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The Daily Swank - Lola B Boutique

As the sun peeks out after days of chilly winter winds, gray skies along with melting snow and downpours of rain it reminds me once again that spring will come in due time.While seeking refuge indoors, it is nice to keep things you adore to make you smile during the long of winter.

Today I happened upon Lola B Boutique who is also our Daily Swank for today. This web-shop is gorgeous and full of delightful treasures for make you feel better at home. 

LolaB's_Doorknob Sugar_large
Petitcrown_large Xmasfinch_large
Top Left Vintage Inspired Door Knobs - I would love one for every door in my home. Top Right, a sweet indulgence of Brown Cane Sugar infused with Vanilla or Ginger. Bottom Left, a delightful Petit Crown Hook and Pull for hanging something special. Bottom Right a charming Holiday Finch Candle, perfect for gift giving.

Visit Lola B Boutique for these selections and other wonderful vintage found treasures and more.


Jen r sanctuary arts at home

Love Lola B's!!!


What a treat to find my sweet and talented friend's shop featured on your blog. I have loved strolling though your blog...I will be back for more.


I just took a peak and Lola Boutique and it so soooo beautiful. Every photo on your blog is an inspiration. Thank you for making the world a little more beautiful -- especially when some of us our snow-bound!

Pumpkin Pink Cottage

that sugar sounds divine, hugs, Lisa


i love lola b's! glad to see it featured.


Love Lola B's

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