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Where did the day go?

I feel like this today, my brain in a bunch of different exciting directions. I'm off of Vintage Indie for the weekend to prepare tie up loose ends for the Indie Weddings Celebration launch on Sunday. Don't miss it, we will have two fabulous giveaways fit for anyone (not just brides) next week and many more to follow the weeks after.

We'd love for you to share the Indie Wedding Guide with your friends or blog readers. Contact Us for the press release we appreciate it!

PS: We are booking front page ads for March - May. If you are looking to promote your small independent (not Wal-Mart®) business, blog, site or event check out our advertising page. We would love to have you.

xoxo - Gabreial

The Daily Swank - Historic Inspirations: Reverie Jewelry

Today I would like to introduce you to the talented Alison Woodward, designer of Reverie Jewelry.

At first glance I was drawn by the balance of exquisite vintage components and attention to detail. Further reading, then led me to the story behind Alison's work that really intrigued me.
  "Alison studied Architectural Preservation at The New School as well as Interior Design in the Design, Art, Architecture and Planning program at the University of Cincinnati." I love the foundation behind her work, so inspiring!

Reverie4 Reverie5
Above: Magnette a vintage brass mechanic's shop plaque is adorned with 1950's pastel rhinestone pieces and a brass chain.

Reverie1 Reverie2
Above: Equilibrist a  limited edition piece with 1930's brass links cast with classical design motif, as well as a vintage brass chain.


Left: Escutcheon Bracelets, a reminder of a reader question earlier this week. Vintage Sterling and enamel shields combined with a vintage gold plated chain. 

This is a great example of vintage combined with modern living. Her pieces are eloquent and timeless but perfect for today. I think you will agree.

Head over to Reverie Jewelry to see more from Alison's collection.


Etsy Weddings - with Yours Truly

By now you should know I've been buzzing about getting ready for Indie Weddings Month starting March 1st. I'm truly excited and even thrilled for opportunity to talk about vintage, weddings and the guide over at Etsy.

Vintage Bride_Etsy_F  

Dress -  Empress Jade
Purse -  ShesFancy
Shoes-  BlissVintage

Head over to Etsy's blog The Storque to see my picks for a 100% vintage wedding.

The Daily Swank - Product Review: Springcart Tea

It is important to note that when reviewing products on Vintage Indie we review the entire process from customer service, website usability, and the product itself.

Today's Daily Swank is a product review from Springcart. I had the privilege of reviewing a couple of new teas from their collection.


I have to say, packaging is my love. Weird, maybe so but you have to agree that it is the initial thing that draws your eye in when a product is sitting on a shelf. After landing at the Springcart website I was immediately greeted by the photo above. Don't you agree about the packaging?. Next the title, Lemon Dream, Chocolate Dream, who doesn't want a chocolate dream right?

Customer service was top notch, from packaging to shipping and the emails in between. This is just another example of why I love to shop independent small businesses, because the details do matter and you as a customer are important to them.

Now, on to the tea. Mine was packaged in a teabag for reviewing, but usually their tea is shipped loose leaf. I'm not a big tea buff, but I'm assuming you'll need a tea infuser, which they offer at their site. I went directly to the Chocolate Dream. One, because I'm trying to cut sugar from my diet and two because well, "C h o c o l a t e  D r e a m". I like to add a little cream and some sort of sweetener. I went artificial, but I'm used to Sweet N' Low, but use what you like. I have to say for someone who doesn't drink tea on a regular basis, I was impressed. Smooth flavor, great chocolate essence and quite nice as an evening dessert drink. I'm also excited to have found something that can curve my craving for sweets usually at 9:00 right before bed.


I also love the idea behind these tea cups they offer. If you aren't using a pretty vintage teacup you might as well use something like this. A teacup with a lid, genius. Keeps your tea warm and when you are ready to take out the bag, flip over the lid and there you have it.

Overall Springcart was a lovely experience for me the novice tea drinker and I will be back.

Shopping on Etsy: Magnets!

We've been doing some decorating around here, new paint, new kitchen handles, more paint and hopefully a whole wall of bookshelves soon. Anyway, I decided to throw out some old magnets, they were mostly dated, cracked and chipped. (yes with two boys you can have chipped magnets). So I went to Etsy for some vintage-inspired of course magnets and scored!

