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My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Natasha D. from Oxford, UK

Vintage Indie would like to welcome you to another My Vintage Pad Home Tour. We are very excited to show you the gorgeous home of Natasha from Oxford, UK. Natasha is a perfect example of how mixing vintage with modern can be breathtaking. She also shows many beautiful examples of why you should recycle vintage and reuse it in your home.

I live in a 1930's house, in the city of Oxford. My house and the others that surround it, were built in the 1930's, to house the manual workers employed by the nearby Morris Motors car factory. My house still boasts many of its original, 1930's features. These include fireplaces, parquet block flooring, terracotta floor tiles, cupboards, doors and picture rails. The renovation took two years to complete, and during this time I collected vintage items, similar to those that may have lived in the house, during its 80 year history

What is your favorite part of each room?
Living room:


I wanted the living room to feel like a cosy retreat. I also wanted it to remain fairly minimal. I achieved this through the use antique mahogany wood furniture, and pale green and blue sort furnishings. I particularly like the Sanderson floral curtains, which I found in a charity shop, and the antique crystal chandelier, which came from an antique shop.

My favourite items in the room are Tretchikoff's print of The Chinese Girl and the 1960's blue plastic clock, which plays a 'music box' style tune of The Colonel Bogey March.


Kitchen and Laundry Room:


In contrast to the living room, the kitchen and laundry room are filled with bright, colourful and cheerful objects. I mixed vintage with modern, and used lots of different vintage floral prints. These rooms are forever changing and growing, as I find more and more vintage items I can not resist bringing home!


I especially love the pine wall cupboard in my laundry room. The cupboard was a present from my grandmother, to my mother, before I was born. While growing up the cupboard housed my mother's Beatrix Potter porcelain figure collection. I have since painted the cupboard cream, and it now houses my vintage kitchen and laundry room accessories.


Dining room:


My dining room is one of my favourite rooms in the house. It looks out onto the garden, and always seems sunny and bright. The 1960's curtains were a purchase off eBay, and the 1960's sideboard belonged to my partner's nan. I like to mix vintage floral prints, and I think the curtains and Cath Kidston table cloth work really well together. My Eames chairs are reproductions by Vitra, and are a design classic.

DSC06317 DSC05012


DSC03213 DSC06392

Despite living in England, I love to utilise the French style in my bedrooms. I like the delicate antique furniture and textiles that were used in historic France. My antique French chair and dressing table create a very feminine, glamorous and romantic feel.

DSC03049 DSC03024

And finally, I could not show you my home, without introducing you to a few of my vintage Bambi and Babycham deer. There is at least one vintage deer in every room!

DSC05051 DSC05059

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

I am inspired by everything around me – magazines, books, television, fashion, art, shops, nature, buildings and people. I love to wander through antique shops, flea markets and charity shops. Nothing fills me with more joy than bringing home a cute, rusty old tin and finding a suitable spot for it in my home!


How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Vintage things play a huge part in my home, and in my life. Things from days gone by were better made, and they are still here, which proves they have stood the test of time!

A lot of today's interior design is too stuffy and serious. I love the quirkiness of mid 20th century home decoration; what could be more cheerful than a 1950's pineapple ice bucket and some wall mounted flying ducks? They are charming, add character, and are always a talking point. There is nothing nicer than hearing someone say 'my grandma had one of these' or 'my mum had one just like this.'

I also believe it is ethically and environmentally correct to recycle and reuse.


Any advice for creating your look?

Never underestimate where you can find beautiful and inexpensive items for your home. My vintage collections have come from car boot sales, flea and vintage markets, antique shops, charity shops, junk shops, eBay, family and friends and even out of skips!
If you are interested in vintage things, friends and family are always glad for you to take things off their hands. There is currently a 1970's record cabinet in my shed, which is crying out for a new home. After all 'one woman's junk is another woman's treasure!'

If you are in the Oxford, UK area Natasha is available for interior design. Please feel free to contact her via this email address.


All photographs in this feature are copyright Natasha.

