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Family 2010: Goals

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Since I've decided to go a little more personal here at Vintage Indie, I thought I would share a few things with you. A week ago my boys and I sat down to discuss how we would like to change, explore and live differently this year. (We later discussed all of this over dinner with daddy-o).  I laid out only one rule for setting these goals. They couldn't be material things/goals, meaning we couldn't buy them.

I loved what their little hearts came up with.

1. Become closer as a family unit.

We laid out and discussed a few ways that we could make this possible.

a. Get closer to God (my oldest love)

b. more family time

c. work together

d. ride bikes (my youngest love) 

2. Really explore nature & life around us.

a. go on more nature walks

b. take our new puppy on walks

c. really indulge in our family garden

My favorite part about all of this, is that these things can be achieved, they are realistic. They are reachable!  They only need love, time and commitment. Resolutions don't have to be materialistic, besides you can't buy happiness, right? If you are interested, I wrote a post on our church's blog this past week titled Resolutions? No, the tool you need to be fulfilled in 2010

What kinds of non materialistic goals have you set for yourself or your family this year?

xoxo - Gabreial


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what a sweet post! i think we'll sit down and do the same.

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