Magnets Magnets2

These are from Etsy shop BeansThings. They are Vintage Inspired Flower Bottle Cap Magnets. Who knew bottle caps could be so pretty? I was drawn to the polka dots, something I'm in a slight obsession over right now. If you like these, head over they only had two more sets of magnets the last time I checked.


Reader Discussion: The Results are In: What Does Vintage Mean to You?

This past week we took a poll and asked What Does Vintage Mean to You? Here are the results:

Anything 20 Years or Older
Anything Provoking Memories of Childhood
Enduring interest, importance, or quality


Looks like the majority says that vintage means enduring interest, importance or quality. We'd like to keep this discussion going. What sorts of vintage peeks your interests?

Hallmark Magazine Folds after 3 Years and 16 Issues

Another one bites the dust. I had to post this, I know our contributing editor Jerusalem Greer includes a lot of Hallmark Magazine inspirations on her blog, I know she'll be sad that Hallmark Magazine has folded.

According to their website they are very sad about the publication ceasing. I know there are a lot of fans out there that loved it. I liked to flip through the pages at the market, but I never did get a subscription.

What will you miss about Hallmark Magazine?

Vintage Indie spotted on Smooth Radio Northeast 97.5 - Make do: Don't Spend

The radio is "talking" vintage, particularly Smooth Radio Northeast 97.5. Today they published a great article on their website. Make do: Don't Spend, and included a craft tutorial from Vintage Indie. Thanks Smooth Radio Northeast 97.5!

Smooth_Radio copy
Click here to see the fabric brooch tutorial they mentioned by Katie Trott of Katie Jean.

Vintage Hot Spot - Store Tour & Interview - Red Velvet Art Store in Springfield Missouri

Welcome to another Vintage Indie Hot Spot! We are so excited to be sharing with you a tour of the recently opened Red Velvet Art Store in Springfield Missouri. We've also had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely owner Elsie Flannigan   (be sure to click on the photos for a closer look)


When did you open?
February 1! It's been a wonderful and very busy month.

Rva-prints Rva-display

What types of art do you offer at Red Velvet Art Store?
We carry art from independent artist and handmade goods. We have original art, prints, accessories, home decor and a little bit of handpicked independent music! We have fresh items weekly and a new art installment on the first of each month.
Rva-chalkboard Rva-frenchfries
chalkboard by: Rachel Denbow

What is your shop address?
200 E. Commercial 
Springfield Missouri

RVA-elsie&robot Rva-tree

What are your hours?
12-7 Tuesday-Saturday 
12-5 Sunday 
(Closed Mondays & Holidays)

Rva-glasses Rva-hearts

Do you hold any special events at your store?
Yes. We have a party every first Friday. The stores on the street where our store is also stay open. My favorite vintage store in all the world is across the street. It's called "The Style".  Parties are one of my favorite things!

Treasure Map
Is shopping indie and small businesses important to you? If so, why?

Of course! I haven't worked at a normal job in about 5 years, so supporting artists is very important to me. I buy most of my gifts from other artists and shop indie & vintage as much as possible. I feel lucky to live in the Midwest where flea markets and thrift shops are plentiful! My boyfriend is an independent musician.  We are both directly affected by people who choose to shop with independent artists and it's something that has become a huge priority in our everyday lives!

Rva-paintings Rva-secretwriters

You can also visit Red Velvet Art online at their website as well as their blog.
Rva-artwall Rva-backwalls

RVA_tipiwall Rva-blankets

Thank you Red Velvet Art for a wonderful tour and interview, we wish you the best of luck at your new store!

Plan Ahead - D.C. Spring Antiques Show March 6, 2009

From Vintage Pulse Events: Plan Ahead for the D.C. Spring Antiques Show

Time: March 6, 2009 at 11am to March 9, 2009 at 6pm
Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Street: 801 Mt. Vernon Place
City/Town: Washington, D.C.
Website or Map: http://www.dcspringshow.com
Contact Info: 561.822.5440
Event Type: show, festival, arts
Organized By: Palm Beach Show Group

The inaugural D.C. Spring Antiques Show will open its doors at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center March 6-9, 2009 with a showcasing of fine art, jewelry and antiques premiering as the largest antiques show of its kind to be presented in our nation’s capital.

Over 300 of the world’s most renowned antique dealers, including A.B. Levy, William Cook, The Silver Fund, Mark J. West, Toulouse Antique Gallery and T.K. Asian Antiquities will present impressive collections from every genre including fine art, jewelry, glass, Political memorabilia, porcelain, furniture, decorative accessories, carpets, Americana, sculpture, silver, textiles and more dating from the antiquities to the 20th century. Additionally, an educational lectures series will feature an all-star lineup of speakers, from published authors to industry experts, covering a wide range of topics and genres.

