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DIY Design & Style: A Camp Stool Project by Jerusalem Greer


Over the past few years I have picked up cheap but sturdy camp stools whenever I found them - garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets.  Originally I had intended to re-new & re-style them to sell in my little local shop, but when I closed shop in December I didn't close my the book on my idea of these little stools. I just changed the end of the story a bit. Instead of making these to sell, I decided to make these to keep!

Stools Before

A big group camping trip at the end of the month was my prime motivation for digging these out of the garage and getting to work on them. I just had to have them ready for our families first camping trip together.

I started by ripping off the original seat covers. That was a great way to relieve some tension, ripping those off!

Next, I painted the frames using light pink (for me,) light green (for my Sweet Man) and light blue (for the boys) paint.  I have yet to find a light pink paint that will cover well in 1 coat, so I started with my stool and painted it first, confident that it would need a second coat - which it did - and therefore could use the extra drying time.

Stool finished

While the frames where drying, I scavenged in my fabric closet for something that was both heavy duty (to withstand our ample bottoms) and vintage cute.
This red ticking I had recently picked up at a thrift store was exactly what I needed.  To give it an even more authentic vintage feel, I turned the fabric inside out so that stripes appeared  to be faded and not so new.

Stool Fabric

After measuring and cutting my fabric out (using the old seat covers as a pattern) I folded the edges over and ironed them down. Now a thorough seamstress would have sewn proper hems along each side, but I am the make-do queen when it comes to sewing my own projects, so a good ironing was all they got considering the time crunch I was under.  I also decided last minute to add a little extra embellishment to each seat by appliqueing a tent & campfire. To do this I cut out the shapes in coordinating fabrics using a couple of die cuts I picked up at a scrapbook store closing sale.  I attached them to the seat fabric using a fusible adhesive product called Heat N Bond Ultrahold which I am (so far) very pleased with.

Stool Group

Finally the time came to attach the seat fabric to the frames. This was a little bit of a challenge because in order to do it exactly the way the original manufacturer did it I would have had to take the frames completely apart. Well, remember how I like to cut corners on my own projects? Yep, you guessed it - I made do there too, securing the seat covers best I could - a little less well than the original - using a staple gun and a hammer to make sure those staples went in good and secure.

Stools in use

I am happy to say that all four stools made it to camp and back just fine, holding up both the littlest and biggest of family members and friends, and looking lovely too!

©Vintage Indie, Jerusalem Greer 2009

Featurebutton_03_2 Jerusalem Greer is a mom, a wife and a modern vintage gal just trying to live the artsy life. Full of love, laughter with a grateful heart, she enjoys creating beautiful spaces and goodies, which bring joy to all who encounter them.When she's not filling the role of "style and design editor" for Vintage Indie Mag, she is busy working in her studio at Storia Divita. Please visit her new website Jerusalem Greer


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie

I completely love this project! It's process is simple, but the outcome is amazing! I would not have thought of the appliques. Such a nice touch!



I really love the camp stools!! I recently saw a pic in a magazine where they had a row of these in a kid's room... many uses and ways that these could be a cute part of your decor. Now I'm going to have to watch for some! Thanks for sharing this!!


OH, J. This is so great. I'm putting camping stools on my thrifting wish list. Right next to Jadeite dishes.

Katie Trott

Nice camping trip! If I had little stools like that I would make camping a priority!! Such a great project :)

Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista

I just love everything Jerusalem does! So fun to see here featured here. :)


Hello! I just got some free camp stools and your ideas are very inspiranting. Yours looks great! Thanks! Vanessa

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