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It's almost that time! Time to kick off another great year at Vintage Indie™ . We are so excited for 2009 and hope that you are too. Our goal is to keep the independent vision of Vintage Indie™ alive and keep our sponsors to independent, small business, handmade, vintage and antique businesses. No big box stores found here. We are here to help promote you, and what you work so hard for every day.

We are booking sponsors for Jan-March of 2009, We offer three fabulous sizes/prices to accommodate your business and budget. The names only reflect the sizes/location. See our Advertisements Page for details.

150x200 Ad Block Sample 140x140 Vintage Jewel Ad Block Sample 140x60 Vintage Trinket Sample

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This is our last sponsor type "promotional features" for 2008, thank you for your patience.


Vintage Indie Magazine 2009 - Submissions


During our winter break we are collecting submissions for 2009. If you feel you have something that fits into any of these categories please send your emails to us with examples of your work and clear photographs for consideration. This is an open ended invitation to submit for 2009.

Do you have a personal Vintage Collection?
Vintage & Modern collections with a similar theme?

Are you a Vintage Store Owner?
Vintage/Antique Store Owner?

Do you have a local Vintage Hot Spot you'd like to share with us? We are looking for family owned businesses.

Do you have a local favorite Diner or Family Owned Restaurant that is considered "vintage" ?

Vintage/Modern Style Home Design

Do you wear vintage fashion? Mix and Mingle with Vintage & Modern? We want to see your style!

Do you make items created with vintage components?

Are you an independent business who makes wedding items?

Are you a photographer who wants to show off your vintage style? Do you photograph vintage items?

Do you design clothing or accessories with vintage components?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or have submission ideas we want to hear from you!


See you in 2009!

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Thank You & Merry Christmas


My dearest readers, contributors and everyone who I've been so lucky to meet this year. I want to send a heartfelt thank you for your support, encouragement and time. This year has been the best ever for Vintage Indie and I couldn't have done it without you. I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful on-line community who loves vintage and supporting independent businesses and designers as much as I do.  I appreciate every sale that was purchased from our dear sponsors and know that they appreciate you too.

My goal was to publish a couple of features this week, but personal life found it's way into my heart and I've been soaking in every minute of precious family time that I can. I hope that this Christmas you will hug your loved ones a little tighter, you'll remember the true reason for the season and bless those around you.
I'll be back with one quick announcement next week and then it's a little off time for me until January 5th when we kick off a splendid new year on Vintage Indie.
Thank you again and God Bless all of you.
Merry Christmas
Gabreial Wyatt , Editor in Chief

Monday News Week of December 22 & Christmas Day!


Good morning everyone!

We're looking at a chilly morning here with the wind chill factor of -6 degrees. I can't remember the last time it was this cold and I mean collllllld. A trip to the grocery store just isn't the same when your hubby says he feels like his ears are going to fall off. I'm so very thankful he went with me to help, he is so wonderful!

This week our home will transform into a winter wonderland of family bliss (at least I hope anyway).  We've got candy making plans of homemade marshmallows, chocolate pistachio fudge, saltine cracker bark, honey & rum hot chocolate (non-alcoholic for the children of course) and a delicious dinner with friends and family. We are also filling our hearts with reminders of the true meaning of Christmas and the joys of giving.

This week and next I'll be taking time off to enjoy this family time but stop back by as I have prepared some scheduled features for your enjoyment as well as a few guest posts from our wonderful contributing editors. Didn't you just love today's first feature from Barb McMahon?

Until then, have a wonderful day!

xoxo Gabreial


Remember, if Christmas isn't found in your heart, you won't find it under a tree."
~ Charlotte Carpenter.

It is the personal thoughtfulness, the warm human awareness, the reaching out of the self to one's fellow man that makes giving worthy of the Christmas spirit."
~ Isabel Currier.

DIY - A Thrifted Christmas - Setting a Christmas Table by Barb McMahon

Are you struggling with your Christmas party budget? You've bought the food, prepared the menu, cleaned the house and somehow missed the decor for the table? Contributing Editor Barb McMahon is here to the rescue with a simple and charming way to make your guests feel special at the dinner table. You probably already have all of these things in your home.

Set The Table_Barb2

You can find nice old quilts at thrift stores and auctions. This one was a hand-me-down from my Great Aunt. If the stuffing's not too thick, they make cheery table coverings.

