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ART STORIES: Denyse Schmidt

Art Stories

We're talking with the artist, designer & creator themselves about their chosen medium. Get to know the artist behind the items featured and find inspiration in their personal stories of creativity. Today I would like to welcome Denyse Schmidt of Denyse Schmidt Quilts to Vintage Indie.

Hi Denyse, thank you for sharing a little more about you and your work with us. Can you tell us what your preferred medium is?

Fabric, in the form of quilts.

How did you get started?

I learned to sew from my mom when I was little. Though she worked full time in education, she was an accomplished seamstress, and made most of the clothes for four kids as well as herself. Both my parents were skilled craftspeople, but they did not pursue it as a hobby or  "art"  – they were both children of the depression and had that deeply instilled idea that you can make what you need. And why buy it if you can make it? They just happened to be really good at whatever they did (furniture, clothing, upholstery. They also made flies for fly-fishing in their newlywed days. My mother's wedding gift to my dad was a fly rod she made). My siblings and I were pretty arty growing up, and I spent some time at art school with my older sister when I was about 8. I started the quilt business in my 30's – I was frustrated with my graphic design career and wanted to be able to spend my time making something that was my "own".

Who or what inspires you?

I'm inspired by so many different things. It could be a song, a painting, a life. I love the history of quilt making and textiles in this country, there is a wealth of really great design there.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into this medium?
Know what you want in terms of your lifestyle above all else. Do you want to grow a business you'll later sell? Or would you be content getting by and being a maker? Talk to as many people out there who are doing similar things, be realistic, and persevere.


Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?

Yes, most of my furniture and accessories are vintage,  mostly industrial stuff. Also, I design fabric collections that are inspired by vintage prints from the 30's. Vintage with a modern sensibility.

What is important for your customer to know about your work?
We are a small company and every thing we make is pretty "slow" and special. While we do offer more affordable versions of the DS aesthetic through our licensing partnerships, it is not typical in any way.

Denyse is also the author of the how-two book Denyse Schmidt Quilts, 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects.

You can also attend one of the many workshops offered at Denyse's studio including:
Sewing 101 with Richard Killeaney

and Improvisational Patchwork with Denyse.

Find out more about Denyse Schmidt and the various workshops, classes and items that she offers at her website DS Quilts

A special thank you to Denyse for sharing her beautiful work with us.


Have a great day everyone, we'll see you back here tomorrow!

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Vintage Indie Life: A Delicious Dilemma... (Log Cabin Inn Covington, KY)

Hey everyone, how is your day going? I decided to write today's post in Vintage Indie Life, because it deals with something a little more personal and close to my um well, taste buds. So let's start with the dilemma part of that title.  You see my husband and I decided to dine out for dinner not to long ago in our little town. We decided on two things one, we wanted to try something a little closer our home, and two somewhere that wasn't a large chain. So without further ado we headed out with child in tow and headed to a brand spanking new (less than 3 week old) restaurant close to our home.

We arrived at our destination and experienced one of the WORST food experiences ever. My husband and I have this little game where we take pleasure in dissecting apart a restaurant and the food for the quality and price. If you haven't already heard me mention it, food is another passion of mine. I really enjoy cooking, eating and the experience, where as my husband enjoys more of the whole eating part.

Anyway, we started this discussion about the food, the restaurant, and got out the ole' 1-10 scale. He says immediately, I'll give it a 4 because the food was edible. So in return I said alright so a 1 because our order was correct, 2 because the food was hot and brought out in a timely manner and 3 because it was edible, (we never came up with a 4). First of all, does anyone else do this?

 What I'm having such a hard time understanding is, why would you put so much money into owning a restaurant opening a new building from the ground up with a full bar and serve frozen pre-packaged crappy food? It was restaurant remorse at its worst. What drives that decision? What really bothers me is  this is their second location to be opened. I'm hoping you'll help me "chew" on that one for just awhile. In the meantime, let's get to the delicious part of the title.

Once again my husband and I found ourselves eating out, which is something I like to do a couple of times a month. A night off, from thinking about dinner is a like a mini vacation to me. So we decided to head to an other local spot that we haven't been to in three years. This time I'll mention the name of this fine establishment, because they received a 10 from our scale. Originally built in the 1800's in Bardstown, then moved to the Covington area in 1922 we headed to the Log Cabin Inn.

Log Cabin Inn
322 Old Madison Pike
Covington, KY 41017

Fist of all we were shocked that we didn't have to wait for a seat, although it was a Tuesday evening and kind of late. Secondly, we couldn't understand why we waited three years to go back to this place that we used to frequent as newlyweds.
 As soon as we arrived at the quaint Log Cabin Inn, we sat ourselves and were quickly greeted by a very polite waitress, who actually seemed to like her job.  Our food was delivered hot, fresh, homemade and DELICIOUS. 


It is restaurants like these that deserve the recognition for caring about what comes out of their kitchens. It's places like the Log Cabin Inn that get featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives, because they are feeding people with passion for their business and truly work hard at it. I'm encouraging you to check out the little " hole in the wall" unexpected places where you live. Support restaurant owners who have a passion for what they do and aren't just looking to make a buck or two off of frozen fish sticks. 

