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Reader Collection - Antique Rose & Women Paintings Tracey a Math Teacher from Australia


What made you start collecting your antique and vintage floral and woman portrait paintings?

I love art but unfortunately (quite early on) realized that I was no good at it myself. So I decided to collect rather and have now collated gorgeous collections. I remember in my grandparent's home - on an isolated farm in South Africa in the early 60's (which had all the decor that I lust after now: embossed wallpaper, antique brown furniture, Persian rugs, dark oak wooden floors and picture railings) they had a painting of a woman playing the piano. It was an old painting and I was desperate to have it. (Unfortunately, my mother who does not have any nostalgia or sentimentality didn't bother keeping it for me) so I decided to find my own. I collect mainly art deco period women on canvas and antique and vintage roses paintings. I particularly like the copies made my the Victorian ladies of the American Impressionist ( originally from France) Paul De Longpre and the fabulous Catherine Klein.

Antique Roses3 copy

What is your favorite piece from your collection?

My favourite item is a roses painting bought in Australia (one of the few I have found here as I mainly buy from America) which is signed and dated 1909. I don't have any information about the artist but I continue trying to find out. I love the colours, the size and the way the roses are lying on the table in a relaxed and casual manner. But, I must say I love all my paintings and am very attached to them. My husband says, that when I die, they are all going to be converted to cash!! (I have collected a whole wall of vintage floral paintings for my daughter and I love that collection, but she doesn't want it anymore ... so I guess you can't collect for your children). Perhaps my husband is right.

Antique Roses1 copy

What is missing from my collection, that you dream of owning?

I suppose an original 1900's roses painting by someone like Paul de Longpre or Catherine Klein but I must say, I think my collections are almost complete. I have absolutely no space for anymore!

AntiqueLadiesArt1 copy

What makes a great collection or collector?

I'm not sure, but I think that you really must try and buy the best you can afford and rather start with a small collection of gorgeous items than just any old item that fits the collection. I have definitely sold more paintings than I have kept. Also know when enough is enough. I'm not sure about every wall being covered with the same type of thing. Move on and find something else to collect. My roses paintings are a favourite, but then of course, I also have vintage hat blocks, antique sterling silver boudoir jars, antique French perfume bottles, antique needlework, antique fabric, modern Australian paintings, antique boxes....... oh, the list is almost endless.

A special thank you to Tracey for sharing her beautiful collection with us. Please be sure to check out her lovely blog, Live a Fabulous Creative Life.


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