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When Gabreial first contacted me about writing for this wonderful little place of vintage prettiness, I was nervous! What if I didn't present myself in true-vintage lover fashion on such a site? Over the past few days, though, the idea of writing here spurred me to look around me and think about why vintage loveliness is so important to me, and why I adore old much more than ‘new.’


(A cherished hand-me-down from my mom, when I turned 18. I wear this ring everyday, I love it.)

I am a thrifter at heart, I grew up in a home where garage sales and flea markets and antique auctions were our “free” family entertainment. (Which I completely understand, now that I am a mother myself!) The bug of buying old eventually matured a bit into me scrounging around gold-mine  vintage boutiques in Broadripple Village in Indianapolis.


(My favorite personal jewelry pieces: A gifted green flower burst that I strung on a two-strand Russian glass necklace. This is my go-to piece!)

When I started my jewelry business, I did mostly gemstone work and custom orders. Today, I feel like Starr Strung is encompassing more and more pieces from the past. There is something very real and just completely unique in the vintage rhinestone brooches, big flower power pieces from the 1960s and ‘70s and old beaded chain from the 1930s.


(This vintage sunflower was my 30th birthday present from a good gal pal - she took it off of her cowboy hat and I upcycled into this necklace.)

I thought it quite fitting, in my inaugural appearance this month here at Vintage Indie, to share some little shots of the vintage pieces around me this day, as we prepare here at my home to get back into the school rush, and summer winds down.



Starr Strung Designs



Hi Starr,
The ring is absolutely unique and beautiful!! I love the beads and the flowers are sooo very 60s & 70s. The colors of the flowers reminds me of the colors that were popular in kitchens of that same eras/eras. I love to "time travel," so thanks for sharing :)

Hi Starr,

Your ring is unique and beautiful! I like the beads, and the flowers are sooo 60s & 70s. Thanks for this blast to the past :)

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