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My Cup is Overflowing.


Artwork by Jeanne Winters

My cup is overflowing. I've been engulfed in motherhood, soaking in precious hours with my children and holding them tighter. Maybe it's because of the weather change or maybe it is because my first born is a year older this week but I'm full. I'm full of life, joy and what I think my purpose is for the time being.

Vintage Indie is a love and a passion of mine, but slowing the pace down is something I need to do for my family. If you notice posts getting lighter it is for a good reason. I appreciate all of my readers for taking time out of your day to come and visit me. At this time, my highest readership numbers of all time continues to grow daily and  I felt it was important to let you know my heart and what was going on. Just in case you were wondering.

xoxo Gabreial



Mmmmm...I love Jean Winters' yummily beautiful artwork! Your first few sentences sum up my life right now too. Even down to my firstborn being a year older this week.

LuAnn Smith

I'm in the same boat and couldn't be happier. My kids are growing up so fast and I'm busy getting ready for my little one's 6th! I find the fuller my life is the less time I have for online ventures. I'm glad all is well with you Gab!


What a sweet message, and what wonderful artwork to illustrate it!


That's such a sweet post and a beautiful artwork to accompany it too!

Vicki K

Good, good thoughts and fun artwork! You just never know what memories will stick with your children, I just know I want to be in as many of them as I can be with loving ways and wise instruction to the best of my ability.

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