The Daily Swank - Wren & Chickadee

If you asked me Valentine's Day seems so cliché, but I look at it as a great reminder to hug those you love a little tighter and an opportunity to make someone smile. After all there isn't anything wrong with that, is there?

A lady after my own heart Ez,  editor of Creature Comforts is also a talented photographer and designer. For today's Daily Swank I think you'll love her newest PDF - Pretty Darn Fabulous creations and a glimpse of her gorgeous photography, beautiful enough to make anyone smile. 

Wren and Chickadee4

Talk about adorable! Ez just launched a new line of PDF's  in her Etsy shop Wren & Chickadee The one above is her Balloon Animals Notes and Tags Set. I love having PDF's like these on hand so you can  print and use whenever you need them.

Wren and Chickadee3

If your are looking for a gift to give or an excuse to use the gift tags above, look no further as Ez's photography is simply gorgeous. My favorite from her collection is the above Tulips Print. Enjoy!

The Daily Swank - I Heart Embroidery by LovaHandmade

It is the season for hearts and we love embroidery! Put the two together and you've got LovaHandmade as our Daily Swank for today!

{ Top - Felt Vintage Fabric Puffy Heart on a string} { Middle - Love Birds Embroidery Wall Hangings} { Bottom - Felt Puffy Hearts with Vintage Floral Print Fabric}

Domino Magazine Folds - Who's Next?

If you haven't already heard, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you, one of my favorite publications, actually my number one favorite Domino has folded. Honestly it's the only one I've kept my subscription for, for a long time.
(image from Domino Magazine)
I'm sure you've also heard of many others folding like Country Home, O at Home, Cottage Living and Home Companion just to name a few of the vanishing publications.

What do you think of all of this?
I will miss my Domino fix, it's a good thing we still have our internet & blogs! Where will you seek your Domino/ (insert other magazine here) void?

The Daily Swank - Muntedkowhai

Crocheted nylon becomes art for your neck and a treasure to keep with the addition of vintage components. Today's Daily Swank is the work of Muntedkowhai.

Daily Swank_Munted
{Top Muriwai Necklace} {Middle Black Victory Necklace} {Bottom Manuka Necklace}

New Feature - Tales from the Flea Market - Go Forth & Forage

Vintage Indie is happy to welcome Cindy Cooper as our newest Guest Contributor. She'll be joining us for "Tales From the Flea Market" a new series sharing real life stories of trips to the flea market. Cindy Cooper is also a vintage jewelry aficionado and would love to help answer your vintage jewelry questions.

Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire

The Main Runway at Alameda Point. Alameda, CA

It’s the first Sunday in January (yeah) and it also happens to be 6:00 a.m. and my parking karma is putting me right in front row parking (I’m thinking my practically valet spot has more to do with the time of morning than my karma but its all good regardless).  I pay my early VIP entrance fee of $15.  Now I could wait until 9:00 a.m. and pay just $5 but then all the good stuff might be gone. The Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire or simply “Alameda” if you are in the know, offers a stunning array of vintage finds from jewels to furniture to collectibles and everything and I do mean everything in between.

I’ve been foraging Alameda for the past eight years with stunning success and much happiness.  I love everything about this monthly event -  the wares, the people, the typically cold weather, the view of San Francisco skyline and the Bay and the beauty of enjoying a sausage sandwich complete with onions, mustard and sour kraut around 9:30 a.m. Kettle Korn is also available for my noon time craving.  Apparently this market is second only to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.

{Click any images to enlarge}

Photo 1
View of San Francisco Bay Bridge Skyline

Flea Markets – The Original World Market

Alameda boasts a wide variety of approx. 800 vendors and is laid out in rows from A-Z - intrigue at every turn. Once upon a time and about three years ago, I had a small retail store featuring eclectic luxuries – many of the pieces that would delight and gave the store its visual flavor were plucked fresh out of Alameda.  Pillows from City of Paris, Bark cloth lampshades from Carmella, Typewriter bracelets from George, Vintage window frames screen printed with French Café logos courtesy of Trinidad and jewels galore.

Alameda also gives presence to many artisans who perfect the art of collecting, designing, crafting and knowledge.

