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House & Home: FrenchBlue & Co.

The whites of winter bring out the need for a clean slate for me. I feel an urge to become minimalistic and could live with no decor at all. I think I would enjoy a blank slate of white walls and clean floors for a month or so. However, my love for vintage changes all of this and I find myself needing objects of the past.

FrenchBlue & Co.could pull off this vintage/minimalist style with their sophisticated offerings of french whites, aquas and rustic silvers.


What about you? Do you think you could or do you enjoy a white minimalist style?

Visit FrenchBlue & Co. for the items in the photos and for a slew of other delightful French treasures.



i like the idea of it but i don't know how clean the whites would stay. ;) i do have a white german shepherd so at least his hair wouldn't show up. ;)

Vintage Indie

I'm with you. I have two boys I don't think I'll ever be able to pull it off.


I loveee the white theme, all shades of cream etc and then throw in the vintage chic and it all works.
Minimalist? That's never going to work for me, lol.


Sometimes I feel shut in and annoyed by my "clutter" and think I would like to do a white, minimalist look, but I'm pretty sure I'd get tired of it in about three months. And the keeping it clean thing would get me. I'm an artist NOT a neat freak, after all, and I have two boys. : ) That being said, we do have stark white walls in our living and dining rooms. They make a lovely, un-overwhelming backdrop for my browns, reds, and sage greens.

Vintage Indie

"annoyed with my "clutter" I'm with you on this one! I think that's why the clean slate of winter white appeals to me. When it starts to melt and the snow gets dirty... it isn't so pretty anymore!


I thought I could live with the minimalist look after I moved across the country and didn't bring much with me, but it got depressing after a while and I started gathering (mostly crafting) gorgeous things again!

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