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My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Michelle S. of Nazareth, PA

 I would like to welcome Michelle S. of Nazareth, PA to Vintage Indie. We hope you enjoy this lovely tour of Michelle's home and a closer look at what inspires her.

    Hi Michelle, thank you so much for welcoming us into your beautiful home. Is there any history about your home, that you would like to share?
Our home was built in 1925, we bought it in May of 2007.   It is one of three identical homes in a row.   My neighbor tells us these homes were built by a local carpenter who used to have a business in town.  As the story goes, he built our homes during a slow period in his business for extra income.

    What is your favorite part of each room? (each one that you share with us) 


That is difficult to pick just one! 


Kitchen:   The shelf my husband built above the windows.  It was something I envisioned doing from the first time we viewed the house.   I'm always after extra storage space as I'm a collector.  I've tried to do minimal and neat but collected and cluttered is more my taste.

Above Window Shelf


The Everything Room:   The aqua desk (see below).   It was such a leap for me to paint such a bright color and I'm enjoying the result.  Sometimes it pays to go out of your comfort zone a bit.


Bathroom:   The strip of hooks on the walls.  I was going to put shaker pegs in the bathroom but I felt it called for something else.  We have strips of moulding with hooks in all the closets in the house.  My husband took that particular piece from the attic closet and it found a new home in the bathroom.   It gives us a great place for wet towels and I love that it is something we already had and could reuse.

Bathroom Hooks

Hailey's Bed 
Daughter's Room

Hailey's Room


Hailey's Room:  Her pink iron bed.  I found that bed at a flea market for a steal.   Our girls were little at the time and I knew the pink chippy paint would be perfect for one of them some day.  It sat in our basement for a long time before they grew old enough to get up on it since it's so tall.   Hailey has a stepstool she uses to climb into bed. 


Dining Room:  The beadboard ceiling.   I love how the ceiling looks like it could be original to the home.  We didn't bother filling in knots or imperfections in the wood to retain its charm.   This room was actually the first one we redid and I'm already thinking of repainting the walls.  As the rest of the house progresses, the dining room doesn't flow as well.

Beadboard Ceiling
Beadboard Ceiling

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

Everywhere.  Magazines, store displays, antique stores.   I like looking at things and trying to find a new use for it, such as the door key holder in the everything room.

Door Key Holder
Door Key Holder

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

It's important for me to be surrounded by items with history.  Old pieces have a different feeling to them, they make me feel warm and comfortable.  Also, having 3 kids and 2 dogs, I love pieces with dents and scratches.  More imperfections just add to their charm.


Do you have a favorite vintage item?

My favorite vintage item is this house.  We feel very lucky to have it and work to retain its original character.  It's been a great opportunity to teach our children what a little hard work can do, and that saving a piece of history is worth the effort.

Michell's Favorite Collection

Any advice on creating your look?

Just do what you love!   Don't worry what a magazine says you should do.  Also, don't be afraid to make mistakes.   We'll be repainting our dining room and that's okay.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get things just right


Michelle also writes a lovely blog From House to Home, head over to see her newly redecorated master bedroom.

Thank you again Michelle for inviting us in your home.


LuAnn Smith

Ah, that beadboard ceiling reminds me of my grandma's porch. Beautiful home!


Loved the tour.. beautiful home and great detail! just love the charm and thought she has put into her home.


Love it! I've been enjoying the transformation. Michelle is able to really change the look of a room in a great way!


Great feature! Michelle's blog is one of my favorites and her style is very much like what I aspire to have for my own home. She's truly amazing at pulling the whole look together by repurposing things. That takes talent and she has it :)


Susan Lang, Designing Your Dream Home

I zero-ed in on so many details...the length of the kitchen cabinets, the board behind the towel hooks, the ceiling, etc.! I am so pleased that the staircase railing series I am doing on my blog was inspiring to you. Two more posts in that series to come.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

I love Michelle's style and enjoyed this house tour so much. Thanks! :-)

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