If you get a chance to go to the Log Cabin Inn, I would love it if you could tell them you heard about them from Vintage Indie. They don't know I wrote this feature. I'm just hoping wind will catch on to our locals here in Kentucky and they'll pass up the next food chain, fast food restaurant and give the smaller name restaurant a try. Some day, I hope all of this will all come back as good for me when I open my diner. Until then, do you have a local joint we must know about? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

The Daily Swank - Kim White Handbags

As you may already know, spring is here and summer is on the way. I'm still trying to narrow down my picks for a new handbag. Today's selection comes from Kim White Handbags. I think you'll love what she's doing.

75amc_bl_gremlin_clutch_lg  80_blue_optical_clutch_lg
Redplush_coc Brnwallpaper_coc_lg
Electric_blue_rc_lg Pat_yel_lg
 In addition to the soft crinkled patent leather clutch bottom right, Kim White's handbags are created from some of the most unique fabric. Most are made from dead-stock vintage automobile fabrics, and most of the florals are created from fabrics intended for furniture. If you are looking for something with a shoulder strap, Kim White offers those as well, visit the Auto Large Bags for that selection.
Head over to check out her newly added belts and accessories.

On the Road with Contributing Editor Elizabeth Young: Shadeland Shoppes Antique Mall Indianapolis, IN

Shadeland Shoppes Front Door
On a recent jaunt to Indianapolis, my husband and I discovered the Shadeland Shoppes Antique Mall on the east side of town.  Originally opened in 1982, it is recognized as the oldest antique mall in the area.  Bonnie Kinser purchased it in March 2008 and has worked hard to bring it back up to par. Over 40 dealers are represented.

 Shadeland Booth

Ellie, a dealer at the mall, says, "It's just gotten better."  She has been a dealer at the mall since 1987.  "We are creative people.  We do this because we like to decorate.  We don't buy furniture by the room, we buy it by the piece.  Antique dealers like what we do, we like our merchandise.  It's not just about the money."

 Shadeland Glass Display

The mall is over 13,400 sq ft., well lit and packed full of a wide array of antiques and collectibles.  It contains an eclectic mix of old and new.  Shoppers will find furniture, glassware, toys, books, jewelry, military items and more.  They also offer a variety of collectibles that would appeal to men such as model cards, trains, Civil War items, fossils, coins and sports memorabilia.  Shadeland Shoppes accepts credit cards and offers layaway and gift certificates. 

 Elizabeth Young

Molly the cat sits at the desk where she can maintain her position as "resident manager".  She arrived 3 1/2 years ago with her kittens and never left.  Her picture is sketched on the mall's business card.  Customers look forward to seeing Molly when they visit and often bring her treats and toys.

 Shadeland Antiques

If you arrive at lunch time be sure to check out Jimmy D's snack bar located at the front of the mall.  They opened 3 years ago and offer homemade chicken salad, hot dogs, ice cream and more.  The crew whips up their goodies at an original soda fountain purchased from a drug store that closed many years ago.  Ice cream tables and chairs are plentiful in the dining area. 

 Shadeland Food

In March 2009, Consignment Chix opened a consignment shop within the antique mall.  Women's designer clothing as well as fun jewelry and accessories add yet another reason to shop here.

 Consignment Shoppe

Special Events:  A car show is held the first week of August in the parking lot in front of the mall.  An outside flea market is held in conjunction with this annual event and dealers run sales in their inside booths. 

 Shadeland Booth 2

Location:  3444 N. Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN  46226  (Located conveniently between I-70 and I-465
                 just 7 miles from the IN State Fairgrounds)
Phone:  (317) 546-2402 or toll free (866) 461-0276
Hours:  Open daily 10:00-5:30, Sunday 11:00-5:00
Website:  www.shadelandshoppes.net


Elizabeth Young is a wife and cat mom who spends many an hour hunting for vintage goodies at her favorite  thrift stores, antique shops and monthly flea markets!  A collector of vintage toys, holiday decor and general store items, many of the found treasures end up on display in her Victorian home.  She also looks for vintage ephemera, fun supplies and kitschy decor for her Etsy shop Grandmother's Attic !  When not doing this, she works two part time jobs, wearing different hats at each! 

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Michelle S. of Nazareth, PA

 I would like to welcome Michelle S. of Nazareth, PA to Vintage Indie. We hope you enjoy this lovely tour of Michelle's home and a closer look at what inspires her.

    Hi Michelle, thank you so much for welcoming us into your beautiful home. Is there any history about your home, that you would like to share?
Our home was built in 1925, we bought it in May of 2007.   It is one of three identical homes in a row.   My neighbor tells us these homes were built by a local carpenter who used to have a business in town.  As the story goes, he built our homes during a slow period in his business for extra income.

    What is your favorite part of each room? (each one that you share with us) 


That is difficult to pick just one! 