Post your event for free at Vintage Pulse today!

Vintage Questions: Can You Help Identify this Brooch? celluloid? bakelite?


We love helping out our readers and our Vintage Pulse community members, but often times we don't have the answers. We were hoping YOU  could help! Feel free to join in and answer if you can, we know they will be appreciated!

Vintage Indie Reader Mary Ann writes " I purchased this brooch with a late 1800s, early 1900s grouping from an upstate New York estate. Most of the items in the grouping belonged to James Snyder, who was a prominent figure during that time, and commander of the Grand Army of the Republic of 1905.

 Victorian bakelite antique rose brooch4

I did not receive any specific details about the items included.  Two people have told me this is antique celluloid. I researched online and could not find anything similar to this design…it’s really unique.

Victorian bakelite antique rose brooch3

Does anyone recognize who the maker might be…or anything else about it?

It has a crescent of inset original rhinestones, and came with the jump rings in the bottom, all original. I added the Swarovski crystal beads and that is the only altering I did…any info shared will be greatly appreciated."

Can You Help? If so, comment below?

(Have something you need help with? Email us Subject: Help Identify in the subject along with any history and photos are a must.)

What You Make of It - Trophy Birthday Cake Topper - Dime Store Chic DIY Craft with Elizabeth Holcombe

Trophies are plentiful in thrift shops and can easily be repurposed into fun birthday cake toppers!

Trophy Birthday supplies

The supplies are as follows:

  • Trophy top (you’ll only need the figure on top)
  • Spray paint in your favorite color
  • About 20 plastic candle holders
  • Half of a 3” Styrofoam ball
  • About 15 plastic flowers
  • Small ceramic dish or saucer
  • Happy Birthday plastic sign
  • Glue (all purpose, fast drying)

One: paint your trophy top.

Two: Glue trophy top to the top of the half of the Styrofoam ball.

Three: glue Styrofoam ball into center of small dish.

Four: dip the ends of the candle holders and the plastic flowers into the glue and insert them into the Styrofoam ball until the ball is covered.

Trophy Birthday done back  

Five: glue Happy Birthday sign to the base of the trophy.

Six: Allow to dry overnight.

Seven: put on Birthday cake! The dish bottom allows you to reuse the topper by simply wiping the icing from the bottom of the dish.

Trophy Birthday done front

Enjoy and remember to pick the trophy top that suits your Birthday boy or girl the best!

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

This project & photos are copyright Elizabeth Holcombe, Vintage Indie. You may not reproduce or copy this project.

VI Headliner - Sponsor Feature - White Dog Creations

White Dog Creations2 Vintage Indie would like to welcome White Dog Creations back as our sponsor for February.

White Dog Creations hand makes one-of-a-kind totes and purses from vintage and modern fabrics.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of White Dog Creations products are donated to Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona.

VI Headliner White Dog Creations
To purchase a one-of-a-kind tote or purse visit White Dog Creations.

Vintage Questions: Can You Help Identify this "Grange" Pin?


We love helping out our readers and our Vintage Pulse community members, but often times we don't have the answers. We were hoping YOU  could help! Feel free to join in and answer if you can, we know they will be appreciated!

Vintage Pulse member Deborah B. writes "After a little googling I figured out that P of H means Patrons of Husbandry, which is The Grange. After a lot of googling and looking at lots of pictures of Grange paraphernalia, I have yet to find another pin that looks like the one attached.
From looking at other organization pins, it looks very much like the style of the early 1900s. But that's all I've got.
Can anyone shed any light on this pin and give me an idea as to its value?
It does not have a silver mark, but appears to be sterling. The design is etched into the metal and it is enameled green. It measures 11/16" x 3/4". The pin back is simple with a 'c' latch."


Can You Help? If so, comment below?

(Have something you need help with? Email us Subject: Help Identify in the subject along with any history and photos are a must.)

Vintage Crush: Daily Vintage Finds 2.22.09 Nostalgia

Today's Vintage Crush reminded me of my mamaw, she used to make the most delicious banana stack cake you'd ever eaten and hide it under a cake cover similar to this. I've never had anything taste even close to it.

