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Pick 3. Spend 50. Save Your Local Economy

Remember my post not so long ago about the little restaurant that I was so fond of? Remember the one that I wasn't so fond of? What made the two of these different? My opinion, is that one of them cared, and one didn't.

Most of the time when you visit a Local Brick and Mortar store, you are getting true customer service. Think about a time when you went into one of those large big box stores. How many employees stopped to thank you for coming in today followed by is there anything I can help you with? My guess would be not many.
Thanks Ez for bringing the 3/50 project to my attention the other day. What a great idea for supporting your locals. The concept of $50.00 a month almost seems so insignificant, if you think about monthly necessities.  One day when I own my own diner, I plan to be one of those Brick and Mortar stores. Someone with pride, a since of passion for success, for the families that I'm feeding. Maybe one day, you come in to my restaurant and spend a part of your $50.00. Seek out your locals and make a difference.



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