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Cha Cha Changes: Take One


A few month's ago, I started Vintage Indie Kids. With this was the hope to share my passion for small businesses specializing in kids stuff. In my quest to spotlight things pertaining to children I also planned to incorporate family, organic living, whole living, homeschooling, and a lot more personal stuff that I didn't think fit in here. Well, I feel like I let those new readers down. Posting there was scarce and I didn't have any extra time to keep it up.

So, without further ado' I've brought those things to Vintage Indie's front. You can now find most of those posts under the category Vintage Indie Kids and others in their new categories. I'll also be updating Vintage Indie very soon with some new category additions.

Vintage Indie has always been about Modern Life, Vintage Perspective and I don't think this will change. I hope to incorporate "vintage" ideas from organic gardening to whole living intertwining with my love for vintage style and vintage goods.  To me, vintage encompasses the beauty of things in the past and with this ideal I hope to simplifying and enjoying life so much more. 

I hope you'll join me on my new journey to indulge you in what I'm most passionate about as the seasons of my life change. Can you believe that Vintage Indie will be five years old this year?


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