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Making the Most of Monday: School's in Session

Hey everyone!

I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend. This week will be very limited here at Vintage Indie, as it is the first week of school. I'll still be posting sporadically as well as a few guest posts. We're excited for this school year and can't wait to dig in.

I hope you have a lovely and peaceful week. If you have any inspiring news to share or if would like to let us know how you are making the most of this Monday, please leave us a note we'd love to hear! 

xoxo Gabreial



I am re-planning my life. Getting ready for the schedual that comes with school and embracing it! I'm excited to set apart time for art, photography, reading, writing, teaching piano, and spiritual growth.

Vintage Indie

This sounds lovely Courtney. Today was the first day of our new school routine and I'm exhausted!



I am making the most of this Monday by resting as much as I can. Our second son was born on Saturday, and last night was our first night home. It's a joyfully exhilarating and exhausting time.

Vintage Indie

Hi Christina,

That is wonderful to hear. Congratulations on your new baby boy. I know you what you mean by exhilarating and exhausting. I remember many nights of no sleep and still I wouldn't mind if we decided to have another one. Have a great day and thanks for visiting Vintage Indie.

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