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Product Review: The Complete Package is Nostalgia Organics

Nostalgia Organics aims to grab you a little closer with their beautiful product packaging and dreamy marketing materials. After viewing the products, I wanted to see if the product stood up with the same standards as their marketing and product appeal.

Garden party

Pictured above is their "garden party" a launch including their newest spring and summer lines.

Pink peonies

Aromatherapy balms

What's that you smell, Ruffles? Why yes, it is Aromatherapy Balm included in Nostalgia Organics newest line. I have to admit that I'm very sensitive to fragrances and this balm was a dream. It wasn't over powering at all.  It lends a silky smooth feel and easily rubs in. It left a sweet and charming aroma on my skin.

Soap collection

Up next, a favorite in the Wyatt household is handmade soap. All the good natural stuff your skin needs to feel clean and smell great. Our trial was of the Sweet Orange. The smell was more cinnamon than orange to me but I barely made it to trying the soap after reading more about the eco-friendly packaging.

Garden party table

The soap sack is limited edition fabric and reusable. Pair it with the sewing pattern on the back of the label to create a charming chick egg cozy.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Nostalgia Organics newest line, visit them at their shop.

Making the Most of Monday: Date Night Makes the World Better. Period.


If you are new to the magazine, Making the Most of Monday is a regular part of our features. Mondays  signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week.

Hopefully by Monday you've taken some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spend quality time with loved ones and friends, which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.

If you missed the last Making the Most of Monday click here for Are you REALLY enjoying life?

Date Night Makes the World Better. Period. 

Today's Making the Most of Monday is for the parents who read. I just want to remind you about date night. Did you forget about it? Me too! Guess What?, there's hope, it still exists! 

We all know that marriage alone is hard work. (If it isn't for you, then please email me all of your secrets). Top marriage with bustling children and you have yourself a life! I'm a happily married woman and I'm happy to proudly boast that it is wonderful. It isn't perfect by any means, making it wonderful takes work, patience, time, honor and love.

Do you ever get caught up in routines day after day and sometimes forget about each other?  I hope I'm sending you a little reminder to make a date night.

This past weekend my husband and I decided to go out for date night. We did something a little different for dinner and tried a new cuisine that we've never had. Guru India, a newly opened restaurant in our area. Holy moley, I love me some Chicken Curry! It was so delicious, like the delicious that makes you want to go back the next day. (I'm thinking of take out for lunch!) Anyway, it was so much fun trying something completely new together. We dissected it through all of our senses and opinions. This kept the conversation about that moment in time.

It was so nice not to think about work, the kids, responsibilities for an hour or so and just talk. We followed up date night like little kids and seen the new Transformers movie. By the way it was AWESOME. I loved it, almost better than the first. The best part though, is that we just enjoyed each others company. We were reminded why we love each other so much you know, before all the kids and bills and responsibilities. Today I feel fully refreshed, and thinking I won't wait so long until the next date night.

Sometimes all it takes is sending the kids off to bed early (it won't hurt them) grabbing a movie and whipping up some of your own fresh air popped pop corn. Date night can be what you make it, but you have to remember this time is about you. You need to be alone, work on the two of you. Remember those little details that brought you together in the first place. You'll be so thankful that you did.

Do it! Plan a date night for this weekend!

What do you do for date night? Have any great ideas? I'd love to hear them!

Road Trip Madison Indiana: Sticks Interior Decorations by Steven Joslin

Back in April my husband and I took a little trip to Madison Indiana. I've been going through the pictures again and was reminded of Steven Joslin Proprietor of Sticks Interior Decorations.


While strolling the main street of Madison my eye was drawn to the sleek and sophisticated yet charming likes of Sticks Interior Decoration.

March_April2009 063 

Steven Joslin the stores proprietor, welcomed us inside for a further look into his beautiful studio.

March_April2009 060

Steven spoke with us about his passion for handcrafted goods produced in the United States. Many items were those of local Madison residents.

March_April2009 059

The handcrafted quality of the furniture and lighting wasn't to be gone unnoticed. Each sharing specific qualities of formation and design portraying uniqueness, reminding me why I love handmade so much.

March_April2009 062

One of my favorite details of this shop, were the vintage cabinets and countertops used for checkout and storage. I loved this rustic element.

Steven Joslin takes a lot of pride in what he does. I love his since of style and compassion he has for handmade products. His studio/store is inviting, comfortable and full of books with luscious fabrics waiting for your to get your design project started.