Kitchen:   The shelf my husband built above the windows.  It was something I envisioned doing from the first time we viewed the house.   I'm always after extra storage space as I'm a collector.  I've tried to do minimal and neat but collected and cluttered is more my taste.

Above Window Shelf


The Everything Room:   The aqua desk (see below).   It was such a leap for me to paint such a bright color and I'm enjoying the result.  Sometimes it pays to go out of your comfort zone a bit.


Bathroom:   The strip of hooks on the walls.  I was going to put shaker pegs in the bathroom but I felt it called for something else.  We have strips of moulding with hooks in all the closets in the house.  My husband took that particular piece from the attic closet and it found a new home in the bathroom.   It gives us a great place for wet towels and I love that it is something we already had and could reuse.

Bathroom Hooks

Hailey's Bed 
Daughter's Room

Hailey's Room


Hailey's Room:  Her pink iron bed.  I found that bed at a flea market for a steal.   Our girls were little at the time and I knew the pink chippy paint would be perfect for one of them some day.  It sat in our basement for a long time before they grew old enough to get up on it since it's so tall.   Hailey has a stepstool she uses to climb into bed. 


Dining Room:  The beadboard ceiling.   I love how the ceiling looks like it could be original to the home.  We didn't bother filling in knots or imperfections in the wood to retain its charm.   This room was actually the first one we redid and I'm already thinking of repainting the walls.  As the rest of the house progresses, the dining room doesn't flow as well.

Beadboard Ceiling
Beadboard Ceiling

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Everywhere.  Magazines, store displays, antique stores.   I like looking at things and trying to find a new use for it, such as the door key holder in the everything room.

Door Key Holder
Door Key Holder

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

It's important for me to be surrounded by items with history.  Old pieces have a different feeling to them, they make me feel warm and comfortable.  Also, having 3 kids and 2 dogs, I love pieces with dents and scratches.  More imperfections just add to their charm.


Do you have a favorite vintage item?

My favorite vintage item is this house.  We feel very lucky to have it and work to retain its original character.  It's been a great opportunity to teach our children what a little hard work can do, and that saving a piece of history is worth the effort.

Michell's Favorite Collection

Any advice on creating your look?

Just do what you love!   Don't worry what a magazine says you should do.  Also, don't be afraid to make mistakes.   We'll be repainting our dining room and that's okay.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get things just right


Michelle also writes a lovely blog From House to Home, head over to see her newly redecorated master bedroom.

Thank you again Michelle for inviting us in your home.

The Daily Swank - Art by Duda Daze

Today, I'm all smiles with artwork from Duda Daze.

Believed in Make Believe

Shaken, not Kissed

Believed in Pretty Dresses

A mom of three boys, combines whimsical painting with vintage text in her artwork. I'm in love with the smiles and good nature of Duda Daze. Visit her on Etsy to see more of her work.


Road Trip Madison Indiana: Hamburger Hinkle's

After a period of shop gazing both of us started to get hungry. One of the most important things that we did while we shopped, was to ask shop owners where the best places were to eat. Experiencing the food in a new town is something that I truly enjoy, especially since there isn't but maybe one restaurant worth talking about where we are from. Almost all of locals had their own opinions about where to go, but one place in particular seemed to come up often. That place was Hamburger Hinkle's, serving up food since 1933.

Hamburger Hinkle
Hinkle's Sandwich Shop
204 West Main Street
Madison IN 47250

So off we went to get us some greasy goodness as my husband likes to say. As we approached the building we found many locals and a few tourists sitting outside on some provided tables. Not realizing there were two entrances, we approached the door and came upon a line of people waiting for their food.

The atmosphere was slightly cramped but that didn't bother us at all. One short counter-top served as the seating with maybe 12 stools.  Most of the hungry crowd was merely waiting  for their orders to go. Luckily, we found two empty stools next to one another and close to the grill.

The cook top was our view slightly to our left as two cooks busily slapped tiny patties on the hot surface. The aromas filled the air with the scent of onions and melted cheese.

The menu was simple, which consisted of a White Castle type burger, which could be doubled or even tripled. Grilled Cheese, BLT's and that day's bean soup followed with a few other grill top fairs.  A waitress approached, jotted down our order and handed it off to the busy cooks to our left. We ordered  the traditional cheeseburgers and home fries that seemed to be the popular choice for the overheard to go orders.
 In just a few minutes our food arrived. The home fries resembled hash browns, that had been steamed a bit until almost mashed potato like an then crisped up a bit. The burgers were made fresh to order and were topped with onions, pickles and cheese. Overall Hamburger Hinkle's was pretty good, if you are looking for that greasy goodness I mentioned earlier and something quick. Later we discovered a full dining room for those with children and high chairs, but we thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the kitchen action and the busyness of the orders flying out.

If you get a chance, head over to the Hinkle's Sandwich Shop website where they also offer some interesting history.

Making the Most of Monday: Resolving to L.I.V.E

If you are new to the magazine, Making the Most of Monday is a regular part of our features. Mondays  signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week.

