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VI Headliner - FEATURED SPONSOR - Rick Rack Attack!

RickRack_FS1 Please help me in welcoming Rick Rack Attack as our Featured Sponsor for November! We are thrilled to have Rick Rack Attack back with us.

If you love vintage aprons then you will love what Rick Rack Attack has to offer.

"A new generation has discovered the whimsy and charm of vintage aprons."

From vintage Bib Aprons, to Souvenir Aprons and even children aprons Rick Rack Attack has them!

I found this adorable Apple of My Eye bib apron over at Rick Rack Attack. I love this style, simply because I'm a messy cook. Do you know any messy cooks in your life? These are great because they cover you from top to bottom, well almost!

Ahhh, the beauty of patchwork. I love bits and pieces of vintage fabric that come together to create a spectacular mural of design. I love this All Patched Up apron created from feedsack.

Aprons make wonderful gifts. Something that can be handed down from generation to generation of family cooks. You can find these lovely aprons and many more by visiting Rick Rack Attack.


Katie Trott

This patchwork apron is cute! I really like the hem line.

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