Visit Steven Joslin's Sticks online at SticksLiving.com

411 West Main Street  | Historic Downtown Madison, IN 47250

What You Make of It: Dime Store Chic - Divers Towel Rack

Divers Towel Rack -  A fun and whimsical place to hang your beach towels this summer!
By Elizabeth Holcombe

Towel Rack done divers up



1. 3 diver/swimming trophies with divers removed from the base (keep the screw nut that held the figure to the base)

2. piece of pine measuring 14 x 3-1/2 x 3/4

3. drill bit matching the size of the screw on the trophy figure, and wider drill bit for counter sinking

4. two colors of spray paint in your favorite colors

5. sandpaper

6. 3 washers to fit the screws on the trophy figures

Towel Rack supplies front
Decide how far apart you want the trophy figures to be and drill a hole to fit each screw on the figure in three places (I drilled the center hole in the center of the board and drilled the side holes 5 inches apart from the center.) Also drill two smaller holes between the three holes for nailing or screwing to the wall.

Towel Rack supplies back

Turn the board over and drill a wider hole/channel around each small hole.
Sand wood until front and corners are smooth.

Towel Rack done divers facing down
Spray paint the wood. Allow to dry.
Lightly sand the trophy figures and spray paint them a contrasting color from the board. Allow to dry
Attach the trophy figures with the washer first, then the screw nut. Tighten. Done!

Towel Rack done divers facing up

Hang this fun towel rack anywhere you need extra space for your beach towels!~~~Happy Summer!

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

This project & photos are copyright Elizabeth Holcombe, Vintage Indie. You may not reproduce or copy this project. (Dime Store Chic designs are intended for personal use and not for sale)

My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Katherine of Chicago, Illinois.

Welcome to another home tour here at Vintage Indie. Today, we have the pleasure of touring the personal home and style of Katherine of BackGarage.

Thanks so much for joining us Katherine, can you
share your favorite details of your Chicago apartment with us?

It's so easy in Chicago to find apartments with hardwood floors and vintage detailing: built-ins, fireplaces, molding.  I take them for granted -- I'm so used to them -- but I love the hardwood floors.

{Click on Images to Enlarge}

Sun Room
Sun Room

Do you have a favorite vintage item?
I'll pick two, one big and one small.  I recently got my Kent-Coffey highboy dresser from Craigslist -- $50!  It's Danish Modern style, but it was made by U.S. manufacturers so it's much bigger than a typical piece of Scandinavian furniture.  My fiancé and I share it and there's enough room for everything.

Kent Coffey Dresser

Second are these Polynesian busts I got from a packed little vintage shop here in Chicago called Mode.  They're pretty common -- I actually first saw them in Kim from Desire to Inspire's home.  So when I found them in this shop I knew I had to have them.  I like things that are a little on the bizarre side.

Polynesidan Brother_Sister

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?
I read a lot of vintage and design blogs and I pour through Flickr all the time.  I've also started to read about mid-century design more seriously, rather than just collecting stuff or looking at it online.

Living Room
Living Room & Danish Modern Chair

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?
I wonder sometimes how people can say to themselves, "Hmmm, we need a butter dish."  And then they just go out to Target and purchase one of the three that are available.  Granted, a butter dish isn't the most important item in your house, but, you know, it's the little things.  And when you buy vintage, there's such a wealth of designs and colors you can choose from, you can really express your personal taste and style, rather than that of just one designer.

Breuer Style Chairs
Breuer Style Chairs

Do you have any favorite vintage/antique pieces in your home?
My favorite antique pieces are all from my mom and dad.  My dad was an antiques dealer in his spare time, so I have a lot of old wood tables and cabinets that I wouldn't necessarily pick out on my own today, but that blend well in my space and give it some history.

Dining Room Table Chairs
Dining Room

Where did you love for vintage come from? How has it influenced your decorating style?
I'm not sure where my love for Danish Modern came from -- it's not the style I grew up around, really.  I think my love of vintage items started as a budget-conscious decision and grew into a habit.  And I like design -- classic design.  How else do you afford it but to buy vintage?

Kent Coffey
Kent Coffey Side Board

Any advice on creating your look?
If this is a look you're interested in creating, just scour eBay and Craigslist for Danish modern furniture, lots of green ceramic planters (Haeger and Hull), some "decoratus absurdum" in the form of mannequins and skeletons, a few vintage metal pieces, a classic chair or two, and pull it all together with some re-purposed Ikea furniture.

