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Vintage Indie Market - Business Spotlight!

Vintage Indie Market -  is your number one source for shopping vintage, handmade and independent businesses. This market, the Holiday Edition will run from November 1st to December 31st. For the next two months you can shop at "market street" for vintage, handmade and independent goods all while receiving exclusive discounts.


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Accessories Shoppes - Barbe Saint John

I am a San Francisco based mixed media jewelry artist, working with forgotten, found and repurposed materials. I love to take broken, discarded, rusted, and all manner of things considered worthless and turn them into wearable works of art.  Each tiny piece has a fragment of a story and a hint of a secret that longs to be revealed. Combined together they come to life with a story and energy all their own.  Modern pieces with a vintage appeal and each a one of a kind piece of art.

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Welcome to my little corner of rare vintage treasuries from Europe and ex-Soviet Union. I offer not only antiquarian cards, postcards and photos but also dresses, shoes, scarfs, kerchiefs, purses and more for affordable prices. If you like things with history, with their own stories and memories you are in a right place.

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Boutiques - La Femme Rose

"Art Nouveau" is our style...vintage is our quest. Precise care is given in the creation of these beautiful heirloom pieces. Elegant hand painted works to beautify your home and add to your collections. Designs are the original creations of "Teriann" our resident artist and are held in a limited quantity guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind ownership.

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Vintage & Indie Clothing
- Lone Star Vintage Clothing

Lone Star Vintage Clothing specializes in women's vintage clothing and accessories from the androgynous 20s right through to the high-flying 80s. We stock vintage day dresses and glorious evening wear alongside vintage suits, separates, lingerie and vintage children's apparel too. 

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Holiday Shoppes - Storia Home
 Visit Storia HOME for vintage inspired fancifuls for the holidays.
Featuring handmade banner garlands, gift cones, party crowns and other fanciful delights,  each creation is handmade by Jerusalem Greer.

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House & Home - Leslie Janson

I'm inspired by the humble quality, texture and humor of vintage textiles.  My sewn goods are inspired by vintage salt and sugar bags, hankies, grain sacks, pennants, tea towels, napkins, doilies, dresser scarves and even the occasional bowtie and Christmas stocking! 

Visit the Vintage Indie Market today for even more great categories and special offers!




I just pulled out some Christmas banners that I purchased at Storia Home last year. I still love them and cant wait to put them up.... Jerusalem is a very talented artisan!

Christa from Chloe Rose

I just visited Storia Home and her banners are beautiful.....

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