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Vintage Indie Life: A Delicious Dilemma... (Log Cabin Inn Covington, KY)

Hey everyone, how is your day going? I decided to write today's post in Vintage Indie Life, because it deals with something a little more personal and close to my um well, taste buds. So let's start with the dilemma part of that title.  You see my husband and I decided to dine out for dinner not to long ago in our little town. We decided on two things one, we wanted to try something a little closer our home, and two somewhere that wasn't a large chain. So without further ado we headed out with child in tow and headed to a brand spanking new (less than 3 week old) restaurant close to our home.

We arrived at our destination and experienced one of the WORST food experiences ever. My husband and I have this little game where we take pleasure in dissecting apart a restaurant and the food for the quality and price. If you haven't already heard me mention it, food is another passion of mine. I really enjoy cooking, eating and the experience, where as my husband enjoys more of the whole eating part.

Anyway, we started this discussion about the food, the restaurant, and got out the ole' 1-10 scale. He says immediately, I'll give it a 4 because the food was edible. So in return I said alright so a 1 because our order was correct, 2 because the food was hot and brought out in a timely manner and 3 because it was edible, (we never came up with a 4). First of all, does anyone else do this?

 What I'm having such a hard time understanding is, why would you put so much money into owning a restaurant opening a new building from the ground up with a full bar and serve frozen pre-packaged crappy food? It was restaurant remorse at its worst. What drives that decision? What really bothers me is  this is their second location to be opened. I'm hoping you'll help me "chew" on that one for just awhile. In the meantime, let's get to the delicious part of the title.

Once again my husband and I found ourselves eating out, which is something I like to do a couple of times a month. A night off, from thinking about dinner is a like a mini vacation to me. So we decided to head to an other local spot that we haven't been to in three years. This time I'll mention the name of this fine establishment, because they received a 10 from our scale. Originally built in the 1800's in Bardstown, then moved to the Covington area in 1922 we headed to the Log Cabin Inn.

Log Cabin Inn
322 Old Madison Pike
Covington, KY 41017

Fist of all we were shocked that we didn't have to wait for a seat, although it was a Tuesday evening and kind of late. Secondly, we couldn't understand why we waited three years to go back to this place that we used to frequent as newlyweds.
 As soon as we arrived at the quaint Log Cabin Inn, we sat ourselves and were quickly greeted by a very polite waitress, who actually seemed to like her job.  Our food was delivered hot, fresh, homemade and DELICIOUS. 


It is restaurants like these that deserve the recognition for caring about what comes out of their kitchens. It's places like the Log Cabin Inn that get featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives, because they are feeding people with passion for their business and truly work hard at it. I'm encouraging you to check out the little " hole in the wall" unexpected places where you live. Support restaurant owners who have a passion for what they do and aren't just looking to make a buck or two off of frozen fish sticks. 

If you get a chance to go to the Log Cabin Inn, I would love it if you could tell them you heard about them from Vintage Indie. They don't know I wrote this feature. I'm just hoping wind will catch on to our locals here in Kentucky and they'll pass up the next food chain, fast food restaurant and give the smaller name restaurant a try. Some day, I hope all of this will all come back as good for me when I open my diner. Until then, do you have a local joint we must know about? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.



We recently went to a seafood restaurant on the water. It had mixed reviews online. We stood at the front waiting for a server for awhile. Finally one came from the back and just harked at us: Folks we're closed. (It was still before close and bustling). The attitude was enough that we won't be returning. Isn't that sad? Rough long day or not.. a restaurant rates higher when the people working are at least courteous. We wound up at a steak chain. Not exactly what we intended.

PS I LOVE DDD, the show!! It always makes me crave really bad food at really off hours though.

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