In this monthly feature – Tales from the Flea Market – we will forage together and see what we find – could be a particular vendor best known for their offerings or perhaps we’ll be able to spot some trends. I’m thinking it would be fun to hang out at the loading area and to see what people are buying. Also, I must to get to the back row markets – a resolution for Tales from the Flea Market in 2009.

The First Market of 2009

In Row A – I immediately dashed to the end of the row on the right to Coco Reichborn’s market.  Coco creates an offering of French wares.  French religious artifacts are prevalent as are the French baskets, watering cans, dishes and furniture.

Coco Reichborn

Coco Reichborn - Alameda January 2009


Coco2 Coco1

I spent about 30 minutes hanging out at Coco’s spot then realized I still had a lot of ground to cover.  

Marilyn Row D_3

Next up on Row D - Marilyn.  Marilyn creates a vintage somewhat Victorian showing.  She mixes in her crafts created with vintage embellishments such as shells, German glass glitter, buttons and mercury glass.

Marilyn Row D_1 Marilyn Row D_2
I also uncovered bull horns, chemise du nuit and vintage coral. My favorite which I should have gotten a shot of was a vintage fish bowl decorated with rhinestones around the rim.  Simple elegance for a fish!  I love it and am planning my fish purchase soon.  

Hard to believe this is the Flea Market – all the finds and visual flavor.  I have a ton more folks to feature. On this day, I only made it down Rows A-J.  I’m overwhelmed to think about what else I’ll discover after Row J.  I was anxious to get going on bringing out only a small portion of the best of what was found this chilly Alameda morning.  

Stay Tuned – Tales from the Flea Market will next highlight The Jewels of Alameda and coming soon - Guild Lady-like Handbags.

 If you'd like to join us as a guest contributor for our "Tales from the Flea Market" series we would love to show off your town! Send us  a note Subject: Tales from the Flea Market.

Planning a wedding?

Iwg_button_150x200 Exciting things happening over at our Indie Wedding Guide & Directory! We also have some fabulous new sponsors over there, we'd love for you to check them out!

We can't wait until Indie Wedding's Month, starting March 1st! If you think you have something to contribute to our celebration, head over to the latest post there to find out how!

PLAN AHEAD - Indie Wedding's Month Celebration HERE March 1st 2009

Plan Ahead:

The Indie Wedding Guide and Directory is excited to announce the upcoming Indie Wedding's Celebration, a month long celebration starting March 1st. Founded by the Indie Wedding Guide, its first launch was in March of 2008. We are so excited to show you what the independent, handmade and vintage community have to offer you for your wedding planning needs.

Casting Call:

We are searching for the best of the best in independent small businesses, handmade and vintage wedding components. If you have something amazing to offer please send your submissions to us by clicking here. We are also looking for great Do-it-Yourself ideas for recycling, reusing and reducing for the wedding planning process. Looking to sponsor the Indie Wedding Guide or Directory? Visit this link for more information. 

Show Off:

Do you miss your wedding day? Wish you could relive it all over again? Want to show off how you did DIY, handmade or vintage for your wedding? Send us your Wedding Tales by clicking here. We can't wait to see them!

 Stay Tuned for more exciting announcements, until then visit our archives here or visit our parent site Vintage Indie Mag.

VI Headliner - Sponsor Feature - fauzbrit13

FauxBritsBits Vintage Indie would like to welcome FauxBrits*Bits back as our sponsor this month.

Vintage Indie wouldn't be possible without our wonderful sponsors, we truly do appreciate each and every one of you! 

FauxBrits*Bits always has an eclectic mix of hand selected vintage items for you. We've highlighted a few of our favorites below.


Can you really have Vintage, French and Retro all in the same item? You sure can, check out this 100 Desserts 50 Tucs (50 Tips) cookbook from FauxBrits*Bits. Complete with brightly colored fun and very retro images.


If you love vintage ephemera you'll also love these British Educational children's music books from the 1960's. Both include illustrations in wood block engraving design!

Support our sponsors and shop independent small vintage businesses like FauxBrits*Bits today!

