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Puppy Talk: Meet Alli.... Alex.... aka H Y P E R

Good morning everyone, I would like for you to meet Alli, the most recent addition to our family and our first family dog.  Alli, (that's weird for me to type) What is short for Alex? Alli was rescued by a foster shelter and has been through a couple of homes due to personal preferences. She is FULL of energy, I'm talking full. I think we need to catch up on the Dog Whisperer (I actually already added 5 upcoming episodes to my DVR).
 Do any of you have any dog advice? Here's what we are working with. Major, major energy, almost knocking me down to get out of the door. I've been working trying to get her to sit and let me go first, it has been really tough and this girl is strong. She's a big time drag you across the floor type. Our cat, well that's another story. If she she's another cat or dog or even hears a dog she barks pretty aggressively. Just this morning I turned a YouTube video on that had a dog barking and she went nuts. I'm already planning on changing my schedule a bit to walk with her daily so that may help with the energy part we'll see. 

 So I'm all ears.


crafty fanny

I think walking her as much as you can is key. It will help her release some of that energy and will also tire her out!

Good luck, she's a super cutie!

Vintage Indie

Many of you have emailed asking me a lot of questions. Some of which I'm asking myself, at this very moment. I'm glad that we have the opportunity to make sure Alli fits with our family without feeling horrible about her going back to her foster home. The hubs and I are going to discuss it more and I'll let you know. We are making the best decision for her and us. Time will tell, this is new for us but it is also something I'm sharing in case you have been thinking about adding a pup to your home.

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

LuAnn Smith

OMG, she looks just like our dog Duke who also is a rescue dog. She's obviously part black lab but do you know what the white markings are from? Duke is part black lab and part blue healer and he must be walked, preferably up in the mountains for hours. Blue healers are cattle dogs and have unique issues. I wouldn't trade Duke for anything but I had a lot of doubts along the way. I had certain things I had to have in a dog and Duke fit most of what we needed but he was scared of and barked at my husband at first. He was afraid of everything big (crazy dog) and he nips, which is a blue healer trait. There were times I thought I'd made a mistake and wasn't sure we would keep him. But it's been about 7 months and he is doing great. Watch Ceasar every chance you get. Duke loves that show! Good luck...


LuAnn Smith

Here's a picture of Duke!


Hello. First I love this blog. Now about the new addition to your family...we have been there. My human family consists of me, my husband, and 2 boys age 15 now. Our animal family consists of 1-3yr.old border collie, Bella, and our 8 month old mutt, Molly, and 2 1 year-old cats and 1 old cat. All of our animals are from humane societies or rescues. We obtained Bella in the middle of a huge restoration project--not the ideal time. The key for me was daily walking for 1 hour. I also enrolled both of our dogs in obedience classes immediately. I practiced daily. In fact, I still do. Molly just graduated from Puppy 1 and is enrolled in Puppy 2 currently. Molly we added to our home the first week of January 2009. Remember to give your new addition plenty of time to feel comfortable in her new environment. I also recommend crate training and using kibble filled Kong toys to help with anxiety when you leave. We fill the toys with kibble and top with peanut butter then freeze them. These treats are only given when the dogs have to go in the crate. The dogs run for the crates when I take them out. Good Luck!


There is an excellent book on dog trining, by The Monks of New Skete, called "the art of raising a puppy", and "How to be your dogs best friend". they have all the info on training in a humane, effective way. I have 4 dogs, and I am a breeder, so I know what I am talking about, and these books are the absolute best. The absolute key is to make sure your dog knows that YOU are in charge. A larger dog like that will be a real pain without very firm guidance. I have a 200 lb Saint Bernard that is so well trained, he is a pleasure to be around.

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