All of our dishes are thrifted. They don't have to match, though I think the table looks more elegant if they have something in common. In our case, we go for white backgrounds.

We also have two sets of flatware. When I set the table, I try to have matching pieces at each individual setting. I just find it easier to manoeuvre if the knife and fork are basically the same weight.

Flowers can be hard to come by this time of year. But you really can't go wrong with candles and a scattering of Christmas ornaments.

Featurebutton_05 Barb McMahon writes the blog May December Home - home decor with a focus on environmentally friendly/handmade/re-used design.

Be Inspired - Last Minute Vintage Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by Heather Bullard

Do you need some last minute vintage holiday gift wrap ideas? The super talented Heather Bullard of The Present Past Collection has a must see four part series, that is out of this world gorgeous. Even if you've already wrapped your packages (unlike me who waits until the last minute) you've got to see them. Some of them, would be beautiful just sitting on a shelf! Go wrap an empty box if you have to!
Thanks Heather for sharing with us!

The Daily Swank - Lola B Boutique

As the sun peeks out after days of chilly winter winds, gray skies along with melting snow and downpours of rain it reminds me once again that spring will come in due time.While seeking refuge indoors, it is nice to keep things you adore to make you smile during the long of winter.

Today I happened upon Lola B Boutique who is also our Daily Swank for today. This web-shop is gorgeous and full of delightful treasures for make you feel better at home. 

LolaB's_Doorknob Sugar_large
Petitcrown_large Xmasfinch_large
Top Left Vintage Inspired Door Knobs - I would love one for every door in my home. Top Right, a sweet indulgence of Brown Cane Sugar infused with Vanilla or Ginger. Bottom Left, a delightful Petit Crown Hook and Pull for hanging something special. Bottom Right a charming Holiday Finch Candle, perfect for gift giving.

Visit Lola B Boutique for these selections and other wonderful vintage found treasures and more.

Reader Collection - Antique Rose & Women Paintings Tracey a Math Teacher from Australia


What made you start collecting your antique and vintage floral and woman portrait paintings?

I love art but unfortunately (quite early on) realized that I was no good at it myself. So I decided to collect rather and have now collated gorgeous collections. I remember in my grandparent's home - on an isolated farm in South Africa in the early 60's (which had all the decor that I lust after now: embossed wallpaper, antique brown furniture, Persian rugs, dark oak wooden floors and picture railings) they had a painting of a woman playing the piano. It was an old painting and I was desperate to have it. (Unfortunately, my mother who does not have any nostalgia or sentimentality didn't bother keeping it for me) so I decided to find my own. I collect mainly art deco period women on canvas and antique and vintage roses paintings. I particularly like the copies made my the Victorian ladies of the American Impressionist ( originally from France) Paul De Longpre and the fabulous Catherine Klein.

Antique Roses3 copy

What is your favorite piece from your collection?

My favourite item is a roses painting bought in Australia (one of the few I have found here as I mainly buy from America) which is signed and dated 1909. I don't have any information about the artist but I continue trying to find out. I love the colours, the size and the way the roses are lying on the table in a relaxed and casual manner. But, I must say I love all my paintings and am very attached to them. My husband says, that when I die, they are all going to be converted to cash!! (I have collected a whole wall of vintage floral paintings for my daughter and I love that collection, but she doesn't want it anymore ... so I guess you can't collect for your children). Perhaps my husband is right.

Antique Roses1 copy

What is missing from my collection, that you dream of owning?

I suppose an original 1900's roses painting by someone like Paul de Longpre or Catherine Klein but I must say, I think my collections are almost complete. I have absolutely no space for anymore!

AntiqueLadiesArt1 copy

What makes a great collection or collector?

I'm not sure, but I think that you really must try and buy the best you can afford and rather start with a small collection of gorgeous items than just any old item that fits the collection. I have definitely sold more paintings than I have kept. Also know when enough is enough. I'm not sure about every wall being covered with the same type of thing. Move on and find something else to collect. My roses paintings are a favourite, but then of course, I also have vintage hat blocks, antique sterling silver boudoir jars, antique French perfume bottles, antique needlework, antique fabric, modern Australian paintings, antique boxes....... oh, the list is almost endless.

