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Yesterday my mom and I were talking about how amazing the blogging community is. There are some days when I find myself in the depths of NieNie or CJane with tears streaming down my face. Sometimes I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Women, complete strangers who have no idea who I am or what separates me from Vintage Indie. I'm just a writer in Kentucky who has a blog and likes to support others with my words. These two ladies who also happen to be sisters are gifts, just like so many of you are. Your personal stories, your thoughtful comments they touch lives and speak to people who you will never meet. Have you ever thought about that? 


Yesterday, Stephanie Nielson of NieNie was on the Oprah show. I've been a follower of NieNie even before her accident and fell in love with her writing. I loved her warmth and the love she has for life, her family and her husband it is wholesome and endearing. Sometimes I say to myself, I want to grow up to be like Stephanie and Courtney for that matter. After the plain crash that killed one of their friends and injured her and her husband with severe burns, she's inspiring me more than she could have ever imagined before. 

I hope you'll watch the clip if you missed the show yester, and be inspired by Stephanie as much as I have. What an amazing woman.

Visit Stephanie at NieNie  and Courtney at CJane.



I was glued to the tele..
loved it.

kerry macLeod

Thanks for sharing that link. We stopped with TV a while back and I do miss an afternoon Oprah break with tea! I will watch this clip later.
Blogland is something I didn't understand until I started writing. It's such a blessing to be able to share and create when live is busy and I am often homebound (by choice) with my boys. Everyday I am inspired and moved by all the wonderful women, artists, and words floating around the great big, beautiful Blogosphere. I truly think it offers great opportunity for growth and change in our post at a time. I am proud to be a wee part of that community.


I love her too :) very inspiring

Cami @ Creating Myself

Stephanie & her story was particularly inspiring to me. My son was released from the hospital, after being critically burned, the month she had her accident. I heard of her accident, upon my return to blogging & became an avid follower of CJ's blog. To read about a wonderful family, who was undergoing what we went through (& were still going through) was more than inspirational, it was therapeutic. Her story runs so parallel to my son's ...our family really pulled together & worked together to overcome the tragedy, as well. I have rejoiced w/ her over her triumphs & wept over her disappointments, just as I did w/ my son's.

Stephanie's strength, love for her family & goodness is so moving! I am filled w/ gratitude & awe that both her & my son are having miraculous recoveries. Life is good!

I'm very thankful that I saw her mention on her blog that she would be on Oprah & of course, watched the show. I cried through the whole thing!


Yeah, I did a little bawling today watching some clips of the interview...


Wasn't she lovely? She's just as fabulous in real life, which I love even more.


I am probably one of the few men who has read most of her entries starting from when I first heard about her accident in Aug of 08.

She is one of the most amazing people. If you read her entries from the beginning you will see this incredible love of family and God. She would write so lovingly of her husband and her children. It never came across as her having the perfect life but as a woman who realized that everyone has hardships but at the end of the day she knew what mattered most.

She wrote of never having tasted alcohol or being involved in drugs.. never having seen even an R rated movie. She said she was proud of those things and while some my scoff at that ..once again she wrote in such way that it was to be admired ..especially in this day and age.

She spoke highly of her Mormon religion.. and while I am not of her faith ..I was never ever offended about how she had love of everything Mormon. It just made me want to become more involved in my own religion as she was in hers.

Her faith and love of family was and continues to be inspiring. I honestly haven't read anything quite like it. It's just so rare to see someone with such a loving and kind spirit.

Most of all... by reading her blog it has made me want to become a better person so I thank her for that

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