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Now that my kids are in school, I tend to walk through my house mid-chores and think, 'why is it so quiet in here?' And yes, I have battled the blues since my little man went off to kindergarten last week. But today, while I was hustling to do a day's work of housework in my few spare minutes away from jewelry, I was given a new perspective on the welcoming calm around me..and I wanted to share!


This handmade quilt was found forgotten in an Indiana antique mall - a steal at $20. It is in beautiful condition, and brightens up the middle part of our house.


I love the look of wrought iron, and I have acquired and collected many a decorating piece. These little owls make my bathroom brighter!


This unique little flower pot hanger was a birthday gift from a dear friend...complete with my "name," it is such a good little piece for my house.


From Joshy's family business: This is a sign that will forever be in our home.



Take the time to slow down--to look around you, absorb, remember, appreciate. I love your little photo vignettes. They are taken at the right time. To re-orient yourself. To remind yourself of special things.

This might sound silly, but there are a couple of lines form a Rush song that spring to mind, and I think they're beautiful and fitting:

"Freeze this moment a little bit longer. Make each impression a little bit stronger."

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