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Product Review: The Complete Package is Nostalgia Organics

Nostalgia Organics aims to grab you a little closer with their beautiful product packaging and dreamy marketing materials. After viewing the products, I wanted to see if the product stood up with the same standards as their marketing and product appeal.

Garden party

Pictured above is their "garden party" a launch including their newest spring and summer lines.

Pink peonies

Aromatherapy balms

What's that you smell, Ruffles? Why yes, it is Aromatherapy Balm included in Nostalgia Organics newest line. I have to admit that I'm very sensitive to fragrances and this balm was a dream. It wasn't over powering at all.  It lends a silky smooth feel and easily rubs in. It left a sweet and charming aroma on my skin.

Soap collection

Up next, a favorite in the Wyatt household is handmade soap. All the good natural stuff your skin needs to feel clean and smell great. Our trial was of the Sweet Orange. The smell was more cinnamon than orange to me but I barely made it to trying the soap after reading more about the eco-friendly packaging.

Garden party table

The soap sack is limited edition fabric and reusable. Pair it with the sewing pattern on the back of the label to create a charming chick egg cozy.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Nostalgia Organics newest line, visit them at their shop.


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