A special thank you to Tracey for sharing her beautiful collection with us. Please be sure to check out her lovely blog, Live a Fabulous Creative Life.

Share the Joy of a Vintage Christmas - Personal Creations

Chris A.  writes, "Here is my newest Christmas decoration creation. My vintage Christmas wreath. Complete with vintage tulle, balls, pearls, ribbon, buttons, etc. It's kind of a Shabby Vintage Style. Now... to find just the right spot to hang it.
Best holiday wishes,

IMGP4842 copy

IMGP4843 copy 
Thanks for sharing Chris! Visit her charming vintage baby shop Curby's Closet.

Business Series Part 6 - Applying to Antique & Craft Shows an Exclusive Interview with The Farm Chicks Part Two

I'm very excited to bring you Part 6 of our Business Series. Today we are discussing the topic of applying to a juried antique show, which could also apply to craft shows. We have an exclusive interview with the wonderful Serena Thompson, part founder of The Farm Chicks Antique Show. She has provided us with a ton of valuable information, including all the details you need to apply to their show and some helpful tips for preparing and setting up.

There are so many wonderful photos from past years shows and helpful answers we've split this feature into two parts. (Click images to enlarge)

See Part One of the interview here.

Part Two:


“Nestting”.  Nice use of quilts to cover an otherwise very drab wall.

Upon arriving at the show how early should vendors arrive? What are some suggestions you have for set up times, display etc? 

We give the vendors a full day to set up their spaces.  If this is a vendor's first time, we recommend arriving right at 9am to get directed to their space and allow plenty of time to get set up.  Most vendors take all day to set up.  It's a lot of work and it shows.  Their displays are amazing.  As far as suggestions for displays, height is always good and lots of filler to add interest.  Tables should be avoided unless there is a good plan on how to make it look really planned out and not flea market-ish.  Allow plenty of room for foot traffic in your space.


Garden Girl’s lush display.

What suggestions do you have for a successful show for your vendors?

Bring a good inventory - plenty of items for re-stocking many times and bring lots of change.  Prepare yourself for an extremely busy Saturday. Have everything you need on hand because you won't really have time to think once the show starts.

Debbie Ward Kennedy’s really well edited space.  She actually had three full displays organized and ready to go in her trailer for re-stocking.  She went through all of them.

Do you have any other tips for vendor applicants? Future Vendors for the
2009 show?

The only other tip I can offer is that friendliness is key.  It's actually  the most important thing.  The vendors all end up being like one big family, which makes the show a very supportive, encouraging and happy environment. Maybe we should call it the happiest show on earth!?  : )


Adrienne Mineiro’s great use of materials for a beautiful backdrop

What is the application deadline for 2009?

We don't really have a deadline.  However, any contracts that come in after February 1st, are only accepted until we're filled up.


Nice use of a big piece of furniture for display.

A special thanks to Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards for sharing these gorgeous photographs with us and for the helpful information.
Please visit The Farm Chicks Website & Blog.

Business Series Part 6 - Applying to Antique & Craft Shows an Exclusive Interview with Serena Thompson of The Farm Chicks Antique Show Part One

I'm very excited to bring you Part 6 of our Business Series. Today we are discussing the topic of applying to a juried antique show, which could also apply to craft shows. We have an exclusive interview with the wonderful Serena Thompson, part founder of The Farm Chicks Antique Show. She has provided us with a ton of valuable information, including all the details you need to apply to their show and some helpful tips for preparing and setting up.

There are so many wonderful photos from past years shows and helpful answers we've split this feature into two parts. (Click images to enlarge)

Part One:


Jewelry in The Farm Chicks space

I understand The Farm Chicks Antique Show is juried. How does this
process work?

Serena - We receive several applications a day.  Teri and I sit down about once a
week and go over every one.  We work hard to make sure the vendors we accept
are a really good fit for the show.  Unfortunately, we have to turn down a
lot of vendors, and that doesn't mean that they don't offer wonderful
things.  It just means our show isn't the right fit for what they are


Vintage Goods

What should applicants do to make their application stand out? What do
you look for?