The Daily Swank - Miss Ruby Sue

There are some days when we could use some bright and nourishing color in our lives. The winter months here in Kentucky seem to be long with their gray skies. If you are feeling the same way, hopefully you'll find a glimpse of joy in these beautiful creations by Miss Ruby Sue for today's Daily Swank.

MissRubySue copy
Eco Friendly, recycled and deconstructed materials are combined to create this beautiful Giddy Up Girl - What's in Dotties Closet necklace.

Off the Shelf Book Review - The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen!


Do you hear it? The sound of the Internet buzzing with talks of the new book by the lovely Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson founders of The Farm Chicks Antique Show. We've mentioned their fantastic show quite a few times here on Vintage Indie and today we are happy to announce their book launch!

I was lucky enough to have received a preview copy of The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen. Live Well, Laugh Often Cook Much, sounds like a way of life to me. That's why I loved this book, it's wholesome, true to life while making your mouth water all at the same time.

With each turn of the page you get invited into the life of these courageous entrepreneurial women. You'll get a sneak peek of Serena's story while learning about her childhood. My favorite from Serena's own words, " The fact that I baked from scratch was a detail that my dad wore like a crown high on his head. He'd say, "My daughter baked this" He'd pause briefly, and then add "and it's from scratch!" It doesn't stop there, you'll be introduced to Teri a few pages later and feel that same since of warmth from her story as she tells a heartfelt childhood memory all having to do with turquoise icing.

 As you dig deeper into the book you'll come across those scrumptious recipes I mentioned earlier like Cherry Breakfast SwirlBrown Sugar Bacon Bites, Enchilada Soup and Peach Huckleberry Lattice Pie just to name a few. The icing on the cake comes at a sweet surprise when you discover the crafty diy projects and how-tos nestled in between the chapters. Although my preview copy was in black and white I can only imagine what the color version (releasing in April) will be like. I truly enjoyed this book as it is so much more than a collection of recipes but an inspiration of what you can do if you truly set your mind to it.

Business Series - Selling Your Vintage & Antiques Online Part Two with Bonanzle

We hope you've enjoyed our Business Series so far. If you need to catch up feel free to visit our archives. If you've been thinking of starting your own business selling your vintage or antique goods on-line we hope to show you a few options during the next few sections of our series.

It is important to note we are not associated with any of the sites that we'll be featuring in series but hope to offer informative details about each site so that you can decide which is best for your business.

We are all about real experience and for Part Two of our Bonanzle feature we'd like to introduce you to Julie of Orallo,Inc . Julie is fairly new to Bonanzle,  she has first hand experience on what it's like to be new and start from scratch selling on Bonanzle.

Why did you choose to set up a booth on Bonanzle?

As a former eBay store owner, I share the same frustrations as many other former sellers who have been actively searching for a VIABLE alternative. For months, I did my "due diligence" of sites that made sense for my product categories (i.e. antiques, vintage and collectibles) and settled on Bonanzle.

Bonanzle makes two basic contentions: it offers a friendly site that's easy to use. While I value both of these things, I made my primary decision to sell on a variety of other factors including no listing fees, no listing renewals (listing is posted until you sell), a reasonable fee structure once you sell, and they had a reasonable amount of traffic in my product categories.

I'll note that Bonanzle has delivered on its promises - the site is incredibly easy to use and the group of buyers and sellers on Bonanzle is very friendly and quite helpful. Additionally, I've been with the site since the end of November and I've only made one sale; however, I have not lost enthusiasm for the site or its long-term value for my business. It is experiencing phenomenal growth and it has a very proactive community promoting the site online so I believe it's worth the wait.

Thanks Julie for your helpful insight! Be sure to check out Julie's booth jules43035 on Bonanzle.com

As far as getting started on Bonanzle, you can visit their sell page here. A couple of noteworthy things to mention. One, you can start selling in one click. Two, you can import your eBay items. As with any site the you join, it's important to visit their Terms of Service page and Frequently Asked Questions. You should be sure you understand what their fees are, what costs you'll incur and things you can't sell there.

