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Business Series - Selling Your Vintage & Antiques Online Part Two with Bonanzle

We hope you've enjoyed our Business Series so far. If you need to catch up feel free to visit our archives. If you've been thinking of starting your own business selling your vintage or antique goods on-line we hope to show you a few options during the next few sections of our series.

It is important to note we are not associated with any of the sites that we'll be featuring in series but hope to offer informative details about each site so that you can decide which is best for your business.

We are all about real experience and for Part Two of our Bonanzle feature we'd like to introduce you to Julie of Orallo,Inc . Julie is fairly new to Bonanzle,  she has first hand experience on what it's like to be new and start from scratch selling on Bonanzle.

Why did you choose to set up a booth on Bonanzle?

As a former eBay store owner, I share the same frustrations as many other former sellers who have been actively searching for a VIABLE alternative. For months, I did my "due diligence" of sites that made sense for my product categories (i.e. antiques, vintage and collectibles) and settled on Bonanzle.

Bonanzle makes two basic contentions: it offers a friendly site that's easy to use. While I value both of these things, I made my primary decision to sell on a variety of other factors including no listing fees, no listing renewals (listing is posted until you sell), a reasonable fee structure once you sell, and they had a reasonable amount of traffic in my product categories.

I'll note that Bonanzle has delivered on its promises - the site is incredibly easy to use and the group of buyers and sellers on Bonanzle is very friendly and quite helpful. Additionally, I've been with the site since the end of November and I've only made one sale; however, I have not lost enthusiasm for the site or its long-term value for my business. It is experiencing phenomenal growth and it has a very proactive community promoting the site online so I believe it's worth the wait.

Thanks Julie for your helpful insight! Be sure to check out Julie's booth jules43035 on

As far as getting started on Bonanzle, you can visit their sell page here. A couple of noteworthy things to mention. One, you can start selling in one click. Two, you can import your eBay items. As with any site the you join, it's important to visit their Terms of Service page and Frequently Asked Questions. You should be sure you understand what their fees are, what costs you'll incur and things you can't sell there.

Thinking of joining? Let us know if you open a booth there becuase of our series.



I too closed up my e-bay store in Oct.2008 had opened a Bonanzle booth in Sept. 2008 had more sales in the first month on Bonanzle than my last month on e-bay. There has been no looking back.


I have sold on eBay for years...The sales slowed, and the fees escalated to the point where I wasn't making a reasonable profit any more. I found Bonanzle and joined almost immediately....No looking back for me either. I closed my eBay store in September at the same time I joined Bonanzle.


Thanks for writing the great article on Bonanzle! I've had a lot of fun shopping and visiting on their forums. Sometimes I'm just browsing the interesting hand-picked lists people have put together, and find incredible deals on beautiful items. Some of the antique jewelry is gorgeous, but I've bought some hand-made baby clothes that are one of a kind and destined to be future vintage clothing!!

Vintage Indie

You're welcome, be sure to check out Part One of the Bonanzle series if you haven't already.

Have a great day!

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