: Crush - Vintage Aluminum Cake Cover & Plate  :
Want it? Visit Little Green Squirrel :

Off the Shelf Book Review - Altered Art Circus: Techniques for Journals, Paper Dolls, Art Cars and Assembles by Lisa Kettell


From the cover inward . Altered Art Circus: Techniques for Journals, Paper Dolls, Art Cards, and Assemblages by Lisa Kettell  (Quarry Press, 2009, 128pp. ISBN-10: 1592534872 ISBN-13: 978-1592534876, $24.99) is a treat for the senses!

But before I go any further, I have to issue a disclaimer.  Yes! I am one of the featured artists in the gallery of this book but no apologies forthcoming for the following good review. It IS a good and fun book, and I cannot stop looking at it. And, yes, I do look at other pages besides my own- at least half the time!

All of the projects are simply amazing eye candy creations and demonstrate the whimsy and wonder of the author, artist Lisa Kettell, who was profiled right here on Vintage Indie . Lisa’s projects are easy enough that you can recreate them yourself, and fun enough that you can do them with children. Or if not, then just let the book bring out the child in you! There is a generous section of copyright-free art to get you started, and then there the gallery of ideas from contributing artists.

Unlike other art how-to books, however, this one retains Lisa’s magical, mythical style with projects like “Alistair’s Closet of Mystery,” “The Traveling Bumbelinas,” “Miss Spellbinder’s Magic Cookbook” and “Trixie-the-Pixie’s Journal.” Each one gives you a sneak peek into the colorful imagination of the author as she adds a bit of historical whimsy to each project.

For instance, who knew the Bumbelina sisters, Ada, Chloe, Maisey, Maude and Winnie, had a traveling circus with their father or an end-of-season masquerade ball? And what about Pierre LeRouge’s traveling circus-slash-opera? It’s all there, if you let your imagination work like a child’s once again.

Even if you've never made an artist trading card before, there is a how-to section for ATCs. By far, my favorite projects are the circus wagon cars and the embellished circus animals. As sort of the namesakes of the book, they are enchanting, imaginative, colorful and delightful. You'll find yourself heading to the craft store for rubber animals in no time. I did.

Other how-to projects include a tussy-mussy, wands, jar fairies, crowns, shadow boxes and more. There are little bits of “real” history throughout, such as an explanation of artist trading cards and their history and the history of pointed hats.

Even if you never make a thing, this book is one for your inspiration shelf. And even if you still don’t feel like an artist after you read it, I bet you’ll feel just a little bit younger and whimsical.

- Contributing Editor Gina Smith aka Lilly*s of London*ish, started making jewelry about six years ago and has since tied this in with a love of vintage finds, Blythe, crochet and altered art in her etsy shop. Growing up in an antiquing family gives her a background and appreciation for all things vintage, especially dinnerware, jewelry and Americana advertising prints and products

{All contributed content Gina Smith © Lilly*s of London*ish}

Making the most of Mondays - Sweet Reminders

MMM_Button As some of you know, I'm a pretty positive person when it comes to Monday's. In fact, I'm one of those people who may have you thinking, "shut up already it's Monday". Well I hope to change your mind about Monday's and hope that you can fall in love with them like I have.

Mondays to me signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week. Hopefully by Monday you've taking some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spent quality time with loved ones and friends which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.

New to MMM? Visit this link for the original set up for it.

If you enter your URL in the Mister Linky box below, please be sure to include a link directly back to Vintage Indie at each Monday's URL in your post or to our home page http://vintageindiemag.com.  Now lets get started! (Check out the handy how-to link below)

Page Break_VIM2

I found this quote and it was such a sweet reminder. I hope that it helps you make the most of today and this week.

"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation".
 - Brian Tracy

What about you? Do you have any sweet reminders you'd like to share?

Visit THIS LINK for information on how to participate, (it's easy peasy, trust me)

Page Break_VIM2

Vintage Questions: Can You Help Identify this Barware Set?


Hey Vintage Indie readers, happy Saturday to you!

We hope you are having a great weekend so far. We wanted to pop in to announce our newest feature here at Vintage Indie " Vintage Questions" . We love helping out our readers and our Vintage Pulse community members, but often times we don't have the answers. We were hoping YOU  could help! Feel free to join in and answer if you can, we know they will be appreciated!


Vintage Pulse community member Sandra of ReBop Shop writes "I was fortunate enough to find these rocks glasses a month AFTER purchasing the ice bucket! Doesn't it make your day when that happens?"