Serena - The most important thing is that there are good pictures.  We need to see
how the vendor would display their goods.  We stress that applicants don't
need to have any experience and that's really true.  If they haven't sold at
a show before or don't have any pictures, it's fine to set up a mock display
and take pictures of that.  We just really need to see that.  As far as what
we're looking for, we love to see someone who has really created their own
look and isn't exactly like everyone else.  Good edited collections are nice
too - when it's clear that their look is specific and it's not like the
vendor is trying to squeeze in every type of vintage good that's out there.


Forget Me Not

When vendors have been accepted what can they expect from you next?

Serena - When we accept a vendor, we send them an informational letter and a
contract.  They both contain a lot of information.  There's not really
anything else from us until it gets closer to show time, and then we start
sending out specific set-up information or if there are any new special show
details, we notify the vendors of that in advance as well.

IMG_8260 IMG_8235

(Pictured Left, Teresa Sheeley’s well edited display.  Nice display height for visual appeal.) (Pictured Right, “Tumbled Trinkets”.  She has a nice knack for displaying her handmade jewelry).
An elaborate display with a prebuilt, freestanding backdrop

A special thanks to Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards for sharing these gorgeous photographs with us and for the helpful information.
Please visit The Farm Chicks Website & Blog.

We'll be back with Part Two of this interview tomorrow.

Vintage Indie News - Comments & Giveaways

J0422684 Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know we are having some technical difficulties behind the scenes here with the comment function. TypePad is on the case, trying to figure out what's going on. Your comments are coming through, but we are unable to approve them through our end. So, keep them coming, but they may be delayed in posting.

Also, those of you who entered to win the domino cuff bracelet from FRUITCAKE, we are waiting for this problem to be fixed so we can contact the winner!

Thank you for your patience.

XOXO  - Gabreial

VI Headliner - Sponsor Feature - Catnap Cottage

Catnapcottage_tetiles Vintage Indie would like to welcome our newest sponsor Catnap Cottage. We hope you will help us in sending them a warm welcome by visiting their shop.

Catnap Cottage is a treasure trove of beautiful vintage linens, wonderful plush pillows, and so much more.


This is just one of many beautiful chenille bedspreads at the Catnap Cottage their Double Peacock. I chose this one because it reminds me of a beautiful chenille rug that has been lost in our family. Not only that, the colors are bright and cheery. Don't take my word for it though visit Catnap Cottage for the 15 plus inventory of bedspreads!


I also adore Catnap Cottage's beautiful Floursack Towel Pillows. Created with new towels featuring vintage feedsack graphics. Pillows make a great gift, my mother-in-law says you can't have too many pillows! 

The Daily Swank - Oh My Baby Shoes!

I simply could not write another minute without showing you this shop. Work at home mom Bianca has a knack for baby shoes, and makes the most adorable boots/booties. We aren't talking about your run of the mill baby shoes, these are absolutely adorable.


This is the Heidi booties/boot. Bianca says, "these are warm, furry and adorable, best of all they are lightweight and flexible, not bulky like normal boots, but very comfortable for baby!"


Oh yes, it does get better. Look at these darling Leg Cozies with built in leg warmers!

Last but certainly not least, can you imagine these on your little sweetie in her Christmas dress? This is just one of many maryjane styles at AureliandAnnalise.

Visit Bianca's shop on Etsy AureliaandAnnalise for even more adorable shoes & booties!

Designer Profile - Shawn Pigott of LaVictorianRose Millinery

 I met Shawn Pigott designer of LaVictorianRose  quite some time ago. Just before hurricane Gustave.  Shawn has been trying to rebuild and is still displaced today due to the damage of hurricane Gustave. I was immediately intrigued by her story, and her attention to detail in all of her beautiful hats. I hope you enjoy my interview with her. I know she is very excited to begin filling spring orders for 2009.

For those of you who may not know what a milliner does, it is defined as  as one who makes, trims, designs, and/or sells women's hats.


(Pictured, Josephine)
How did you get started in Millinery?
It was quite accidental that I became a milliner. Although I do have a degree in fashion and design, that did not lead me to millinery.
 My dear friend and mentor, the late Cynthia White of Lady Cynthia Millinery, called one afternoon and told me she was dying. Cindy asked me to promise her one thing: to open my own millinery studio and to begin making hats as soon as possible. When I told her I'd never made a hat in my life, she replied "I don't know another person who loves hats as much as YOU and I know you will be fantastic! You have the knowledge inside....just tap into it." That was our last conversation as she died one month later. I have kept my promise. I opened LaVictorianRose Millinery in 2005 in Cynthia's honor. Unfortunately, we never met in this lifetime.

