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Hallmark Magazine Folds after 3 Years and 16 Issues

Another one bites the dust. I had to post this, I know our contributing editor Jerusalem Greer includes a lot of Hallmark Magazine inspirations on her blog, I know she'll be sad that Hallmark Magazine has folded.

According to their website they are very sad about the publication ceasing. I know there are a lot of fans out there that loved it. I liked to flip through the pages at the market, but I never did get a subscription.

What will you miss about Hallmark Magazine?


Heidi German

You have got to be kidding me! I am so, so disappointed because I really liked Hallmark and felt like it was a good replacement for Country Home and Home Companion. I am completely bummed to hear that it's going too. Now what will I read? :(


You are right, I am SO sad about this. Unbelievable. I loved how Hallmark really seemed to cover all areas of daily life, from design to thrifting to cooking to friendships and more. It was such a friendly magazine and I am really going to miss it. I cannot believe what is happening to the magazine publishing industry, and I feel so bad for all of those who are losing their jobs because of it.


Hate to hear of this...this last issue was really good. So sad.


Teresa McFayden

I agree, last issue was good. I rarely purchased that magazine though, not enough depth and too much "rosey-cheeked" content for my taste.


I have a current issue. I will miss the personal stories. I wonder if they will move the content to the Web. A friend purchased, and gave me the mags when finished with them.


this had become one of my favorites... loved the lay out and it was good pic's and not a lot of heavy reading... oh, that's three that I get that have gone away!

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