I wonder if anyone can identify the maker/pattern name. All I know is that it's not Jeannette Hellenic, which looks quite different. There are no marks, so I'm assuming it's not Libbey, Anchor Hocking, Federal or Hazel Atlas. But I know very little about glass, so I'm sure I could be wrong! Any help would be much appreciated.

Can You Help? If so, comment below?

(Have something you need help with? Email us Subject: Help Identify in the subject along with any history and photos are a must.)

The Daily Swank - Celebrate a Birthday, Mahar Drygoods turned 3!

WOW folks, this week has flaaheuwwwwn by me. I've been crazy busy excited with preparations for Indie Wedding's Month which launches March 1st. Are you getting excited yet?

Keeping in the spirit of birthdays it just so happens the super-ultra mega cool as my boys would say Mahar Drygoods is celebrating their 3rd birthday! Independent, handmade, vintage and toys, would could be more exciting?

Purveyor Robert Mahar has an eye for great children's items as well as a knack for kids toys and creations himself. I'm always on the lookout for the best in handmade goods for my fella's over there.
FuzzylollipopA280 PatternpennantB280
CarnivalA280 Candles280
Enjoy these birthday treats and join them in celebrating their third birthday with 30% off your entire order* of $25. or more this weekend only! Shop Friday, Saturday and Sunday and enter the promotional code BDAY2009 to automatically receive your 30% discount. *Please note that the discount does not apply to their furniture or Little Hero Capes. (see store for details)

Vintage + Modern Mingle - Etsy Picks Inspiration Board - What Time is It?

I thought this inspiration board was appropriate considering I'm way behind today. A quick burst of snow sent us all the other drivers in a tizzy, with no delays, but then again looong delays and now no snow, because its already melted.. go figure. 

Vintage+Modern Clocks
Vintage clocks have a personality on their own. I'm seeing them used in magazine shoots more often these days. Add some personality to your night stand with one of these.
Top Left - MisaQi
Top Right - FoundVintageStyle
Middle Left - EdelWeissVintage
Middle Right - Jawaddel
Bottom Left - RockyMountainRetro
Bottom Right - SuzisCornerBoutique

Tales from the Flea Market - Episode 2 – Jewels of Alameda – First Sunday in February

Vintage Indie is happy to welcome Cindy Cooper as our newest Guest Contributor. She'll be joining us for "Tales From the Flea Market" a new series sharing real life stories of trips to the flea market. Cindy Cooper is also a vintage jewelry aficionado and would love to help answer your vintage jewelry questions.

It’s the first Sunday of the month – ALAMEDA here I come! This time I’m going to take a spin around to find some impressive jewels and upcoming adornment trends.
First basic thing to realize is that all jewelry belongs to a vintage or era and many pieces shown at Alameda span the past 100+ years - all eras are represented from Victorian to Deco to Dime Store. I find that most of us have an attraction to a certain era that can become the basis for choosing, collecting and wearing jewelry.

My first stop is immediately through the front gate on the left on the corner of Row A.  This is quite literally an over filled Champs-Elysées-like Magasin de Bijou. A jewel box of history! I’m breathless trying to get a glimpse of all the lavishly filled cases of amazing and decadent JEWELS from late 1800’s England to the 1920’s deco era.  Radiance.

Cutsapphires  Alameda
Left Corner of Row A, Just through the Entrance Gates – Jewelry Feast.


Row C - Mathilde Poulat circa 1930’s necklace, earrings and ring set with turquoise and amethyst teardrops

After being overwhelmed with the decadence of deco and then the jubilance of Mathilde, I settle down for a moment to focus in on what I see as the next trend.

Continue reading " Tales from the Flea Market - Episode 2 – Jewels of Alameda – First Sunday in February" »

Vintage Indie - Flickr Group!

Did you know Vintage Indie had a community Flickr group? Well, we do it's over a year old! Feel free to join us and share your love for Vintage! You can also import your Flickr photos to your Vintage Pulse page!

About the Flickr Group:

This flickr group was created for Vintage Indie™ readers to share their love for vintage. Please check out the easy rules below for post your vintage.

PHOTOS: Please feel free to post your personal vintage finds, your creations using vintage elements, your vintage style, and photos of your favorite thrifty-vintage store (not websites)

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If you'd like your find or your favorite place to shop to be featured on Vintage Indie™ please use the send flickr mail feature to let us know!