Thinking of joining? Let us know if you open a booth there becuase of our series.

The Daily Swank - Inspired by Audrey with Yellow Cake

" Sweet Design with classic craftsmanship" That's the theme behind today's Daily Swank. We are in love with the Houndstooth Bubble Coat and Bubble Dress from Yellow Cake.

Yellow Cake
Inspired by Audrey Hepburn Yellow Cake also has a knack for art. Visit Yellow Cake on Etsy for their Tempera Resist Audrey Print.

Business Series - Selling Your Vintage & Antiques Online Part One with Bonanzle

We hope you've enjoyed our Business Series so far. If you need to catch up feel free to visit our archives. If you've been thinking of starting your own business selling your vintage or antique goods online we hope to show you a few options during the next few sections of our series.

Opening your own website with a shopping cart can seem daunting, so we are here to help with a few different options including opening your own website when you are ready to take that step.  First in our series is selling your wares on a website where you hold a "shop" or "booth". Similar to the Vintage Indie Market that we held in December. (Stay tuned for our announcement for the Spring Summer Market).

 We are starting with the fairly new site Bonanzle We've heard a lot of buzz surrounding this new site and think they hold their own when it comes to vintage and antiques. Although you can sell almost anything on Bonanzle, vintage and antiques plays a large role there. We've recently interviewed with Mark Dorsey, the Co-Founder of Bonanzle.com, on why he thinks Bonanzle is the place to set up shop and start selling.

It is important to note we are not associated with any of the sites that we'll be featuring in series but hope to offer informative details about each site so that you can decide which is best for your business.

Why Bonanzle?

Bonanzle Logo

How did Bonanzle come about?

Bonanzle had been designed and developed for a year and a half before it went online in beta form in June of 2008.  We officially launched to the public in September 2008.  The name "Bonanzle" is a derivation of the word "Bonanza," which is our site's signature event, as mentioned below.  We felt that there was an audience who would appreciate a buying and selling experience where the people mattered.  The seller paradigm established by eBay is one where the seller lists their items and checks back in a week to see if they sold.  From an interaction standpoint, this isn't much different than listing items in the news paper. 

We think the people on the site are just as important as the items.  On Bonanzle, the user's profile picture is shown alongside their items, as is a map of the user's general region (postal code).  You can chat with your buyer and sellers in real time to get questions answered or negotiate prices or get the story behind the item you're interested in.  You can host a "Bonanza," which is a sale of your items where you wheel and deal with buyers to quickly sell as many items as possible (Bonanzas are limited to 3 hours maximum).  Or you can add a personal endorsement of a user that you have had a particularly good experience with.  The theme of these and our many other Bonanzle-first features is that buyers and sellers are more than their user name. 

This feature focus reflects our core belief:  that a more human (and less anonymous) experience is a more satisfying one. 

What types of items can be sold at Bonanzle?

We have branded Bonanzle as the online marketplace where you can "Find Everything but the Ordinary."  We believe that Amazon already does a fine job with shiny new electronics and mass produced items.  However if you have a vintage "Atari Video Game" or something similar then you would probably fit in nicely at Bonanzle.  That is not to say that we do not allow ordinary items at Bonanzle. 

What makes Bonanzle stand out from eBay or other sites who seem to barely include vintage?
We involve our community.  Our community showcases the unique items via our "Tagging" system to highlight "Exceptional" items (Most Bizarre, Most Beautiful, Funniest, Coolest and Best Priced) at Bonanzle.   We also have "Hand Picked Lists" that our community creates in different themes.  They are creative and really fun to browse.

How is Bonanzle handling the new CPSIA law about to go into affect?
To be completely honest we have not really addressed this at all.  It seems that there are many misconceptions and overreactions to the new CPSIA law and given our time constraints we felt it was better to see where the chips fall and then take the necessary actions.

A special thanks to Mark Dorsey for his time.

We don't have a booth set up on Bonanzle, but we have joined and found it a very easy process.

Tomorrow we'll be back with a fairly newcomer to Bonanzle getting a first hand glimpse on creating a booth at Bonanzle.

