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My Vintage Pad - Home Tour - Teena V of Norfolk, England

Vintage Indie would like to welcome you to another My Vintage Pad Home Tour. We are very excited to show you the gorgeous home of textile artist Teena Vallerine of Norfolk, England.

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What is your favorite part of each room?
It took us years to find all the parts we needed to build our 1950’s English Rose kitschen. Some parts were just beyond finding and we had them specially fabricated, much to the amusement of all around us.
Kitschen aga
The 1950’s had not quite become trendy and very few of our friends and family really understood why on earth we didn’t just  buy a ‘proper’ kitchen. But we always knew it was worth the effort.
Kitschen sink
The cabinets are really well made and the addition of the 1960’s wall cupboard means that the space is a really functional working kitchen. Cabinets which were destined for the tip have been restored, re-sprayed and newly laminated and it’s as hard wearing as any modern kitchen would be.
Kitschen corner Kitschen detail 2

 As much as I enjoy just looking at everything in the kitschen, it’s that continuity I love the most. That we are using cabinets every day which were built in a factory over 50 years ago. It appeals to my thrifty side!

Kitschen wall cabinets

Bathroom simplicity
The family bathroom, like much of our home, came together by accident. An accumulation of treasures and happy finds sort of resulted in the blue and red colour scheme. Somehow everything just fits together. The addition of some thrifted curtains which I lined with red gingham really gave the room a warm homely feel. I especially love the light pull. We got bored with the nasty white plastic one and our son chose a jolly red button which was just the right thing for the job!

Bathroom bathing beauty Bathroom light pull
 Bathroom Bathing Beauty           -          Bathroom Light Pull        
On the bed 2
Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom the room is a very calm eggshell blue and the colour is all in the textiles which add warmth. I am very fond of vintage patchworks and so these would have to be my favourite thing in here and I often change the look of the room by swapping around the textiles (well I have to justify my collections somehow!).
Shower cabinet
Shower Cabinet

Boys room
Son's Room

 In our son’s room I love that he has accumulated his own boy’s brand of vintage which has nothing about it that is pink or floral!

Embroidery detail
Embroidery Detail
In my workroom it is all about inspiration. I display the materials I use in my work; ribbons, braids, pens, buttons and fabrics, to keep reminding me to work! I like to be surrounded by colour and pictures and the books and ornaments which inspire my work. It’s quite a busy room but it’s my girly space and I love it all!
Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

For me vintage is about getting use out of things, whether these are family heirlooms and hand-me-downs or happy finds on trips to charity shops, markets and auctions. I like to make still-life displays around the house that catch my eye and make me smile. I see no point in having collections which are hidden away, I don’t do precious! I think what makes our house a home is that it has grown over many years. Things have been added, a few things taken away, but mostly it has just developed so it’s a comfortable space to be in!
Big blue dog
Big Blue Dog

Any advice for creating your look?
I would always say not to worry what other’s might think about your choices for your home. Buy things that make your heart dance and if you’re in the mood to buy things for your home, never take a shopping list! Just see what sings out to you when you get there! It’s not sensible, but it is fun!

A special thanks to Teena for sharing her beautiful home with us. You can see more of Teena's home and her current projects at her blog Kitschen Pink. Also, visit her shop on Etsy to purchase her adorable puppies.
All photographs in this feature are copyright Teena Vallerine



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I love your style and clever colour co-ordiantions...
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