Hopefully by Monday you've taken some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spend quality time with loved ones and friends, which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.



Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Ours was nice and full of sunshine. It was a very warm 87 degrees and almost felt like summer. I re-learned something over the weekend that I let slip from my mind since last summer and hope to share that with you so you can resolve to live life with your family.

Last year when school let out, summer began in a hurry. A couple months free of schedules and lack of real organization struck me quite quickly and I was a little overwhelmed. I was so used to our schedule of get him on the bus, take care of little guy, work, play, clean, get him off the bus, homework, dinner, baths and bed.  We had this routine in place so that we could keep up with it all and get done what needed to get done. Summer on the other hand was a new ballgame.

Summer meant freedom, we could wake when we wanted to, leave and come back when we wanted to and do whatever our hearts desired for the day.  This meant that there were times when the dishes would pile up, laundry would get backed up, and all of that organization stuff kind of just flew out the window. My mind started to panic because of it and I was certainly getting frustrated on a daily basis.  Does this sound like any of you?

The dishes and laundry bothered me at first because I was so focused on everything needing to be perfect in my eye, but then it hit me. It was ME that was the problem. Did you notice that pattern earlier?  I was the perfectionist who had to have everything in order, before we could even think about doing anything, and I was making everyone else crazy because of it. I realized that my family just wanted to LIVE. They just wanted to experience life. So from that moment on when I truly let go of that thinking pattern,  is when I began to also feel their freedom and enjoy life with them.

We were really LIVING. We were doing things, getting dirty, learning about plants and vegetables at the market, getting exercise on our own and building a strong family foundation with our boys. When it did come time to catch up on  cleaning and laundry, we were doing it as a family and it wasn't such a struggle to get it done.

It took a lot of self control to let go of those things and not let them consume my mind. When I look back on it today, I realize that, that perfectionist way of thinking was holding me back from some of the best memories I now have.

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that you should just toss all of your responsibilities out the window during the summer or when you have some time off with your family. What I am asking you to do is to resolve to L. I. V. E.

L. earn how to let go of what is holding you back.

I. nclude the whole family in caring for your home and responsibilities

V. ow to build a strong family foundation.

E. njoy LIFE.

Are you going to Resolve to L. I. V. E. ? Tell others about it on your own blog and link to it below!

Have a great week everyone!

The Daily Swank: Crystalyn Kae Handbags

I've been on a mission to find a new handbag for spring/summer. My problem is, I'm finding so many that I want, including those from today's Daily Swank.

Crystalyn Kae Handbags are beautifully constructed from waterproof faux leather and often include vintage fabrics. I'm swooning the top left Picasso Abstract Floral

Crys4 Crys1
Crys3 Crys2
I love how the smooth faux leather paired with vintage fabrics gives each handbag its own personality. Handmade from start to finish you can find various bags and styles including one of a kind and my favorite the pleated clutches.  Visit Crystalyn Kae to find our more.

Road Trip Madison Indiana: Main Street Antique Mall

A few weeks ago, my husband surprised me with a little trip for our anniversary. He's been working every Saturday so he had me completely fooled the entire time he had been planning. The night before, he did his usual routine, like nothing was going on. He made his lunch for work the next day, did his paperwork and went to bed as usual. Then, early six in the morning early, he wakes me up and says "Guess what, I don't have to work today",  I didn't think his joke was funny, but he said, " Really get up we are going on a little trip." I squealed and could of perhaps jumped up and down on the bed at six am. I was thrilled if you couldn't tell and the best part I didn't have to plan a thing. We scurried to get on the road since it was a little over an hour and a half drive, dropped the kids off to my in-laws and headed to Madison Indiana.

There was so much to see in this little town and I loved every minute of it. Quaint, antique shopping, handmade goods, wineries, what more could you ask for. I took so many pictures and talked to so many nice people, I couldn't wait to introduce you.

Main Street Antique Mall
Up first from our little road trip was the Main Street Antique Mall 210 E Main St, Madison.
Excited to get away for a bit and even more excited to be visiting so many wonderful antique stores.

Main Street Antique Mall 2

The mall looked as if it were going through a growth spurt with booths here and there being filled in and dealers setting up.

Main Street Antique Mall 1
I went from never seeing these blue Ball jars to seeing them everywhere in Madison. As a matter of fact, I have two in my windowsill filled with fresh herbs at the moment.

This is only a tiny portion of what I have to show you from our trip. I encourage you to check out Madison Indiana if you need a little weekend get-a-way. I'll be back more of Madison, including a chocolate shop to adore!


PF: Free Printable Labels - Live Love Laugh & Blank Labels

Vintage Indie would like to welcome our newest contributing editor, Julie Tiedens.

Julie Tiedens craves busy-ness, and has plenty of it with her too-scrumptious-for-words two-year-old, much-harassed husband and Bohtieque Design, her label and paper goods shop at Etsy and 1000 Markets. Handy with a graphics tablet and Mac, Julie designs all of the items her store carries and constantly looks for new ideas to develop for Bohtieque.

