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The Beauty of a Rainbow: Untouched

It was after dinner when my mother in law phoned and asked if we could see the rainbow she had been viewing for some time on her front patio. Sadly we replied, we had no sign of a rainbow. After the phone call ended dinner clean up began, then suddenly,  almost in symphony the whole family saw the rainbow at the same time.  I have to tell you, this had to be the most vibrant, beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. Not only that, but we could see the end of it, it was landing almost in our back yard.

Rainbow_April 20, 2009-2

These photos have been untouched, but I used different settings on my camera, to get the most natural shots.

Rainbow_April 20, 2009-8

A rainbow signifies a promise from God to my family and it was amazing what this sign did for our hearts. Time seemed to stand still for that single moment as the kids were awe of what they were witnessing. They were running through the house screaming, this is A M A Z I N G. My heart filled with joy as their smiles ran from ear to ear.

Rainbow_April 20, 2009-3

I know these pictures don't do it justice, but I couldn't wait to share them with you. I'll be uploading more to my Flickr soon if you'd like to see them.

Have a joyful day everyone!


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