Merry Christmas
Cha Cha Changes: Take One


Have you missed me? Thanks for letting me take some time off, I really appreciate it. Don't get the idea that I'm sitting around in jammies every day sipping hot cocoa though. Boy, wouldn't  that be nice. This week it is all about organizing, um finding where to store all of the Christmas stuff... and oh, more organizing. How about you? Are you enjoying any time off to do some work?

I've also been a little preoccupied with this fella, the newest member of our family.

Isn't he cute! He's already potty trained and rings his bell like a good boy. Now if he'll stop finding Legos we'll be in good shape.! The way things are going I may need a vacation from my vacation!

Happy New Year to You! See you back here soon.

xoxo  - Gabreial



He's sooo cute? What's his name?


Happy New Year from the Thriftgoddess!

tina witherspoon

OMG, he rings the bell when he needs to go out to pee? that is quite the trick. happy new year to you all!


Happy new year! May you have a pleasant and prosperous 2010.

Jennifer Byrne Paganellli

We did miss you..welcome back and Have a Happy New Year..Big Smooch. Jennifer

LuAnn Smith

Ah, how adorable. He looks like my sister's dog. Hope you have a wonderful New Year Gabreial!


Oh--what a cutie!

Happy New Year!

Vintage Indie

Happy New Year to you also!

Vintage Indie

He was named when we got him, by a family member so we kept his name. It is Sanders.

Vintage Indie

Thank you kindly, you too!

Vintage Indie

Thanks Karin, Happy New Year!

Vintage Indie

Happy New Year to you also LuAnn!

Bethany Bertenshaw

Your new addition is adorable! Welcome to the Spoiled Hairy Baby Club!!! xox


I'm sitting here before sunup on a freezing cold morning just surfing the web for blogs. The photo of your new little fellow helped warm my heart even if my feet are half frozen.

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