Join Julie here at Vintage Indie a couple times a month for PF { Printable Friday } , where she'll be offering up exclusive downloads just for Vintage Indie readers! Up first are these gorgeous Live Love & Laugh Labels and a blank version, ready for your special touch.

PF- Vintage Indie

Click link below to view Live Love Laugh Template, Right Click to save image as.
View this photo

Click link below to Download Blank Template, Right Click to save image as.
View this photo

ART STORIES: Textile Artist Anna Torma

Hey everyone!
Welcome to a new feature here at Vintage Indie. The summer is coming soon and I'll be working from home with my two sweet boys. I've decided to take the day on Thursdays to spend the entire day with them, so stop by here on Thursdays for this new feature and then we'll see you back again on Friday.

Something that invigorates me more than anything about what I do here at Vintage Indie, is getting to know the person behind the business and their creations. I hope with our newest feature Art Stories we can get to know the artist behind their passions, through personal stories and a peek into their workspace.

Art Stories

Portrait2 Today I would like to welcome the talented textile artist  Anna Torma to Vintage Indie. Ann Torma, was born in 1952, Tarnaors, Hungry, now residing in New Brunswick Canada. 

Her biography is an amazing journey through her labor intensive passion of textile artistry. Thank you Anna for joining us, we are thrilled to learn more about you and your work.

What is your preferred medium?

Textile, I do hand embroidery and stitching.

{Please Click on the Images to View Larger}

Re-Do, Re-Pair, Re-Construct Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby ON Canada, 2001

How did you get started?

 In my family, every women knew how to embroider, knit, crochet and I was not exception. My grandmothers tought me at a young age. Then, I went to boarding school, enchanted by other possibilities, did not think much for handwork, which somehow embodied the  traditional homemaker's role in my eyes. I wanted to be different and went to art school in Budapest, trained as a print-maker. Then when I established my own family I turned to the textile and specially hand embroidery and established myself in this field.

Just My Imagination 2
Just My Imagination MOCCA Toroto, Ontario, Canada 2006
Who or what inspires you?

Oh, the life itself. I am a gardener and like to go see good exhibitions.My family-we are all artists: my husband is a sculptor, my two sons are painters, has been a great influence since the early days.

Sweet Dreams I 2007 Hand Embroidery on Cotton Fabric Silk Threads

Oasis, 1989 Hand Embroidery on Cotton
What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into
  this medium?

Be passionate about your work.

Draw me a Rose II 2006 Hand Embroidery on Linen Silk Threads

  Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?
I often use found objects to give a new life in a different context, to build an esthetics which are more than its (used) parts.

Anna Torma

  What is important for viewers to know about your

I like to work on series, 3-6 pieces in a group, then exhibit in a public or private galleries internationally.

Anna Torma 2

A special thank you to Anna Torma for sharing her beautiful work with us. Please take a moment to visit her site where you can view her full biography, and many more beautiful pieces of her artwork.


Have a great day everyone, we'll see you back here tomorrow!

PLAN AHEAD: April 26, 2009 Petaluma Spring Antique Faire

AntiqueFairPic1 Posted @ Vintage Pulse by Sheri
Time: April 26, 2009 from 8am to 4pm
Location: Historic Downtown Petaluma
Street: 4th & Kentucky Streets
City/Town: Petaluma
Event Type: antique, faire
Organized By: Downtown Petaluma Association

Special Offer from Vintage Pulse Member - Stop by and see us in booth F38 on 4th St. Mention Vintage Pulse or Vintage Indie and receive a 15% discount off any purchase.

Post your event for free at Vintage Pulse.

Tales From the Flea Market: Episode 3 Fabrics, Textiles and Embellishments – First Sunday of the Month

With today being dubbed Vintage Green Day, we think it is a great idea to promote GREEN Shopping. Our favorite way is with vintage, of course. Join our special guest Cindy Cooper as she brings us Episode 3  of Tales from the Flea Market straight from  Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire.

On this trip to the Alameda, the focus is on Fabrics, Textiles and Embellishments.


Out there are many incredible vintage fabrics and textiles and the possibilities of re-working, re-purposing and re-using are endless.  You don’t see this type of quality and workmanship in today’s cloth. The cottons and linens in particular offer a subtle softness.  I collect vintage pillowcases for just this reason – they are so perfectly soft and look great on the bed all mixed up. It’s original, comfy and pretty all at the same time.


Like jewelry, fabrics show in time frames.  The Victorian era showed us amazing re-inspired damasks, lace and velvets.  The 40’s brought bold bark cloth. The 60’s introduced us to groovy paisleys and patterns on everything and this is also about the time wear-able polyester came into play.  Who wants to remember the PPO’s (polyester pull-ons)? You know the ones – thick polyester with a slight flair, elastic waist and a seam right down the front.  It seemed light blue was the favorite PPO color.  Having a bad flashback.


