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Holiday Gift Wrap Guide - Tags

Gift Wrap Guide - Introduction

J0289626 Is it easy for you to fall in love with a gifts packaging? Do you stare at the wrapping paper isle, trying to mix and match the ribbon, tags and  paper perfectly? Do you give a lot of thought to a gift including the box and details?

  Remember when grandma used to tell you, "Now honey open your packages carefully I want to save that paper"? (I can't be the only one). OK, so maybe that obsessive save the wrapping paper idea was a good idea you know recycling and all, but then again tearing open the package is all part of the fun right?

Either way on both sides of the fence packaging and holiday gift wrap plays an important role. During this Gift Wrap Guide I hope I have a little something for everyone for all of your gift wrapping, tagging, styling needs. Stay tuned for Part 1!



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