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My Vintage Pad Home (Room) Tour: Caterina Martini Rome, Italy

Welcome to another home tour here at Vintage Indie. Today we would like to welcome Caterina Martini a student from Rome, Italy who gives us a peek into her family's dreamy home. I think you will enjoy her space and her beautiful photography. She also owns a vintage shop on Etsy, in which we'll talk about shortly! 

Can you tell us where you are from? Did you grow up here?

Hello, my name is Caterina, I am 21 years old and I’m an art history student.

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, where I currently live with my parents and sister. Since I was little I’ve been traveling a lot with my family. Our favorite destination was the United States, where I lived for a few months when I was twelve. Since then I’ve been in love with the American aesthetic and culture, which influenced my style a lot.


Our white kitchen cupboard filled with vintage china and utensils. Another recent kitchen favorite is a reproduction of a candy dispenser, yet to be filled.


As you can see from the pictures, our house is a bit of a mixture. I am an avid collector of vintage 1950s and 1960s objects, which I displayed mostly in my room and in the kitchen.


My room is my refuge, decorated with props from my favorite era. The wallpaper and the overall décor were inspired by vintage American candy shops, but I threw a bit of everything into the mix. My favorites are the vintage white ice-skates hanging on the wall…I love winter and they make me dream of skating on frozen lakes!



The living room is decorated with vintage furniture like the clock, an Art deco dining table with mismatched chairs, and our beloved 1918 piano, definitely my favorite thing in the room. The mirrored cupboard and the rocking chair are family heirlooms. I love things with a history, it makes everything so much more interesting.





We added random objects found in garage sales and antique shops, like tea-pots, plates and a lovely French tray decorated with birds. My mom and I love to scavenge together, and as you can see we have a passion for chickens! 




The room with the blue flowered wallpaper is my sister’s bedroom. It was inspired by French style, and has a more romantic feel. All the pictures on the walls are vintage, our favorite is the little Peter Rabbit one. 



I adore traditional paintings of American cottages, and I acquired a few over the years, dotting them around the house. I hope to have my own cottage one day…


Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

My decorating inspiration comes mainly from the traditional American aesthetic (especially the New England Country and Primitive style), combined with a bit of 1950s fun elements. I also credit several stylish people in the blogosphere, such as the colorful pictures by Alicia Paulson

How do vintage things play a role in your room/home?

Vintage things play a huge role in my decorating style. In some cases, like my room, they make up the very essence of the décor. Even when I can’t find original vintage things, I try to re-create a vintage atmosphere using reproductions and a bit of imagination. Because I didn’t grow up at that time (although I wish I had!), I’m moved by fascination, curiosity and my naive sensibility, rather than nostalgia. 


Caterina's Room




Do you think you've been influenced by family in the way that you decorate?

Although I have several family pieces in my house, I can’t say the traditional Italian style influenced me much. In fact, my house is probably one-of-a-kind here in Rome! My mother’s taste, however, was a huge influence. We have a lot of fun together!


Living Room


Living Room Table

Any advice on creating your look?

Hunt, hunt, hunt! The best things aren’t hard to find if you have patience. Try to create a cozy atmosphere, then mix it up with fun details. If it’s your thing, go for pastels, and don’t be afraid to play with colors. 


I've really enjoyed your photography , is this a hobby or do you do it professionally?

Thank you! I’m not a professional, although I did take some classes. Photography is another way for me to escape from modern reality, so I like using effects and filters to alternate colors and make the pics look old. I also like playing with my grandpa’s old camera, film prints were the best. 

I noticed you also have and Etsy shop, Retrocall. What types of items can we find there?

Again, a token of my love for all things vintage… I started by selling my own handmade retro-looking illustrations, then moved on to clothes and various kinds of objects like vintage cups and postcards. Sometimes I just can’t find the space for my finds, or the vintage clothes I buy don’t fit me. So, my loss is your gain!

A special thank you to Caterina and her family for allowing us to tour your cozy home. 


Frankie - Swell Vintage

I have some SERIOUS house envy right now! It's beautiful x

Vintage Indie

I know what you are saying! That fireplace makes my heart flutter!


Your house is so is the photography!

Kristena Derrick

Love that red couch!


Adorable place! It makes me homesick and desperate for family filled holidays. It also makes the frustrated interior decorator in my head very envious!

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