Every time I’m at Alameda I stop by Euro-Linens – www.euro-linens.com.  Their set-up and offerings thrill me every time and every single piece is original ranging from 35 – 135 years old. They have vintage French linens made into pillows, and other boudoir comforts.  Those O M initials in the picture below are cross-stitched in red thread!   The workmanship is splendid and the prices very reasonable and more than that –they are striking!


Euro-Linens 1  

European Linens – Row C on the corner next

to George. You’ll see em.


Euro-Linens 2


Inside European Linens – One space

to the right on Row C– Alameda.


I haven’t been getting too far past the front gate lately so after the Euro-Lines stop by I’m heading straight for the outskirts of Alameda – Something wild like Rows U-Z to see what I’m sure, I’m missing.


Oh wait – before I can head to the outer banks, I want to go by what I call embellishment central.  Embellishments can be anything that adds design interest to a piece and here you can find all kinds.  Monopoly pieces, plastic checkers, doll heads, keys, drawer pulls, fixtures and even numbers and letters are available for as low as one dollar.  Many collage artists and scrapbookers delight in the small and original chotchke items this vendor has to offer.  Fun stuff.  I picked up a blue plastic princess phone key chain which is a replica to one I received in Kindergarten for learning my alphabet. Ma Bell used to give them out as swag. I also bought my friend Rita a majong piece with her favorite number. Oh and a gold drapery tassel with cording that will make a beautiful trim embellishment on a pillow perhaps.


Alameda Embelishments

Alameda Row G - $1 chotckes and more!


Moving on up the rows, I spot Jennifer Saxton and her linens.  She embraces the notion of re-cycle, re-do, re-find and even has her own children’s clothing line, Princess. Princess features little jackets and dress sets made from some of the most sweetly colored cloth – some chenille, some florals – all darling.  I was most intrigued with a beautiful piece of bark cloth (circa 1940’s) that made me want to reupholster everything in my home.  The peacock blue, the fuchsia pink – all so vibrant.


Alameda jennifer saxtonPrincess

Jennifer Saxton Vintage Fabrics & Princess Collection


Now, clothing at the flea market is hot - there certainly are some fantastic finds that can be worn as is or re-purposed into something even more fabulously wear-able.  Hats, sweaters, coats, dresses, shoes and more are plentifully found at Alameda.  What’s fun about vintage clothing are the fabrics, patterns and built-to-last quality typical of vintage workmanship. I swear this is where designers and retailers such as Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and the like get their inspiration.   


Alameda Hats 

 Vintage Clothing and Hats-a-plenty, Alameda, California – Row K 

Alameda Dress


As you can tell – there is much to be found and as usual I’ve hit just the tip of the Alameda iceberg. 


Stay Tuned – Tales from the Flea Market will next take on furniture finding and re-purposing or re-inventing finds. Last month we ran out of time to check out the loading zone – I’ll get to it maybe next time or the time after that.  Also, I’m planning a Rose Bowl run the second Sunday in April.  I’m literally weak in the knees thinking about what I’ll discover.


 - Cindy Cooper



About the Flea Market - Alameda

The Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire or simply “Alameda” if you are in the know, offers a stunning array of vintage finds from jewels to furniture to collectibles and everything and I do mean everything in between. 


I’ve been foraging Alameda for about eight years with stunning success and much happiness.  I love everything about this monthly event -  the wares, the people, the typically cold weather and the view of San Francisco Bay Bridge and skyline. This market is second only to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena! Fabulous.


Vintage Indie is happy to welcome Cindy Cooper as our newest Guest Contributor. She'll be joining us for "Tales From the Flea Market" a new series sharing real life stories of trips to the flea market. Cindy Cooper is also a vintage jewelry aficionado and would love to help answer your vintage jewelry questions.

Vintage Green Day: In the Kitchen - A Cafe Apron Tutorial

Us vintage gals have a thing for vintage tablecloths, fabrics, hankies and especially vintage pillowcases. Fess up, how many vintage pillowcases do you have? In honor of our own "Vintage Green Day" ( In honor of Earth Day) We've invited the lovely Lee-Ann from WhoopsieDaisies to share her simple tutorial for making a cafe style vintage pillowcase apron.


This one is made from two vintage pillowcases. They are so much fun to use because of the unique embroidery work you find on each one.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Vintage Pillowcase
  • 2 6"x19" pieces of fabric for pockets
  • 2 2 1/2"x about 40" pieces of fabric for ties (can use upper portion of pillowcase)Vintage Trim - Rick Rack or Ribbon
  • White Thread
  • Sewing Machine and/or Serger
  • Straight Pins
  • Iron
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat
  • Transparent Ruler
  • Scissors

1. Press your pillowcase using your iron and spray starch.
2. Determine the length for your apron. (Mine is 21") Add 2 1/2" for the waistband. Using a rotary cutter and transparent ruler, cut across your pillowcase.
3. Determine the width of your apron. (Mine is about 33" wide) Flip your pillowcase over, and cut a slit down the middle. Lay it out flat on your cutting mat and cut to the desired width being careful to center the motif.
4. Hem the sides by serging; zig zagging; or turning under 1/4", press, turning under another 1/4", press, then stitch in place close to the folded edge.
5. At the top of your apron, turn down 2 1/2" towards the back for the waistband and press.

