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Making the Most of Monday: Spring Cleaning for your Life Part Three- Get it together!

If you are new to the magazine, Making the Most of Monday is a regular part of our features. Mondays  signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week.

Hopefully by Monday you've taken some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spend quality time with loved ones and friends, which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.


 Spring Cleaning for your Life. Yes, you read that correctly. Today's Making the Most of Monday is Part Three of a three part series that I thought would be a great way to start off spring. If you missed part one a couple of  weeks ago, click back to Out with the Old, if you missed part two click back to  Freshening up your Attitude.

Part Three: Get it together! 

Now that you've purged all of the unnecessary things in your life, and freshened up your attitude it's time to get it together!
It is time to organize your life. What are your priorities?

Here are a few things and people that may be on your list. Faith, Family, Health, Career, Relationships, Hobbies. How are these things categorized in your life? Are you giving proper time and attention to each one? How about the most important ones? Are you neglecting them, spending too much time on the others?

Create a list from most important to least important from the examples above, including any that pertain to you that I left out.  Once you've created your list and prioritized them, now it is up to you to organize your time. 

Just this past week, I made a little announcement concerning Thursday's on Vintage Indie. Each day, I spend time with my family that's a given, but sometimes it is not undivided attention.  So I've decided to make Thursdays a day just for my boys. Some days were going to get out of the house and do special things that are fun, healthy and imaginative . This is just an example on how I've made a change and organized my priorities. Not only will it affect them on the outside and physical, but it will bring us closer building that foundation of communication for those important teenager days. 

So with this, I'm closing this mini series on Spring Cleaning for your Life. I hope you've been encouraged to do some spring cleaning in your heart and mind and you are preparing yourself for a fabulous summer. If you take  it one step at a time, you'll achieve your goals and your desires if you work hard and put your mind to it. 

I know you can do it!

xoxo  - Gabreial       



What a freshing articile. I look forward to this series to keep my inner self in check. Thanks!

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