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Teach Me: Shining Dawn Books

Whether you home school or not, learning takes place every day. If you are a parent, you've been your child's teacher from the beginning. You helped them form their first words with their tiny mouths, you've taught them the most important things to get started in life.  You have been the starting point for their education.

At Vintage Indie Kids we hope to help bring resources to you to further education at home if your child attends public school and bring more resources to the attention of those who homeschool. Not only will these tools teach you and your child something, but hopefully help to grow bonds and relationships with them through learning.


Today's Teach Me company is Shining Dawn Books. Work at home moms and teachers Melissa Leach and Cindy West have joined together to create delightful nature-based unit studies. Often times we overlook the trees, birds and even the clouds in our sky with our overstuffed schedules. Take these tiny little worlds for example. When was the last time you laid on a blanket and watched the clouds with your little one? Shining Dawn Books makes it easy to learn about clouds, trees, spiders and so much more with their line of e-books.


If you are a homeschooler Shining Dawn Books gives you helpful lesson planning ideas for their unit studies, and if you aren't a homeschooler you'll find many ideas and a ton of resources for extra curricular learning with your child.


Head over to Shining Dawn Books to purchase on of the unit studies above and for their selection of other wonderful nature topics.


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