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Road Trip Madison Indiana: Main Street Antique Mall

A few weeks ago, my husband surprised me with a little trip for our anniversary. He's been working every Saturday so he had me completely fooled the entire time he had been planning. The night before, he did his usual routine, like nothing was going on. He made his lunch for work the next day, did his paperwork and went to bed as usual. Then, early six in the morning early, he wakes me up and says "Guess what, I don't have to work today",  I didn't think his joke was funny, but he said, " Really get up we are going on a little trip." I squealed and could of perhaps jumped up and down on the bed at six am. I was thrilled if you couldn't tell and the best part I didn't have to plan a thing. We scurried to get on the road since it was a little over an hour and a half drive, dropped the kids off to my in-laws and headed to Madison Indiana.

There was so much to see in this little town and I loved every minute of it. Quaint, antique shopping, handmade goods, wineries, what more could you ask for. I took so many pictures and talked to so many nice people, I couldn't wait to introduce you.

Main Street Antique Mall
Up first from our little road trip was the Main Street Antique Mall 210 E Main St, Madison.
Excited to get away for a bit and even more excited to be visiting so many wonderful antique stores.

Main Street Antique Mall 2

The mall looked as if it were going through a growth spurt with booths here and there being filled in and dealers setting up.

Main Street Antique Mall 1
I went from never seeing these blue Ball jars to seeing them everywhere in Madison. As a matter of fact, I have two in my windowsill filled with fresh herbs at the moment.

This is only a tiny portion of what I have to show you from our trip. I encourage you to check out Madison Indiana if you need a little weekend get-a-way. I'll be back more of Madison, including a chocolate shop to adore!




Being in Indianapolis, I should really make the trip down and check it out. What a fun trip for you!


I used to have my shop right around the corner from that antique mall! Love downtown Madison! Glad you had fun!

Debbie I miss road trips to Madison!!! I used to live in Pendleton, IN before moving to Tennessee...and one of my favorite road trips was to gather my friends and head to Madison.
Love Margie Country Store....and when Ruth Vacha lived there (pattern designer) she took us a tour of her favorite spots to. Thanks for the fun memories!!!

LuAnn Smith

Oh man, I am so jealous. I need to make a trip home to Indiana so bad and here you are going to Madison. I'd hang on to that husband of yours. Lucky you...

Vintage Indie

Hey there LuAnn,

You should try to go it was a lot of fun. I have a lot more to show everyone this week.

I think I'll be holding on to him forever!


Fringe Vintage

Wow. I went to one that looked almost exactly like this in Guthrie, Oklahoma! I could've sworn it was the same place.

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