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My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Katherine of Chicago, Illinois.

Welcome to another home tour here at Vintage Indie. Today, we have the pleasure of touring the personal home and style of Katherine of BackGarage.

Thanks so much for joining us Katherine, can you
share your favorite details of your Chicago apartment with us?

It's so easy in Chicago to find apartments with hardwood floors and vintage detailing: built-ins, fireplaces, molding.  I take them for granted -- I'm so used to them -- but I love the hardwood floors.

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Sun Room
Sun Room

Do you have a favorite vintage item?
I'll pick two, one big and one small.  I recently got my Kent-Coffey highboy dresser from Craigslist -- $50!  It's Danish Modern style, but it was made by U.S. manufacturers so it's much bigger than a typical piece of Scandinavian furniture.  My fiancĂ© and I share it and there's enough room for everything.

Kent Coffey Dresser

Second are these Polynesian busts I got from a packed little vintage shop here in Chicago called Mode.  They're pretty common -- I actually first saw them in Kim from Desire to Inspire's home.  So when I found them in this shop I knew I had to have them.  I like things that are a little on the bizarre side.

Polynesidan Brother_Sister

Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?
I read a lot of vintage and design blogs and I pour through Flickr all the time.  I've also started to read about mid-century design more seriously, rather than just collecting stuff or looking at it online.

Living Room
Living Room & Danish Modern Chair

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?
I wonder sometimes how people can say to themselves, "Hmmm, we need a butter dish."  And then they just go out to Target and purchase one of the three that are available.  Granted, a butter dish isn't the most important item in your house, but, you know, it's the little things.  And when you buy vintage, there's such a wealth of designs and colors you can choose from, you can really express your personal taste and style, rather than that of just one designer.

Breuer Style Chairs
Breuer Style Chairs

Do you have any favorite vintage/antique pieces in your home?
My favorite antique pieces are all from my mom and dad.  My dad was an antiques dealer in his spare time, so I have a lot of old wood tables and cabinets that I wouldn't necessarily pick out on my own today, but that blend well in my space and give it some history.

Dining Room Table Chairs
Dining Room

Where did you love for vintage come from? How has it influenced your decorating style?
I'm not sure where my love for Danish Modern came from -- it's not the style I grew up around, really.  I think my love of vintage items started as a budget-conscious decision and grew into a habit.  And I like design -- classic design.  How else do you afford it but to buy vintage?

Kent Coffey
Kent Coffey Side Board

Any advice on creating your look?
If this is a look you're interested in creating, just scour eBay and Craigslist for Danish modern furniture, lots of green ceramic planters (Haeger and Hull), some "decoratus absurdum" in the form of mannequins and skeletons, a few vintage metal pieces, a classic chair or two, and pull it all together with some re-purposed Ikea furniture.

Ikea CD Stand
Ikea CD Stand

Thank you again Katherine for inviting us in your amazing apartment. Please take a minute to visit Katherine's blog BackGarage where she also hosts links to her Etsy Shop BackGarage for great vintage finds.



Wow ! Very very cool. I really like the dining area! Beautiful pictures and great interview.

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