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What You Make of It - Dime Store Chic - Make a Lush Holiday Corsage By Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko

VI Headliner - Sponsor Feature - Martin Meyer Imports West

Meyer-V1-140u Have you noticed this sparkling new button on Vintage Indie? It is our newest sponsor Meyer Imports! Did someone say vintage glass glitter? Yes, they sure did!

Meyer Imports is a family owned business with tons of wonderful crafty supplies.


A great item for crafting, glitter of course! German Glass Glitter to be exact. Meyer Imports specializes in German Glass Glitter. They've even written a wonderful about page for their glass glitter, giving you all of the info on the best way to use and utilize your sparkling accessory. Stock up now with their Christmas Set including Silver, Red, Gold & Green!


They've also stocked up on great little items like these Christmas Elf ornaments.

"Our Christmas shop is full of rare items that came from Germany prior to the fall of the Berlin wall. Many of these items were produced by East German companies, from factories that no longer exist. You just will not find these German Christmas items anywhere else!"

Head over to Meyer Imports West today for their great selection! I can't wait to see what you make this holiday season!


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