its root, to hear complaining and all seemed wrong. Then, three years ago, I was beginning to prepare my own feast, when a neighbor, who'd experienced a bit of sadness, popped into my head. And I thought about how I could convey to her that she was on my mind and in my heart. So, I took one of the pies I'd already baked, wrapped it in a vintage apron, and slipped a personal note in the pocket; then I tied one on myself (an apron, of course!) and walked the bundle over. The look on her face...priceless.  When I returned to my house, walking in the front door, I was cognizant that I had a home in which to live and food to prepare for the friends who would gather at my table the next day. I realized then how incredibly fortunate I was. How immense was my personal bounty.

What do you hope to achieve during Tie One On Day? 

My hope is the realization that for each participant, there is a receiver, so each year hence, our numbers increase significantly. Sharing one's bounty is a win-win.
Is there a significance in the loaf of bread, used during Tie One On Day? Absolutely! Bread is made of common ingredients, and throughout its processing, it is aromatic, filling our senses even before our tummies. And what else, when sliced and slathered with butter, brings us such joy and comfort?

As a lover of vintage aprons I was thrilled to hear of your new book launch The Apron Book. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

The Apron Book, which published in fall of 2006 is in its sixth printing. It is a love story to a humble icon...a celebration if its significance to women historically and emotionally.

Be sure to follow Vintage Indie as we will be reviewing a few of EllynAnne's books in the near future.

In the mean time, Tie One On tomorrow November 26th.
Here's How:

TieOneOnDay#1_Wrap (Medium) 

In honor of National Tie One On Day, wrap a loaf of bread in an apron or nice tea towel to take to someone in need of spiritual or physical sustenance. 

TieOneOnDay#2_Write (Medium) 

Tuck a note or encouragement or prayer inside.

TieOneOnDay#3_Deliver (Medium)

EllynAnne Geisel, creator of Tie One On Day, says that no matter which way you turn out of your own front door, there's someone close by who deserves this thoughtful gesture.


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