Step 1

6. Open back out and turn under 1/4" along the raw edge. Press back down.
7. Using rotary cutter and ruler, cut 2 strips of fabric for the apron ties 2"x about 40" (twice the width of your pillowcase works great!).
8. Press under 1/4" on the 2 long sides and 1 short side of each apron tie. Press under another 1/4" on the 2 long sides.

Photo 2

9. To avoid bulky tips on the apron ties, fold the material back out and trim the corners. Fold the short end to make a pointed tip and press. Stitch around the apron ties close to the folded edge.

10. Insert ties into the sides of waistband. Pin in place. Stitch all the way around close to the folded edge.

Photo 3

Photo 4

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Vintage Green Day: Farmers Markets & Market Bags

It's Earth Day today and we're celebrating in our own special way dubbing today our "Vintage Green Day"!

A great way to celebrate this place we call Earth is to support those who take care of our bellies. The farmers who work the fields to provide us organic fresh produce sans harmful pesticides. These farmers are committed to doing things the natural way, the way they were intended. 

For more information on Ecological Farming and what it means,  visit the Ecological Farming Association. Plan ahead for a great season of eating natural , fresh and local by visiting Local Harvest. There you can search where to find farms and farmers markets near you.  If you know any other great links for supporting farms in your area please feel free to post them below.

Now that you've located your local farmers market, you've planned out your trip you're almost ready to go.  Something we've done to get our boys involved, was getting each child their own reusable market bag. We shop along side them and they feel important choosing what we eat, learning about the different varieties  as well as carrying it in their bag. I also bring a few extra for me and hubs. 

What to look for in a market bag:

1. Its eco-friendly or made from using eco-friendly or recycled fabrics.
2. It has wide enough straps to fit comfortably on your shoulder.
3. It's large enough to actually hold something.
4. Its washable.

One of my first Market Bag purchases came from The Craft Pantry.
It has held up nicely and holds a lot. The above pictures is their Personalized Family Market Tote.
Get the conversation going with this one!

This Market Tote is an exclusive design from Pouch. It features recycled purple denim fabric and and 2 pockets made in matching vintage fabric.

This bag is hand painted by the Carry Me Away store owner. This design is a little more subtle with a message in mind,  but visit her shop for gorgeous hand painted designs.

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Cynthia of Huntington , NY

I would like to welcome Cynthia of Huntington New York to Vintage Indie. We hope you enjoy this lovely tour of Cynthia's home and a closer look at what inspires her.

What is your favorite room, and why?

 I think my favorite room is definitely the kitchen. It's so true when they say it's the "Heart of the Home". Aside from Interior Design , cooking is a passion of mine, so the kitchen is the place I am 90% of the time. I love using lots of colors and mixing styles, and my Kitchen has almost every favorite color of mine.


I love seeing the soft blues, yellows, Reds and pinks on a daily basis. So my wallpaper was the inspiration for that room. The other parts of my home are also filled with color, but that's the place I bring them all together. I like to incorporate gingham's, plaids and vintage aprons in there to help mix it up. It's also probably the room with the most vintage pieces, so that makes me feel a sense of nostalgia on a daily basis too.

Decor pics and me from documents 350

I love the island I made from a desk I had as a child, it's a great conversation piece because of that. Then I collect vintage cookbooks, signs, and accessories to help give it that feel. My stove is also a vintage stainless steel, and cooking on it just makes me happy.

328 after

I think my hutch is also a focal point and changing it often with vintage bowls and books and collectibles gives it a new look every season, so that really appeals to me. It was Vintage 1940 and it just has a feel to it that warms up the space and gives it the Cottage cozy look I love.

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Oh boy, maybe the question I can ask back is , "where do I not find inspiration"? I find it everywhere. Through books, blogs, magazines, home tours and home shows too. I try and get into NYC a couple times a year and go to all the market shows, I love seeing how new things can be incorporated into a space and give it that finished look. I also get inspired by traveling to different homes and areas  and seeing the landscapes around me. We have such beautiful Farm land on LI and I remember coming home one day from one, and wanting the entire house transformed into a barn like setting :) so every thing inspires me :)


How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

I have some Vintage in every room, whether it be furniture, collectibles, linens, or Vintage hand-me-downs from my Mother. I think every room has at least 10 things in it from the 1920s, 30's, 40s and 50s. Those eras warm my heart. I collect anything I can get my hands on for the kitchen, like bowls, cookbooks, aprons, plates, signs, cookware etc. And for the bath and bedroom, vintage linens and collectibles can be found in each room. I try and keep things simple though, although I like to use color and enjoy collecting items, I like rooms not to be "cluttered" with too much,so I try and keep all the collectibles "IN" something. Like the Hutch, a bookcase, or in frames too.