(Pictured, Victoria)

What drives your passion for this style craft?
I've loved hats for as long as I can remember!! I think I was born loving them. Custom, hand-blocked millinery is truly a form of art. I derive great pleasure from the designs I create for my clients.  Also, custom millinery, in my opinion, is becoming a lost art and one that I feel should be preserved. I absolutely love what I do and that shows in each hat and veil. I specialize in romantic styles from the Victorian Era, Edwardian Era, and the Roaring 20's.
(Pictured, Jacqueline)
What's in a hat?
Mostly a lot of love. Each design I make is done only after consultations and getting a feel for that client's personality. Hats should always enhance the wearer and bring out her special qualities. The straw I use is hand woven in the Orient and it takes that weaver 5 days to create the straw for a small hat like a cloche. It takes that same weaver 15 days to weave the straw for a wide-brimmed one. I also use the finest quality felt velour for cold weather wear.
(Pictured, Veronica)
Can you give us any history on Millinery?
Of course, people have been wearing a head covering of some type since the beginning of time.
The word "milliner", a maker of women's hats, was 1st recorded in 1529 when the term referred to the products for which Milan and the northern Italian Providences were well known such as ribbons, gloves, and straws. The haberdashers who imported these highly popular straws were called "Millaners" from which the word eventually derived.
The earliest documentation of a millinery shop in the United States was the Margaret Hunter shop in Colonial Williamsburg established in 1767. I know of one historical literary reference to millinery. Shakespeare mentioned "millinery" in a Winter's Tale published in 1603.

A special thanks to Shawn for giving us this wonderful interview. Derby Day will be here before you know it Kentucky gals, start planning for your hat purchase! Please visit Shawn's website for more of her beautiful hats including wedding and bridal, travel hats and more.

Vintage Indie Market - Business Spotlight - Shop & Save for Last Minute Gifts!

Vintage Indie Market -  is your number one source for shopping vintage, handmade and independent businesses. This market, the Holiday Edition will run from November 1st to December 31st. For the next two months you can shop at "market street" for vintage, handmade and independent goods all while receiving exclusive discounts.


Click to shop Good Girls Studio!


Good Girl Studio - Accessories

Raleigh, NC. Based Johanna Ely is the founder and designer of the one woman show that is Good Girls Studio. Good Girls Studio encompasses her love of historical costume, flea market thrifting and fine gemstones. Designs combining her romantic story telling & penchant for asymmetry fill her shop with whimsy.

Visit Vintage Indie Market for Exclusive Discounts, there is still time to shop & save!

Click to shop Sweet Addie!

Sweet Addie  - Accessories

 As a stay-at-home mother to three children under the age of three, I seek refuge in all things creative! Sweet Addie, named after my daughter, Addison, combines many of my loves including, my passion and commitment to my family, and my obsession with items “with a past”. 

Click to shop Grandma G's!Grandma G's Visit the Boutiques Section for exclusive discount code!

Welcome to Grandma G's.....your place to shop for excellent quality vintage linens and housewares with a history! Vintage items bring a warmth and coziness to your home that newer items cannot.

Click to Shop!
The Vintage Bungalow  - Shop Market Street Clothing Shoppes

The Vintage Bungalow carries serious vintage for the fashion lover.  Each piece is carefully chosen by me and I am always on the hunt for fresh vintage to bring to my loyal customers. Whether you are dressing head to toe vintage or looking to add vintage to your contemporary wardrobe, I’ve got something for you!  

Click to shop!

Espanolita Vintage
- Shop the Clothing Category for special offers.

Españolita Vintage brings you eclectic and relevant vintage clothing and accessories from our nation’s capital. Why buy mass-produced, when you can wear vintage and be one-of-a-kind? Check out my vintage treasures from Washington, DC! Recycle, reuse, redefine. You’re one of a kind, and your clothes should be, too. Españolita Vintage.

