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The Daily Swank: Robot Candy!

Retro may be over the top as far as decorating your entire home in this style although, I've seen retro done in very tastefully in more modern magazines. If you're looking to add a little retro into your home, I found these fun home accessories from Robot Candy, some remind me of the 50s.


Robot Candy creates " Handmade Goods for the Modern Home". Their coasters are made from reclaimed tile. The ones above include vintage graphics, which I think makes them totally retro and fun. Visit Robot Candy for more of their coaster designs, (in the hundreds to be exact).


Hello and welcome to the newest sister site to Vintage Indie Magazine, Vintage Indie Kids! I am thrilled that you are here. As a parent of two sweet boys, quality products, family business and beautiful items are all important to me. I hope to indulge some of my favorites with you including items that may not be 100 percent handmade but eco-friendly, organic, natural and sustainable for families.

As with any of our sites, we hope to also offer you exclusive discounts and savings as we all know raising a family can be expensive. Join us here a few times a week for a variable of features.

We'd love for you to add our rss to your reader or bookmark us at vintageindiekids.com and as always, please feel free to contact me for product submissions for your products.

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Teach Me: The Well Planned Day, A Family Homeschool Planner

Talk about a kid in the candy store. When it comes to office or school supplies, I'm your lady. I love pens, pencils, notebooks, binders and especially planners. Daily calendars and family planners are something I seek out each year. Usually I have a calendar/family planner and this year I've added a school lesson planner. I was head over heals when I found The Well Planned Day. A family and homeschool planner all in one! The Well Planned Day is brought to you by the same company who publishes Home Educating Family magazine. 


My review copy was that of the PDF file version. A down-loadable file, to be printed at home. The process is easy if you choose to purchase the down-loadable file. It requires Adobe which most everyone has already on their computers or can be downloaded for free. This version is a simple print and store in a binder as you wish. Although the printable version is instant gratification and after purchase is at your fingertips, I think I would prefer the printed and bounded version for $24.95.

Now that we've talked about the various ways to obtain The Well Planned Day planner, I'd like to talk about the pages themselves. This planner is well thought out if you have more than one child you are teaching. The calendar and daily planning pages are set up, for up to four children. However, if you have more than four children and you purchase the pdf file, you can simply print off more pages. I only have two children so the printed version would work just fine for us.

The planner itself has life. It's colorful, well organized and easy to understand. In the five day spread covering two pages there is room for four daily lesson plans including Bible, English, History, Math, Science and Electives. On the right page there is a place for Weekly Priorities, Dinner Menu and more. Keeping homeschool and life together in one. It makes since!

There are many other pages that fill the planner including Class Plans for the semester, Year at a Glance, Semester Goals, Daily Time Schedule, Full Calender for each month, Field Trip Notes, Monthly Expenses, Books to Enjoy list and so much more. Another favorite detail are the helpful articles like " 10 Habits of a Healthy Homeschool by Lina Johnson that enrich the planner throughout. Bible Memory verses are also printed on each week spread making it easy to incorporate into your week.

Overall I think this planner is an excellent start to getting your home and homeschool organized. As a new homeschooler I think this will be a valuable resource to the success of our home.

Even though it is almost October, getting organized and taking control of your schedule can start when you are ready and easily with The Well Planned Day. Visit Home Educating Family to read more and find out more about their magazine. Also, coming 2010 The Well Guided High Schooler.

Edited to Note: Home Educating Family is offering 25% off price the original $24.95 price for the printed planner. Use  this link for the discount. 

Have a great day!

Gabreial Wyatt, Editor in Chief

Paperie: Darling Clementine

Vintage Indie Kids has brought the kid out in me. I'm loving artwork like this from Darling Clementine.


Inspired by 1950s finger puppets these images made into cards, are apart of their kids series. 


Another favorite from Darling Clementine are these whimsical Paris cards, in which they describe as "simple illustrations, celebrating the wonderful French language."

Teach Me, Play With Me, Create With Me: Let's Explore

Let's Explore

I'm excited to bring you one of my favorite websites. I've been a long time lurker of Let's Explore. I have been itching to show you some of their great products and their amazing blog full of fabulous kids projects.


My wish list is growing fast and these rubbing plates are on the top. Do you remember doing these as a child? These would be great for a series on birds or just some plain old crafty fun.


How much fun would it be to use these Soy Crayon Rocks on your fancy new rubbing plates?

Owner Amy Anderson makes learning fun, playing more fun and pretend so much fun. Today she posted a great learning pdf for download called Counting the House. Much like the rest of her blog, Amy has all kinds of great ideas for crafting with your kids and fresh ideas.


Spinny Spellers are also another favorite of mine. Great for pre-school and kindergarten learning. She offers another great downloadable pdf file for you to get started as soon as your Spinny Speller arrives. 

Don't take my word for it though. Head over to Let's Explore and support a small business owner with your next kids purchase.

VI Headliner: Speckled Egg

Beautiful embellishments for fall, our sponsor Speckled Egg has offerings like these in an array of colors and shapes.


{ SHOP }

A special thank you to our Speckled Egg for your sponsorship. I appreciate you!

Vintage Indie Holiday Market POLL for Vendors and Customers

Hello Vintage Indie Readers!

It is that time of year again. Time to start thinking about holiday shopping. Usually, we offer an exclusive Vintage Indie Holiday Market. This market is a curated market full of vintage, handmade and independent small business goods approved by us. Almost all vendors offer some sort of exclusive discount or special for shoppers. We are asking if you could please take a short poll below if this is something that would interest you this year.

Thank you for your time.

If you are a small independent business, please take the vendor poll below. Thank you!

