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My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Sairer from Malvern in the UK

We would like to welcome you to another My Vintage Pad Home Tour on Vintage Indie. The gracious Sairer S. from Malvern UK has opened her home to us for a special tour. You will be charmed with her attention to detail and her eye for vintage style.

Thank you Sairer for taking the time to show us around your home. Can you tell us a little about each room and your favorite details? (Be sure to click on each image to enlarge)

  2007_0527(002)22 DSC0004333

Although our kitchen is absolutely tiny, and really only temporary, it's one of my favourite rooms. It is split into two parts, the original tiny kitchen scullery and then a wooden added on part that we now call 'the laundry'. The other bit where the fridge and tumble dryer are kept.

DSCF2228244 DSCF169555 


The open shelves were put up as a necessity and I like them so much I'm going to have them in our 'proper kitchen' when it's done. The old sink will be staying too, I love these old China sinks unfortunately though you do tend to chip your best China in them! Every kitchen we have had has had a sink-skirt, I think they give a room a vintagey feel, and break up the monotony of fitted cupboards..and you can change them when you like for a different splash of colour.

2327122016_bba23babdf477   2007_0701(013)366

We wanted to give the hall a really English look to it. The colours and fabrics were matched up with two parrot pictures that I bought before we moved here. I love the locally made 'Roger Oates' stair runner.It was a custom dyed colour  that had been a special order canceled by a customer, so we got a unique wool carpet for a fraction of the original cost. We have a set of original 1930s carpet clips to add at some point. The front door was bought from an antique warehouse to replace the original totally rotten one and the brass and oak dolly light switches were the nearest we could get at the time to replace the old Bakelite ones.


 This room, like the hall is what I would call a 'grown up room'. All very sensible in pale color's and floral patterns...a bit boring really! The old battered leather chairs were bargains from a posh hotel that was being re-furbished.The cushions are made from a vintage linen, which I love. There are the odd quirky touches here and there,like the leopard print lampshade and cushions but it's such a small room you could easily go a bit over the top!


This is the one room I'm never happy with! It changes almost weekly and nothing ever seems to look right, yet its the one room we use the most..eating, computing, reading, sewing. One day it will be part of the kitchen, it's a bit of a mish mash until I decide whether I want it kitsch or classic or a bit of both!


2007_0701(009)61010 2007_0701(011)71111

We tried to make the bathroom as close as possible to the original art deco one that needed replacing, it's the one room that hasn't really been changed since we first started decorating the house eight years ago. I love the pastel colours and girlishness, I wanted it to look like a 1930s bathroom that had been redecorated in the 1950s..if that makes sense!

Although the layout is totally wrong, the shower ended up in front of the window. We'll need to change that at some point!



My favourite oil painting is in here,your view from the loo..a huge nude study of a girl in the 1940s, its quite a talking point with young boys!

DSC0000991313   DSC00008101414

The 2 main bedrooms have the original fireplaces which were one of the reasons we bought the house,we just love original details. This bed was an absolute bargain on eBay as was my vintage stockman mannequin. It took a lot of courage to paint the Victorian pine furniture but we like the lighter look it gave the room and decided it can always be stripped back again to wood!

2907159095_90cb836099   2547950945_a9435405a8

I always have far too many cushions on the bed whose covers change with the bedding and there is always an eiderdown or blanket on it!

 144225111515 144246

My sons rooms are not really your typical everyday teenagers modern bedrooms.I found it so difficult decorating in a vintage style for older boys,they quickly outgrew the 50's cowboys and sailing boats I had previously used so we compromised on a paired down vintagey look, an old painted desk and Victorian pine chest of drawers, French cafe chair and iron bed. I really like the roman blinds made from a roll of antique mangle cloth, modern blinds made with a vintage fabric seemed to work better than curtains.

2964312564_6538110ed0 2964312650_f9213d5ba3

  My other sons room is tiny, we customised a hideous modern orange pine chest by painting it white and adding label holders as older furniture was just too large for the space.His Victorian brass bed was another eBay bargain, now painted white. His fisherman's lamp was also sprayed blue. I love Harry's red cupboard full of old tin robots, cars, and treasures. He's quite into the vintage look, along with his bike posters!

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your house?

 My grandparents houses, remembered from childhood visits, heavily influence my decorating choices. Both lived in homes decorated in a very English, chintzy style with polished antiques and flowery curtains. They were both very keen gardeners too and loved old fashioned flowers and roses. I find I still look for things that I remember in their houses,like old eiderdowns and  Barbola mirrors.One grandmother had a very similar pink, green and black deco bathroom with chintzy rose curtains at the windows.

2326305187_9f9b6a7c44 2500750342_1ba14019bd

I grew up in a house that was permanently under going work, a 'Gentleman's Edwardian residence' which used to be the village Dairy,complete with coach house and a very shabby cobweb-filled stable but unfortunately I also grew up in the era of 'modernization'  and the terrible sight of all those original features being replaced with new. I'm a stickler for a house's history and original features now. I hated having to replace the rusting ,rotting metal and wood windows in our house and even now I cringe when I see the new ones but it was an unfortunate necessity.

I also buy far too many house magazines! My absolute favourite being 'The English home'

How do vintage things play a role in your home?


2004_0101(016)1717 Without all my vintage 'clutter' I think my house would be soul-less.

It's all these strange,colourful and often tatty, bits and bobs that hold it all together. A certain colour on say, a vintage tin, might influence a whole room.The walls are kept plain so that all the pretty stuff can show off on its own!

Any advice on creating your look?


2004_0101(017)2020 I'm a great bargain hunter,I've had to be. This house has been decorated on a very tight budget. Everything has been either bought in a sale, found on eBay (a lot has been found there) been given to us,made or thrifted. Don't be afraid to ask, people are often only too happy to let you have something sometimes and the worse they can say is 'no'!

2331324090_2d16463cf9 Don't rush into buying the first item you see, be patient,you can bet one the same will turn up on eBay for a bargain price. I love Laura Ashley shops, but I will only ever go there in the sale. You can get some great bargains that are ex-display too.

I never consider a house to be 'finished', ours always seems to be evolving and still needs lots of work done on it.I'll find something and it inspires me to paint a wall ,a piece of furniture or even just move rooms around!

Above all else,only have things you love and your style will evolve naturally. Don't follow the latest home fashions to the letter or your house will look like a mail-order catalogue rather than a reflection of your personality and life!

Thank you Sairer for such a wonderful tour, stop by her blog Vintage Pretty & Shabby for more of her wonderful inspiration!


Geralyn Gray

Thank you so much for that lovely tour. I really enjoyed it and I didn't have to leave the comfort of my comfy chair and fireplace.

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

I loved seeing the tour of this home! The vintage kitchen is wonderful!!


Thank-you for the tour--really beautiful with so much personality! The kitchen is so sweet, love the bathroom and the garden--I tried putting in a "cottage style" garden at our home. Too much "life" has happened but someday maybe it will look like yours-maybe!

Amy Steinberg

Really beautiful photographs and I love how open and airy everything seems. Thank you for sharin!

Barb McMahon

I love this house!!!!


Thanks for sharing, the place is adorable.

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