Decor pics and me from documents 304

I have a vintage apron from 1930 that I love and so I framed it with some cookbook pages to keep it safe and dust free and visible every day :)

Any advice on creating your look?

"My look" is really a combination of styles. But it can be coveted by one word "Cottage". Having grown up with horses and having a barn on my property, I am always moved by all things "farm chic" and Vintage.  I tend to blend in lots of color,deep tones mixed with pastels is pretty much what my "look" is. I like a little shabby chic, but with 3 kids and 2 dogs, white is not for me :) unless it's in china ware or curtains

Decor pics and me from documents 223

I love to use lots of pattern. I was inspired as a teenager to get into Design by Ralph Lauren, I loved his mix of pastels with deep tones and then mixing checks with floral's etc. I think my favorite thing about that is, I can never really get tired of a certain "look" because I've tried to incorporate many looks all together in one space.


To me, "Cottage Vintage" is basically, Antiques refurbished, some chippy pieces here and there, soft floral fluffy pillows, crystal lighting mixed with bronze, pastel pieces and dark pieces mixed together, and you add lots of different fabrics and then accessories that give you a nostalgic feeling and wa-lah :) you have it :)

Cynthia is also the proprietress of Cynthia's Cottage Design where she offers lovely handpicked items for adorning your home.

Thank you again Cynthia for inviting us in your home.

The Daily Swank: Seltzers

My latest craze has to be the Antique Seltzer Bottles. I've seen them popping up all over the web and in antique shops. Everywhere you turn people are embracing their beautiful color and avid collectors are paying more attention to the etchings and company names. 


These beautiful bottles come from Aunt Judy's Attic, a web-shop full of all kinds of collectible bottles, head over to see more.

VI Headliner: Faux Brits * Bits

As we approach Earth Day this Wednesday, it is a great opportunity to talk about recycling, reducing and reusing. Is there a better way of reusing, than vintage? Our sponsor Faux Brits*Bits encourages it through her Etsy shop.

Faux Brits Bits
Visit Faux Brits * Bits to find and eclectic array of all sorts of vintage goodies. Free shipping offered on many items.

Thank you again Faux Brits * Bits for your repeat sponsorship!

The Beauty of a Rainbow: Untouched

It was after dinner when my mother in law phoned and asked if we could see the rainbow she had been viewing for some time on her front patio. Sadly we replied, we had no sign of a rainbow. After the phone call ended dinner clean up began, then suddenly,  almost in symphony the whole family saw the rainbow at the same time.  I have to tell you, this had to be the most vibrant, beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. Not only that, but we could see the end of it, it was landing almost in our back yard.

Rainbow_April 20, 2009-2

These photos have been untouched, but I used different settings on my camera, to get the most natural shots.

Rainbow_April 20, 2009-8

A rainbow signifies a promise from God to my family and it was amazing what this sign did for our hearts. Time seemed to stand still for that single moment as the kids were awe of what they were witnessing. They were running through the house screaming, this is A M A Z I N G. My heart filled with joy as their smiles ran from ear to ear.

Rainbow_April 20, 2009-3

I know these pictures don't do it justice, but I couldn't wait to share them with you. I'll be uploading more to my Flickr soon if you'd like to see them.

Have a joyful day everyone!

Making the Most of Monday: Spring Cleaning for your Life Part Three- Get it together!

If you are new to the magazine, Making the Most of Monday is a regular part of our features. Mondays  signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week.

Hopefully by Monday you've taken some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spend quality time with loved ones and friends, which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.


 Spring Cleaning for your Life. Yes, you read that correctly. Today's Making the Most of Monday is Part Three of a three part series that I thought would be a great way to start off spring. If you missed part one a couple of  weeks ago, click back to Out with the Old, if you missed part two click back to  Freshening up your Attitude.

Part Three: Get it together! 

Now that you've purged all of the unnecessary things in your life, and freshened up your attitude it's time to get it together!
It is time to organize your life. What are your priorities?

Here are a few things and people that may be on your list. Faith, Family, Health, Career, Relationships, Hobbies. How are these things categorized in your life? Are you giving proper time and attention to each one? How about the most important ones? Are you neglecting them, spending too much time on the others?

Create a list from most important to least important from the examples above, including any that pertain to you that I left out.  Once you've created your list and prioritized them, now it is up to you to organize your time. 

Just this past week, I made a little announcement concerning Thursday's on Vintage Indie. Each day, I spend time with my family that's a given, but sometimes it is not undivided attention.  So I've decided to make Thursdays a day just for my boys. Some days were going to get out of the house and do special things that are fun, healthy and imaginative . This is just an example on how I've made a change and organized my priorities. Not only will it affect them on the outside and physical, but it will bring us closer building that foundation of communication for those important teenager days. 

So with this, I'm closing this mini series on Spring Cleaning for your Life. I hope you've been encouraged to do some spring cleaning in your heart and mind and you are preparing yourself for a fabulous summer. If you take  it one step at a time, you'll achieve your goals and your desires if you work hard and put your mind to it. 

I know you can do it!

xoxo  - Gabreial