Ikea CD Stand
Ikea CD Stand

Thank you again Katherine for inviting us in your amazing apartment. Please take a minute to visit Katherine's blog BackGarage where she also hosts links to her Etsy Shop BackGarage for great vintage finds.

Indie Wedding Guide Directory Spotlight: I Do Films

Today brings us something new, I'll be highlighting some of our vendors over at the Indie Wedding Guide & Directory. If you have never visited please head over, I think you'll enjoy it!

Today's Directory Spotlight features I Do Films of Evanston, IL.


Lori Roche serves as the Artistic Director

Matt Buckman serves as the Chief Cinematographer

Together they form a dynamic duo creating beautiful wedding cinematography.

From their philosophy:

1. representing the high quality
of a past time
2. being the best of its kind
3. characterized by excellence,
and enduring appeal
4. one of the most distinctive
5. never goes out of style

"Vintage describes our philosophy. We strive to be the best wedding cinematography studio aroundand our wedding films have been praised by our clients. Please watch the testimonials on our Demo to see how we have become one of the most distinctive studios in the Midwest."

Visit them at the Indie Wedding Guide & Directory under Event Services.

Are you interested in being listed in the exclusive juried directory at the Indie Wedding Guide. Follow this link to the application form.

Making the Most of Monday: Are you REALLY enjoying life?


If you are new to the magazine, Making the Most of Monday is a regular part of our features. Mondays  signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week.

Hopefully by Monday you've taken some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spend quality time with loved ones and friends, which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.

If you missed the last Making the Most of Monday click here for "Slow Down for Summer" 

Are you REALLY enjoying life?

I've recently been thinking about enjoying life and the true meaning of what it means to be happy in this life. I was shown at a young age, that money can't buy you love or happiness. Instead you have to dig deep within and fulfill those desires with the relationships around you and the things that are naturally available to you. This is one of those life lessons that I hope to pass down to my children.

Consider this; how free would you feel if you woke up content within your heart? Maybe the house, car and job you desire isn't what you currently have, but you found that place where you can accept and enjoy where you are at right now. You know that you desire better things in life, a deeper understanding but you've accepted this day in time for what it is right now.

Did any of the above apply to you? Today, I'm encouraging you to really enjoy YOUR LIFE where YOU are at right now this day and time. Enjoy the long ride to work that you've driven for ten years. Enjoy the home you live in. Enjoy the co-workers you've been given. Enjoy the process of making dinner for your family. Resolve to just enjoy LIFE at this moment in time. 

It is when you are content with where you are at, when change sneaks up to fulfill your desires.

Gabreial Wyatt

Editor in Chief

you are...

my best friend
my rescuer
my rock
my hero
my companion
my only
my lover

to them you are...

their inspiration
their teacher
their friend
their provider
their repair man
their safe place
their spiritual leader
their daddy

together we are so proud to call you all ours. happy fathers day.

Through the Lens: Kim of Unscripted Moments Photography

{ Through the Lens } { Independent Photography } {Inspired by Life }

Today is a special day as my family and I are heading off to the lake. I couldn't leave you without some inspiration and a little something to hold you over until I'm back. Please enjoy this summery photography from Sara Norris.

SaraMorris SaraMorris5
SaraMorris3 SaraMorris4

Get inspiration for your home at Sara Norris on Etsy.

©Sara Norris


You Had Me at Vintage Office

If there is one thing I'm goo-goo over it is vintage office supplies. Why I have such an affection towards them I don't know. It's not just vintage office supplies that excites me though, it's all kinds of supplies from office to school. My husband doesn't understand how a trip to the office store keeps occupied for hours. I thoroughly enjoy browsing the isles and checking out what's new in the supply world. Some call it boring, I call it fun...

You can imagine my amazement and the time spent when I spotted Present & Correct, it was love at first sight.

Think Eco: Decora

Today's Think Eco feature is from the Decora Workshop. I love what they are doing with their line of handmade pleated bags. Here is what they are doing to "think eco"  Each workshop bag comes with a matching hand towel and a convenient "decora kaimono" reusable shopping bag. The large shopping bag folds up and fits into one of the inner pockets and is great for purchases too large to fit in your handbag! You can use the hand towel to dry your hands when using public restrooms. Your action can help decrease our use of paper towels and inefficient high powered blow dryers. What a great idea!

Decora1 Decora3
Decora4 Decora2

 I love how their thinking about their environment with their style not to mention their bags are beautiful.