Click to shop The Quilt Shoppe!
The Quilt Shop  - House & Home

The Quilt Shoppe is your premier online creative sewing center.  We carry 100% cotton quality fabric from Moda, Clothworks, Andover, Wilmington, Free Spirit, Westminster, Quilting Treasures, Henry Glass, and many more.  We also carry kits, patterns, supplies, and block-of-the-month programs.
It is a joy and honor to be able to offer superior customer service and provide products that help you create not only beautiful products either for personal use or gifts, but also for crafting, home decorating, clothing and accessories.

Click to shop Chicago Honey Co-op!

Chicago Honey Co-op  - Indie Luxury

Your purchase of Chicago Honey Co-op products supports our small but growing beekeeping cooperative which is currently home to 50 hives. We offer job training for people who need it most and practice sustainable agriculture in the heart of Chicago.

Click to shop Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor! 

Visit Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor   in the Shabby Cottage Shoppes on Market Street.

At Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor we offer a variety of shabby cottage decor and gift items.  Browse our selection of vintage, shabby, Victorian, country and Bohemian style decor.   Because we care about the environment, many items are handcrafted from re-purposed finds.  When you purchase from Cozy Cottage your package will be packed with care and you are sure to receive a little something extra.  Shipping takes place promptly within 2-3 days after your order is received.

Special Offer for Vintage Indie Readers!

MBeze is offering an ADDITIONAL 10% OFF on top of the current Holiday Discounts for last minute savings!  Save time and make a chic statement when you have your order GIFT WRAPPED for $5.00!  Enter promo code vintage at checkout to activate the discount.  Offer expires Dec 31, 2008.

Monday News Week of December 15th

J0402405 Good morning everyone!

I hope you enjoyed a warm weekend of sipping cocoa by the fire. I have to tell you mine was relaxing indeed. I'm soaking in all of the holiday spirit with my wonderful husband and boys. I'm planning the menu for a Christmas Eve Appetizer/Cocktail party at my house. Any good recipes, you could recommend?

My shopping is nearly complete! I'm so excited that my purchases are ready to be wrapped, I can hardly wait to hand them out. Do you have all of your shopping completed? If not, check out the Vintage Indie Market, it is a wonderful place to start!

This week I'll be spreading more holiday cheer, and hope you'll join in!  I'd love to see your holiday mantles or glittery villages email your submissions to me subject Share the Joy with clear  photos, your first name last initial and city and state you are from.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
xoxo - Gabreial

Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day.
 - Helen Steiner Rice

Gift Wrap Guide - All the Trimmings - Packaging Kits

I love it when everything is all matching labels, tags, packaging and wrap. I also love it when I don't have to coordinate these things myself. Below is a few companies that do all that work for you with some really great kits for all of your wrapping needs. (Click images to enlarge)

Il_430xN.47451772   Il_430xN.47327130
Sweet Papery has created these Gable Box Kits that include the ribbon and labels!

Il_430xN.45746500 Il_430xN.45746499
KitsandCaboodles one of my favorites on Etsy has created these Gift Wrap Kits including vintage goodies!

Don't forget to shop the Vintage Indie Market - Holiday Edition for all of your gifts!

Gift Wrap Guide - Unique Gift Packaging

If you are looking for something a little different to wrap your gifts in, why not try one of these handmade unique packages.

GiftWrap_TakeOut_LunaFeliz2 GiftWrap_TakeOut_LunaFeliz1
Handcrafted Chinese take-out boxes by Luna Feliz

GiftBox_vvnvvn1 GiftBox_vvnvvn2
3-D Origami Shirt Boxes by vvnvn

FayeHubele1 FayeHubele2 

Penguin & Snowman Handmade Gift Boxes by FayeHubele (must see the larger boxes too) 

Don't forget to shop the Vintage Indie Market - Holiday Edition for all of your gifts!

An Ornament(s) a Day 12.12.08 - Jolly St. Nick

Cincinnati based artist Maria Pahls creates wonderful and charming ornaments with the German technique known as spun cotton.

MrCrowsGarden1 MrCrowsGarden2
MrCrowsGarden4 MrCrowsGarden3

It is easy to get lost in the magical world that is St. Nick. Such a jolly fellow with always something to give. Top Left Santa with Puppy, Top Right, Santa with Tree and Goodies Bottom Left, Santa Ornament with Needle Felt Friends. Bottom Right, Santa in Blue and White.

Visit MRCROWSGARDEN on Etsy to purchase and see more of her work.