Getting Personal - Vintage Morning

Its almost been a year since I told you about my personal blog, oh and written in it as well. There are some things that I feel must get out, but I don't deem appropriate for the overall feel and purpose for Vintage Indie.

So I've decided as time allows I'll try to keep up with Vintage Morning, possibly once a week. I hope to offer a lot of local things and will only cross post from Vintage Indie with Kentucky based articles. I hope you'll stop by from time to time.

Vintage Morning

Reader Collection - Vintage Sewing Baskets & Needle and Thread Containers

Vintage Indie would like to welcome Margaret of Resurrection Fern for another wonderful Reader Collection interview and showcase. Margaret collects beautiful sewing baskets and  charming needle and thread containers. {Click images to Enlarge}


 What made you start collecting vintage sewing baskets?

 I love going to thrift stores, rummage sales and trunk sales searching for treasures. A few years ago I noticed a few vintage sewing baskets and the very low price they were asking for them.  There are few bargains in the vintage market but I feel that sewing baskets are still very affordable and functional. I like to imagine the woman or girl whose basket it was, what she kept in it and what marvelous articles she created with her own two hands.



What's your favorite item out of the collection?

 My favorite thing is the hand painted wooden box that I bought at the flea market in Vienna . It was the best one euro I have ever spent. It was filled with treasures and I have kept it just the way I found it.

 DSCF1026 DSCF1027


What's missing from your collection, that you dream about having?

 I usually don’t try to dream of adding a particular item to my collection.

One thing I am collecting now and in keeping with the theme are those tiny little vintage containers women kept their needles and some thread in. I am smitten with those.



What do you think makes a great collector or a great collection?

 It is when you least expect it, some times in the most unusual places that you discover treasures.  I think it is best to keep one’s mind and keen eyes open to the possibilities. Whenever I go to a rummage sale I always look under the tables. I have found many a treasure there and sometimes they just give them away.

A great collection can be anything you love and enjoy looking at and studying. Collections should always be displayed somewhere and shared otherwise what is the point of collecting.

DSCF1177 DSCF1178 


Be sure to visit Margaret's Etsy shop Resurrection Fern for her beautiful photography and more.


Do you have a vintage collection that you would like to share? Send us your submissions Subject Reader Collection.

Click here to email us!

Vintage Indie Updates - 1/20/09 Follow Us - How to!

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of announcements and changes to better serve you.  We realize we have a newsletter subscription option that quite frankly we don't use very often. So we've decided to offer you something else that we think will be more helpful to you and us.

 Our new Follow Us section offers up handy links to various networks we belong to where you can keep track of what we are doing. Our most favorite is the handy new " Get Email Updates" option. It's so easy! Take a look here or to the left of your screen.

Follow Us 1 copy
It's easy to sign up, enter your email address into the handy box on your left.

Follow Us 2
Next you'll be connected to a screen similar to the image above. Simply click which option you would like to subscribe to and type the letter code. You'll confirm your subscription through email & that's it! As always if you rather subscribe to Vintage Indie via RSS feeds feel free! Just click here!

For a handy tutorial on RSS and what it can do for you, visit our Tutorial here.

The Daily Swank - Dreaming of Spring {Haiku} with Flora Bond

Dreaming of spring morn

A breath of new life appears,

Waiting to be inhaled

The Daily Swank Florabond
Visit Flora Bond for these gorgeous handmade cuffs. Top You Look Ravishing cuff. Middle Blue Bird Fabric Art Cuff, Bracelet. Bottom Precious Nest Charm Necklace.

VI Headliner - Sponsor Feature - Meyer Imports West

Meyer-V1-140u Vintage Indie would like to welcome Martin Meyer Imports back again this month as our sponsor.

" The story of Martin Myers Imports stretches back more than half a century. As a young man, Martin Myers immigrated to the United States from Germany following World War II. He opened a small-scale imports business in Chicago and soon came to specialize in German and other European-made goods."
                                                                         - Meyer Imports West

Although Martin Meyer Imports started so long ago, the company still maintains it's independence while honoring the old traditions it has established with it's loyal customers. You'll find many odds and end supplies at Martin Meyer Imports, today we would like to highlight a couple of great items you'll be sure to love for all of your Valentine's Day crafts.

