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Shabby Chic Files Chapter 11

I heard the news swirling yesterday, but didn't quite have the confirmation as I do today. It's sadly noted that the famous Shabby Chic© by Rachel Ashwell has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. I know many of our readers are huge fans of Rachel Ashwell and her concept/style Shabby Chic, it has been become what Kleenex is to tissue, a household name.

 It sounds like some of the stores will be closing from Rachel Ashwell's blog  "If you see a store closing it is not because we didn't try, or love the neighbourhood. We just have to focus our energies and resources to gain our strength back and take care of our customers through remaining store locations."

I have to give credit to Rachel, as her books were my inspiration for my new found love for white washed, pinks, florals and a mixed match view of what beautiful is. I found warmth in her style and it felt like home. I've recently purchased a beautiful shower curtain from Target that was from her Simply Shabby Chic line and I absolutely love it. I can only hope that this turns out for the better.



it just goes to show that she, like alot of independant shops are really struggling.

Vintage Indie

I agree Kasey,

Now, more than ever is an important time to support small businesses.

Bari  Ackerman

wow. that's somewhat depressing.

Down Comforter

I'm really surprised - Rachel has done such a phenomenal job with branding. But, unfortunately, she's not alone in the situation as we hear of more and more businesses having troubles in the economy.


I still can't believe it! I love rachel!

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