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Off the Shelf Book Review - Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson (Great Gift Idea)

Books make a great gift for birthday's. Check out our latest Off the Shelf Book Review by our contributing editor Gina Smith. This one is a must have for all of the sewing divas in your life.

That Alicia Paulson is a sneaky one. First, she charms the west coast with her store, Ella Posie. Then, she puts her MFA in writing to use on a blog that sucks us in: Posie Gets Cozy 
.  And even the closing of her brick-and-mortar store mesmerized us as now the whole country could see her wares and buy them at Rosy Little Things.


      No surprise, then, her book STITCHED IN TIME: MEMORY-KEEPING PROJECTS TO SEW AND SHARE FROM THE CREATOR OF POSIE GETS COZY is a smash. (Alicia Paulson, Potter Craft, 2008, 160pp., $22.95 or Amazon, $17.90,.

      Alicia’s blog readers love to ooh and aah over her embroidery and sewing projects, her luscious photos of recipes made and Portland scenery seen. Heck, her corgi Clover Meadow could probably have her own blog. That’s how much people like to read Posie Gets Cozy.

      And so it is with Stitched in Time. Alicia’s fans are buying the book for many reasons. Oh, of course, the projects are charming and au currant.  There’s something for everyone: sewing, embroidering, appliqué. Some probably even bought the book hoping for glimpses of Clover or Alicia’s too-cute-for-words Nurse Husband Andy or darling niece Arden.

      I bought it, and I don’t even sew! Or embroider. Or do any of the things described in the book. Well, except blog and take pictures. Alicia even discusses how to be better at that. In truth, I bought the book because I thought Alicia might write in even more depth than she had in Hallmark Magazine recently about the life-changing accident that nearly cost her mobility. In the article she described how the lengthy recovery from the accident led her back to stitching and, little by little, to a new way of life.

      As with many bloggers, I found Posie Gets Cozy the blog by following a link on a fellow artist’s blog and so on and so forth until I landed at Alicia’s. I was hooked with the eye candy. But when I read that she has a master’s of fine arts degree in writing, I was sucked in even further. I spent hours going backwards through her blog to read her posts. To a writer there’s no better blog than one that is well-written. Even those with the most beautiful photos, artwork or sentiments and soul-searching posts still lose something with grammatical errors and typos. Posie Gets Cozy is the cream of all its crops.

      She has blogged most poignantly about anything and everything: not only her accident (hit by a garbage truck while walking) but the sudden illness and loss of her precious dog, Audrey, while she was writing this book. When I read on her blog she would be writing a magazine article, I waited months for it to come out so I could buy it. Which I did. The laid-bare emotions as she talked about her ordeal, although intended to promote her stitching book and her web business, assured her many fans simply of her homespun, folksy, down-to-earth, honest writing style. Including me.

      But back to the book. As amazing as I find all of the above, it is even more amazing to note that the book was not only written by Paulson, who simultaneously designed and created all the projects within, but she also prepared all of the project photography, sketches, photo styling, jacket photos and even her own photo! Who can say that? Most artists who get book deals will find themselves helped along by an editor or ghost writer and will most certainly have all of the projects photographed by the publisher’s studio and sketches done by a contracted graphics person. So Stitched in Time is truly amazing.

      If I could sew, the slumber party/sleepover pillow case is my favorite project from the book, with its large call-home phone number done in colorful rick-rack. Family-oriented project artists will enjoy the family tree, brag book, photo mobile, growth chart, placemats, coasters and birthday banner. There is also a discussion of basic sewing techniques, hand-sewing, embroidery and appliqué stitches, supplies, glossary of terms and resources.


Paulson is already at work on her next book. Maybe I’ll learn to sew by then. Even if not, I’m sure I’ll still be ordering it as soon as it comes out. Or pre-ordering it, like I did for this one. Well worth the wait!

Featurebutton_06 - Contributing Editor Gina Smith aka Lilly*s of London*ish, started making jewelry about six years ago and has since tied this in with a love of vintage finds, Blythe, crochet and altered art in her etsy shop. Growing up in an antiquing family gives her a background and appreciation for all things vintage, especially dinnerware, jewelry and Americana advertising prints and products

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Vicki K.

Absolutely amen! Your post affirms what I thought when I bought a copy for my non-crafty friend - that she would love it simply for the photos and text. And she does. My son bought one for me. I have been savoring it and will start in on a variation of the horsey project today...

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