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Teach Me: The Well Planned Day, A Family Homeschool Planner

Talk about a kid in the candy store. When it comes to office or school supplies, I'm your lady. I love pens, pencils, notebooks, binders and especially planners. Daily calendars and family planners are something I seek out each year. Usually I have a calendar/family planner and this year I've added a school lesson planner. I was head over heals when I found The Well Planned Day. A family and homeschool planner all in one! The Well Planned Day is brought to you by the same company who publishes Home Educating Family magazine. 


My review copy was that of the PDF file version. A down-loadable file, to be printed at home. The process is easy if you choose to purchase the down-loadable file. It requires Adobe which most everyone has already on their computers or can be downloaded for free. This version is a simple print and store in a binder as you wish. Although the printable version is instant gratification and after purchase is at your fingertips, I think I would prefer the printed and bounded version for $24.95.

Now that we've talked about the various ways to obtain The Well Planned Day planner, I'd like to talk about the pages themselves. This planner is well thought out if you have more than one child you are teaching. The calendar and daily planning pages are set up, for up to four children. However, if you have more than four children and you purchase the pdf file, you can simply print off more pages. I only have two children so the printed version would work just fine for us.

The planner itself has life. It's colorful, well organized and easy to understand. In the five day spread covering two pages there is room for four daily lesson plans including Bible, English, History, Math, Science and Electives. On the right page there is a place for Weekly Priorities, Dinner Menu and more. Keeping homeschool and life together in one. It makes since!

There are many other pages that fill the planner including Class Plans for the semester, Year at a Glance, Semester Goals, Daily Time Schedule, Full Calender for each month, Field Trip Notes, Monthly Expenses, Books to Enjoy list and so much more. Another favorite detail are the helpful articles like " 10 Habits of a Healthy Homeschool by Lina Johnson that enrich the planner throughout. Bible Memory verses are also printed on each week spread making it easy to incorporate into your week.

Overall I think this planner is an excellent start to getting your home and homeschool organized. As a new homeschooler I think this will be a valuable resource to the success of our home.

Even though it is almost October, getting organized and taking control of your schedule can start when you are ready and easily with The Well Planned Day. Visit Home Educating Family to read more and find out more about their magazine. Also, coming 2010 The Well Guided High Schooler.

Edited to Note: Home Educating Family is offering 25% off price the original $24.95 price for the printed planner. Use  this link for the discount. 

Have a great day!

Gabreial Wyatt, Editor in Chief


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