Some say, everything is better with glitter. Why not use some of the best like Meyer Imports German Glass glitter. To your right is their Valentine's Day Set which includes Old Rose, Red, Deep Red and Rose Pastel.


      Meyer Imports also offers many various beads like these, great for embellishing.

Visit Meyer Imports today and support and independent business who honors age old tradition and customer service.


Vintage Hot Spot - The Victorian Parlor Paducah KY by Contributing Editor Elizabeth Young

Recently, my husband and I spent a day antiquing in historic Paducah, Kentucky.  One of my favorite shops was The Victorian Parlor.  I was enticed from the moment I walked up to the door of the 19th century building.  Once inside, I found a treasure trove of antiques and collectibles.  The little store was filled to the brim with vintage merchandise including hand beaded Victorian purses, fancy hats, colorful dresses, costume jewelry, dolls, sewing notions, fine linens, sterling silver and hand painted china.

{Click on Images to Enlarge}


Owner, Priska Curry adores antiques and collects almost anything.  "I love very old, unusual things.  It's a sickness, she said laughing."  Born and raised in Switzerland, Curry lived in Homestead, FL with her husband and son for 8 years.  In 2006, they moved to Western Kentucky and she opened her eclectic shop.


Items were carefully laid out in antique, wooden display cases and other unique pieces such as carts and old cabinets.  Hats were displayed on vintage hat stands and clothing was hung carefully in an old wardrobe. Soft music playing in the background and a scented candle provided an enjoyable atmosphere for perusing every nook and cranny.  Curry is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and strives to provide exceptional customer service.



Hours:  Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 -  5:00
Address:  210 Broadway, Paducah, KY  42001
Phone:  270-559-7907
Special Events:  The Victorian Parlor holds an annual Holiday Open House following Thanksgiving.  From May to September, music festivals lure locals and tourists to the charming downtown.  Many shops, including The Victorian Parlor, have extended weekend hours during the festivals. 


The next time you are in Curry's neck of the woods, be sure to stop in and treat yourself to some serious eye candy.


Elizabeth Young is a wife and cat mom who spends many an hour hunting for vintage goodies at her favorite  thrift stores, antique shops and monthly flea markets!  A collector of vintage toys, holiday decor and general store items, many of the found treasures end up on display in her Victorian home.  She also looks for vintage ephemera, fun supplies and kitschy decor for her Etsy shop Grandmother's Attic !  When not doing this, she works two part time jobs, wearing different hats at each! 

Making The Most of Monday and Birthdays


As some of you know, I'm a pretty positive person when it comes to Monday's. In fact, I'm one of those people who may have you thinking, "shut up already it's Monday". Well I hope to change your mind about Monday's and hope that you can fall in love with them like I have.

Mondays to me signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week. Hopefully by Monday you've taking some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spent quality time with loved ones and friends which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.

New to MMM? Visit this link for the original set up for it.

If you enter your URL in the Mister Linky box below, please be sure to include a link directly back to Vintage Indie at each Monday's URL in your post or to our home page http://vintageindiemag.com.  Now lets get started! (Check out the handy how-to list below)

This Monday signifies something special for me. As it's my birthday!

Today I'll be taking the day off to enjoy some special time with my wonderful husband and our boys (don't worry new posts are still coming). It also signifies a fresh start for a new age. I'm hoping with each year that goes by I can become a better wife, a better mother and be more inspiring to all of you. I plan to focus more on strengthening my faith and growing into a stronger woman of God.

These are just personal goals coming from my heart, that I've set for myself for this age. I hope it gives you a different view of your birthday this year. With age comes knowledge and with faith comes peace into the years ahead.  

Now it's your turn, how will you make the most of Monday and your birthday this year?

Page Break_VIM2

Visit THIS LINK for information on how to participate, (it's easy peasy, trust me)

Making the most of Monday

1. Sojourn (Laundry)

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