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Business Series Part 6 - Applying to Antique & Craft Shows an Exclusive Interview with Serena Thompson of The Farm Chicks Antique Show Part One

I'm very excited to bring you Part 6 of our Business Series. Today we are discussing the topic of applying to a juried antique show, which could also apply to craft shows. We have an exclusive interview with the wonderful Serena Thompson, part founder of The Farm Chicks Antique Show. She has provided us with a ton of valuable information, including all the details you need to apply to their show and some helpful tips for preparing and setting up.

There are so many wonderful photos from past years shows and helpful answers we've split this feature into two parts. (Click images to enlarge)

Part One:


Jewelry in The Farm Chicks space

I understand The Farm Chicks Antique Show is juried. How does this
process work?

Serena - We receive several applications a day.  Teri and I sit down about once a
week and go over every one.  We work hard to make sure the vendors we accept
are a really good fit for the show.  Unfortunately, we have to turn down a
lot of vendors, and that doesn't mean that they don't offer wonderful
things.  It just means our show isn't the right fit for what they are


Vintage Goods

What should applicants do to make their application stand out? What do
you look for?

Serena - The most important thing is that there are good pictures.  We need to see
how the vendor would display their goods.  We stress that applicants don't
need to have any experience and that's really true.  If they haven't sold at
a show before or don't have any pictures, it's fine to set up a mock display
and take pictures of that.  We just really need to see that.  As far as what
we're looking for, we love to see someone who has really created their own
look and isn't exactly like everyone else.  Good edited collections are nice
too - when it's clear that their look is specific and it's not like the
vendor is trying to squeeze in every type of vintage good that's out there.


Forget Me Not

When vendors have been accepted what can they expect from you next?

Serena - When we accept a vendor, we send them an informational letter and a
contract.  They both contain a lot of information.  There's not really
anything else from us until it gets closer to show time, and then we start
sending out specific set-up information or if there are any new special show
details, we notify the vendors of that in advance as well.

IMG_8260 IMG_8235

(Pictured Left, Teresa Sheeley’s well edited display.  Nice display height for visual appeal.) (Pictured Right, “Tumbled Trinkets”.  She has a nice knack for displaying her handmade jewelry).
An elaborate display with a prebuilt, freestanding backdrop

A special thanks to Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards for sharing these gorgeous photographs with us and for the helpful information.
Please visit The Farm Chicks Website & Blog.

We'll be back with Part Two of this interview tomorrow.


Katie Trott

These photos are all so great. I never thought of doing a show without my 6 ft. table. Thanks for helping me to re-think my display!

Now, the only problem is...will I be able to sleep tonight?


great info. love to see these pictures.

Jennifer Bokma

i always wondered

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