{ SHOP }

I'm Thankful: Kindred

Sunday during our church picnic, (which we call Break Bread Sunday) I had the most wonderful day. A long day of laughter, tears, fun, good food and even better company from our church members and guests. It was one of those days where time seemed to stand still while we spent it getting to know one another and just enjoying life together. It was a wonderful day, that I'm truly thankful for.

 When I heard that the recent launch of Kindred had taken place I headed right over for a glimpse and to make my choice for a new desktop background. Upon further exploring I found these delightful free print-ables by Holly Becker of Decor8 dubbed "gratitude notes". The instantly grabbed my heart and I begin to reminisce about Sunday. What a sweet idea and just the thought of them warms your heart in an instant.  I think we all could use these gratitude notes especially when we are having a rough week, don't you?
Head over to Kindred  and visit the other amazing talented artists showcasing their artwork to beautify your desktop for summer.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by to read. I appreciate it.
xoxo Gabreial   

Vintage Specials - 10% Off The Vintage Kitchen

Good morning everyone! I'm having a little sale in my Etsy shop, 2 days only. I'm preparing to upload a ton of new inventory today too! I like to keep things fresh in The Vintage Kitchen. Perhaps you'll find something you can't live without. If so, 10% off that Item today and tomorrow only. Enter VIN10 in notes to seller and I'll send you a revised invoice.


183  181
170 March_April2009 026
 March_April2009 015


Business Series: An Inside Look at an Antique Co-op

Vintage Indie would like to welcome Karla the delightful proprietress of Polka Dot Rose. Karla also participates in a local antique co-op and has given us an inside look on what it means to be apart of the co-op.

Polka Dot Rose

Hi Karla, thank you for joining us here at Vintage Indie. Can you explain to us what an antique co-op is exactly?

An antique co-op is an antique store with many different dealers represented. Normally there is an owner that will have his or her own merchandise. Often an antique dealer will start with her own shop; it can be difficult to keep a large shop stocked with fresh and inviting inventory. Having other dealers bring in their own unique merchandise can really give a boost to an existing shop.

Antiquecoop 009

How did you get started in the co-op?

Since we could no longer meet the demands of full time shopkeeping, becoming part of a co-op was perfect for us. We started in a well established shop in a neighboring town. It was a small shop with a few select dealers and an established clientele. We were able to set up our portion of the shop (often referred to as a 'space' or 'booth') to reflect our personality and to highlight our particular type of vintage goods.

Antiquecoop 008

What is involved with a co-op?

Although there are many different ways to set up and maintain an antique co-op, the basic idea is that it is a cooperative effort between a few or many different dealers. The shop is divided into separate areas or spaces, often of varying size. Rent is established by the owner and will vary according to size and perhaps location within the shop. An agreement is set up in advance and will usually involve working in the shop a number of days per month. This time is considered part of the 'rent' and is therefore obviously, not a paid position. We are members of a co-op, rather than employees of the shop. A few of us in our current co-op formerly owned and operated our own antique or vintage shops. A few have only worked in a co-op situation, but have been involved for years. There are a few who are just starting out. After seeing their private collections grow beyond what they can store or display themselves, a co-op provided an outlet for that collecting hobby.

Vintageindie 004

Do you have a set location?

We do have a set location. We have been in many different shops throughout our county. The location where we are currently located is fairly new for us, therefore we have joined a business with other dealers. Many of them have been with the shop since its inception.  Since we are relatively new in this particular co-op, we have a fairly small space and are located to the back of the shop. We hope eventually to be able to acquire a space closer to the front, we seem to be always wishing we had more room!

It can be daunting to get as much merchandise as we would like into a limited amount of space. It does teach one to be creative with display! There are many advantages to being in antique co-op. Many of the long established dealers have their own following and established customers who frequent the shop; this benefits all the dealers.  It is also a wonderful way to become educated in areas of collecting that may not be your particular niche. It is also informative to see what people are looking for and what they buy.  We are fortunate in our co-op to have a group of dealers who are respectful of one another and genuinely interested in each others success. A successful co-op enterprise is one where all dealers prosper and thrive plus we have a lot of fun!

Vintageindie 021

Thank you so much Karla for sharing your co-op experiences with us. Please take a moment to visit Karla's online web-shop at Polka Dot Rose.

Blog Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Did you know Vintage Indie has a blogroll? If you haven't clicked and visited some of my favorites, I encourage you to do so. These talented writers, artists and business owners would love for your to see what their up to. Keep checking the blogroll button located to the left/bottom for updates each month! Have fun rollin' rollin' rollin'