Teach Me: Autumn Reading ( Free Download Today Only)

As a homeschooler I've realized that there are thousands of books that I would have never read otherwise. Stories about real life, poetry that's full of rich details and children's stories that make me laugh. Many of the books are older and made available on the public record.

Today, I found a book called Autumn Studies Primary Studies in Nature Literature and Art by Anna McGovern, 1902. There is a free download for this book at Homeschool Freebie of the Day, but I also found a similar book by the same author if you don't get the chance to download it today. I haven't read through it, but the charming poems and information for fall, Thanksgiving and other nature details are charming, and I've found myself wanting to read the entire book. 

One of my favorites from the book. The Forget Me Not

My Cup is Overflowing.


Artwork by Jeanne Winters

My cup is overflowing. I've been engulfed in motherhood, soaking in precious hours with my children and holding them tighter. Maybe it's because of the weather change or maybe it is because my first born is a year older this week but I'm full. I'm full of life, joy and what I think my purpose is for the time being.

Vintage Indie is a love and a passion of mine, but slowing the pace down is something I need to do for my family. If you notice posts getting lighter it is for a good reason. I appreciate all of my readers for taking time out of your day to come and visit me. At this time, my highest readership numbers of all time continues to grow daily and  I felt it was important to let you know my heart and what was going on. Just in case you were wondering.

xoxo Gabreial

What You Make of It: Thrift Store Re-do with Record Albums by Elizabeth Holcombe

Record albums fill the thrift stores! Choose four with your favorite graphics and make a handy and EASY storage box for pennies!

Record Cover Storage Box:

Record box supplies 1


1. four record albums
2. plastic Rex lace or yarn
3. hole puncher
4. scissors
5. ruler

Cut the fronts of the four record covers from the backs AND save one of the backs. Use your ruler and make marks one inch apart on three sides of the front covers (the sides and the bottom). Use the hole puncher to make holes about ┬╝ inch from the edge of the covers and make them one inch apart starting at the bottom. You will also make similar holes around the one back cover you saved, and make holes all around this piece, one inch apart.

Record box side 2

Measure out about 3 feet of Rex lace or yarn for each side to be stitched together. Use the cover backing with holes punched all around and sew the bottoms of each front cover to it.

Record box bottom 3

Leave the ends loose on either side. Use a different piece of Rex lace or yarn to stitch the bottoms of the covers to the bottom of your box.

Record box sewn 4

When that is done, hold up to sides until the edges meet and stitch the two sides together. Repeat until all four sides are stitched together and your box looks like a box! At the bottom of each corner take all three ends and push them into the inside of the box. Tie the ends together. At the top of the box on all four corners tuck the loose end of the lace or yarn down into the stitches on the inside.

Record box done 5 

Record box done inside 7 

Inside of the completed box.

Your box is complete! Use it to store reusable grocery/shopping bags, gloves, scarves, toys, etc! You can also put in a plastic bag and use it for trash or as a paper recycling bin!

Record box done 6 

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

This project & photos are copyright Elizabeth Holcombe, Vintage Indie. You may not reproduce or copy this project. (Dime Store Chic designs are intended for personal use and not for sale)

The Daily Swank - Kitchy & Retro Art by Kerry Beary

 Kerry Beary creates delightful kitchy retro paintings, with a 50's diner style. Kerry Beary's paintings mean so much more though. Visit her news page to see how she relates the strong women of a bygone era to her current day work.

Below are a couple of my favorites from her collection.

Kitchy Cats


Be Good While I'm Gone


All images ┬ęKerry Beary 2008

Teach Me: Shining Dawn Books

Whether you home school or not, learning takes place every day. If you are a parent, you've been your child's teacher from the beginning. You helped them form their first words with their tiny mouths, you've taught them the most important things to get started in life.  You have been the starting point for their education.

At Vintage Indie Kids we hope to help bring resources to you to further education at home if your child attends public school and bring more resources to the attention of those who homeschool. Not only will these tools teach you and your child something, but hopefully help to grow bonds and relationships with them through learning.


Today's Teach Me company is Shining Dawn Books. Work at home moms and teachers Melissa Leach and Cindy West have joined together to create delightful nature-based unit studies. Often times we overlook the trees, birds and even the clouds in our sky with our overstuffed schedules. Take these tiny little worlds for example. When was the last time you laid on a blanket and watched the clouds with your little one? Shining Dawn Books makes it easy to learn about clouds, trees, spiders and so much more with their line of e-books.


If you are a homeschooler Shining Dawn Books gives you helpful lesson planning ideas for their unit studies, and if you aren't a homeschooler you'll find many ideas and a ton of resources for extra curricular learning with your child.


Head over to Shining Dawn Books to purchase on of the unit studies above and for their selection of other wonderful nature topics.

Autumn Organizing: Organizing with Gift Bags

(Sang in my best Barry White ) Autumn is in the air, I can feel it all around. Do you feel the autumn weather on its way where you are? Maybe you're in the West Coast sunny California and you aren't seeing the leaves fall. Either way, for me anytime is as good as any for organizing. Vintage Indie's contributing editor Elizabeth Ferdorko is here with a cute idea to use up your stash of gift bags.

Shelves before



Here are before and after photos of the clean out/organization project I tackled this weekend. I seriously needed to clean out my bookshelves in my studio space. 

Shelves done



Once I did that I needed to find some containers that would fit on one particular shelf which would hold all of these vintage millinery flowers I have. I bought gift bags in different colors/patterns which represented the colors of the flowers inside, eg, the Halloween bag hold yellow and orange flowers. These gift bags could easily be used to store fabric scraps, paper scraps, or anything!

Shelves detail 

Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

This project & photos are copyright Elizabeth Holcombe, Vintage Indie. You may not reproduce or copy this project. (Dime Store Chic designs are intended for personal use and not for sale)