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My Vintage Pad Home Tour: Stacy Leigh Atelier Clarksville Missouri

Welcome to another home tour here at Vintage Indie. Today, we have the pleasure of touring the personal home and style of Stacy Leighs Atelier from Clarksville Missouri.


Hi Stacy, welcome to Vintage Indie. Thank you for sharing your home with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about your home and your favorite details?
My home was built in 1867 by a Riverboat Captain as a wedding gift for his daughter.  It is located in Clarksville, Mo. on the banks of the Mississippi River.   The front porch is rounded and does resemble a river boat in a way.  I love the porches which surround 3 sides of the house.  There are 7 doors downstairs and all but one go out onto the porch.  I love sitting out there and working on projects.  My father is a willow furniture maker so the porches are furnished with his furniture.

I love antiques and collect paintings of dogs.  I have 2 beagles and a Jack Russel who fill my life with much fun and love.   The upstairs in my house has turned into my studio where I restyle and repair vintage clothes.  I am in the process of opening up the downstairs of my home and turning it into a boutique.   I think people will love seeing the old architecture and what a better place to showcase Victorian inspired clothing than a Victorian home?

The home has very high ceilings  with ornate crown moldings.  Large pocket doors and 3 parlors.  There is a beautiful etched window in one of the doors of a lady who might have been the daughter whom the house was built for.  There are 2 stairways, one which was used by servants which is narrow and plain and one wider one in the center of the house.   I have painted all the rooms, updated the kitchen and added 2 bathrooms. 

My favorite room is my primitive bedroom upstairs which opens into a large bathroom with plaster walls that I have revealed some of the brick behind.  It's painted a dark clay color to match the bricks.  I have covered the ceiling and walls with wood molding in a grid like fashion. 

The picture of the cream colored server above is from my bathroom.  It is full of towels and toiletries.


I left the cream colored painted molding in the dining room, took off the wallpaper, and painted the plaster a dark flat brown.  There is a built in pass through to the kitchen so the two rooms flow together. 


The kitchen was depressing when I bought the house 3 years ago.  It didn't feel right and was very dated.  I would have loved it if it had been left alone and all original but it hadn't been.  My budget limited me, so I opted to paint the walnut stained cabinets instead of replace them.  I used the same flat brown color as I did the walls.  A bold turquoise blue was used on the inside.

This showed off my white antique dishes and crystal very well.  Up on top of the cabinets I placed an Asian antique  architectural piece.  The chandelier was a brass one I found at a garage sale.  I painted it flat black and attached teardrop shaped  crystals.  I love it!


 The bar and counter tops are made from salvaged wood that I painted a buttermilk color .  The pillars that hold up the bar are the only thing that was left from my grandparents farm.  The house had burnt down but these pillars had been removed before the fire when they did a remodel, that goodness.

The bedroom (greenroom) downstairs is an 1800s, 3/4 size, walnut poster bed.   I love how the bed juts out and is centrally located in the house.  It says, "relax"! 

It has a "petite bathroom" that I have added.  There is a little arch over the pedestal sink.  Brass and crystal sconces that I found at a flea market and the wall color is dark green, just several shades darker than the bedroom which is a shade called "garden path".


The living rooms are painted a light Tera cotta.  There is a large postal desk behind the couch that works as a console table and a work space when needed.  I love the historical feeling of the desk with it mail slots. 

Upstairs is a sun room with dark velvet valances I have made from opera curtains from an old show house in the Midwest.

I love the painted bent wood furniture. It gives it a whole new feeling. You can see more of my dad's bent wood furniture at his website

The porches are my favorite.  They look out over the gardens and face the only remaining carriage house in town.  They used to use it for their buggies before cars were used.

Any advice on creating your look?

My style is eclectic.  I just decorate with and buy things I love  and they all seem to fit together

A special thank you to Stacy Leighs Atelier for this detailed look into your home. Be sure to visit Stacy's web-shop for her original and restyled clothing as well as her vintage shop Stacy Leigh Vintage. 
Please also visit Stacy's father's website The Bent Tree for a further look at his beautiful furniture.


tom-tiles sunshine coast

Wow! youve got a fine-looking house their. Its very impressive how you manage to maintain it to its original look!

Stacy Leigh

Thanks Tom! It's a fun house to live in and I've had a lot to work with. :)

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