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Reader Collection - Vintage Sewing Baskets & Needle and Thread Containers

Vintage Indie would like to welcome Margaret of Resurrection Fern for another wonderful Reader Collection interview and showcase. Margaret collects beautiful sewing baskets and  charming needle and thread containers. {Click images to Enlarge}


 What made you start collecting vintage sewing baskets?

 I love going to thrift stores, rummage sales and trunk sales searching for treasures. A few years ago I noticed a few vintage sewing baskets and the very low price they were asking for them.  There are few bargains in the vintage market but I feel that sewing baskets are still very affordable and functional. I like to imagine the woman or girl whose basket it was, what she kept in it and what marvelous articles she created with her own two hands.



What's your favorite item out of the collection?

 My favorite thing is the hand painted wooden box that I bought at the flea market in Vienna . It was the best one euro I have ever spent. It was filled with treasures and I have kept it just the way I found it.

 DSCF1026 DSCF1027


What's missing from your collection, that you dream about having?

 I usually don’t try to dream of adding a particular item to my collection.

One thing I am collecting now and in keeping with the theme are those tiny little vintage containers women kept their needles and some thread in. I am smitten with those.



What do you think makes a great collector or a great collection?

 It is when you least expect it, some times in the most unusual places that you discover treasures.  I think it is best to keep one’s mind and keen eyes open to the possibilities. Whenever I go to a rummage sale I always look under the tables. I have found many a treasure there and sometimes they just give them away.

A great collection can be anything you love and enjoy looking at and studying. Collections should always be displayed somewhere and shared otherwise what is the point of collecting.

DSCF1177 DSCF1178 


Be sure to visit Margaret's Etsy shop Resurrection Fern for her beautiful photography and more.


Do you have a vintage collection that you would like to share? Send us your submissions Subject Reader Collection.

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