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ART STORIES: Textile Artist Anna Torma

Hey everyone!
Welcome to a new feature here at Vintage Indie. The summer is coming soon and I'll be working from home with my two sweet boys. I've decided to take the day on Thursdays to spend the entire day with them, so stop by here on Thursdays for this new feature and then we'll see you back again on Friday.

Something that invigorates me more than anything about what I do here at Vintage Indie, is getting to know the person behind the business and their creations. I hope with our newest feature Art Stories we can get to know the artist behind their passions, through personal stories and a peek into their workspace.

Art Stories

Portrait2 Today I would like to welcome the talented textile artist  Anna Torma to Vintage Indie. Ann Torma, was born in 1952, Tarnaors, Hungry, now residing in New Brunswick Canada. 

Her biography is an amazing journey through her labor intensive passion of textile artistry. Thank you Anna for joining us, we are thrilled to learn more about you and your work.

What is your preferred medium?

Textile, I do hand embroidery and stitching.

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Re-Do, Re-Pair, Re-Construct Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby ON Canada, 2001

How did you get started?

 In my family, every women knew how to embroider, knit, crochet and I was not exception. My grandmothers tought me at a young age. Then, I went to boarding school, enchanted by other possibilities, did not think much for handwork, which somehow embodied the  traditional homemaker's role in my eyes. I wanted to be different and went to art school in Budapest, trained as a print-maker. Then when I established my own family I turned to the textile and specially hand embroidery and established myself in this field.

Just My Imagination 2
Just My Imagination MOCCA Toroto, Ontario, Canada 2006
Who or what inspires you?

Oh, the life itself. I am a gardener and like to go see good exhibitions.My family-we are all artists: my husband is a sculptor, my two sons are painters, has been a great influence since the early days.

Sweet Dreams I 2007 Hand Embroidery on Cotton Fabric Silk Threads

Oasis, 1989 Hand Embroidery on Cotton
What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into
  this medium?

Be passionate about your work.

Draw me a Rose II 2006 Hand Embroidery on Linen Silk Threads

  Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?
I often use found objects to give a new life in a different context, to build an esthetics which are more than its (used) parts.

Anna Torma

  What is important for viewers to know about your

I like to work on series, 3-6 pieces in a group, then exhibit in a public or private galleries internationally.

Anna Torma 2

A special thank you to Anna Torma for sharing her beautiful work with us. Please take a moment to visit her site where you can view her full biography, and many more beautiful pieces of her artwork.


Have a great day everyone, we'll see you back here tomorrow!


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