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Teach Me: Snowy Night Sky

If you knew much about me, you would know that I'm usually cold all of the time. It just seems like winter and I don't get along. So, much to my husbands surprise I threw on his hoodie, his house slippers and well if I'm being fully honest here, his jammy pants to go play in the snow last night.

Night Photos Snow Falling

The snow was falling so beautifully, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. It was coming down in little fluffy cloud-like crystals, some in their single form not yet sticking together. The above photo is with a flash, you see all of the snowflakes reflecting the light. It looks almost like a starry night sky.

Snowflake 1

I've been itching to get snowflake photos and played with several different settings on my camera to see what I could come up with. These are my first ever snowflake photos, and even though you can barely make them out, I think it turned out pretty good. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime in the daylight. I think the flash really added too much glare.

1st Snowflake Photo

Sadly I awoke this morning to no snow, but that's ok I'll take the gorgeous blue sky and sunshine! If you get a chance look up Snowflake Bentley, you will fall in love with his passion for nature.

xoxo Gabreial

The Daily Swank & Product Photography: Lucky Little Dot

As a lover of all things vintage, I find it equally exciting to showcase a small business who understands product photography. Lucky Little Dot, hits the nail on the head with photo styling. 


Visit Lucky Little Dot on Etsy for these fabulous vintage oddities. My heart pitter-patters for the vintage Pyrex flask.

Product Photography Tip:

I know there are plenty of tutorials and how to's on product photography, I'm certainly not an expert in photography. However, I do know a few things that I look for specifically in choosing items to feature. Number one and most important, don't use a flash! So many times I've seen great items in shops only to be disappointed in the styling or lighting of the product. Glares, dark backgrounds and random fabric patterns, make it hard to get a clean and classy look. Natural lighting is always your best bet, even on an overcast day.

Handmade Crush: The Love Collection Handmade Dishcloths

The Raggedy Owl
Today's handmade crush goes to the heart of Valentine's Day with the classic colors of red, white and pink. The handmade dishcloths come from The Raggedy Owl. The Raggedy Owl says,  "durable enough for your kitchen yet soft enough for your body!"

Organic Whole Living: Theo Chocolate Review

What comes to mind when you think of chocolate? Is it the smooth luscious feeling your tongue gets from the delightful taste? Do you enjoy the rich aroma? What about sound? Do you ever listen to your chocolate?

This year for Christmas, my goal was to eliminate the mass amounts of candy from our boys stockings. With this I decided to treat them, my husband and our family members with organic chocolate. I ordered a case of chocolates from one specific brand. It included various kinds cherry, mint and peanut butter. Christmas came and went and guess what, the chocolates are still here! They were terrible.

My husband and I usually like to have a little peace of dark chocolate before bed, just as a special treat. My youngest, well he'll eat pretty much any chocolate, I'm not sure if his taste buds for fine chocolate have developed yet so I'm not sure if his opinion counts.  Personally, I just couldn't believe how bad this chocolate was. 

So after that debacle, I was on a mission to find good organic chocolate for me and my family. That is when I stumbled upon Theo Chocolate. I contacted the company in hopes to do a review and well, they supplied. I was not paid to do this review or for my words glamorous or not. The products being reviewed were supplied upon my request and my review is 100% our opinion.


Now, on to the good part. Free chocolate is good, don't get me wrong here but if the other company would have produced free chocolate for review I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to paint a very nice picture. Theo Chocolates on the other hand, piece of cake er chocolate. My husband and I took this review seriously and took notes. We also had a lot of fun, spending time tasting, smelling and savoring every last morsel of the chocolates. 


A little background on Theo Chocolate. Theo Chocolate is known for being the first and only organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the country.  They offer specialty bars from their 3400 Phinney line, named after their factory address.

This line includes flavors like Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate, Fig Fennel & Almond Dark Chocolate, Bread & Chocolate and many more.  The Bread & Chocolate was one of my favorites from this collection. It has a subtle crunch, a much better mouth feel than you would get from the traditional rice crunch.

My least favorite was the Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate. I think this bar would be a fabulous edition while cooking, but not as a bar to mouth type of chocolate. It was very strong in curry flavors.


3400 Phinney Chocolate Bars

Theo Confections above

Among the chocolates were one of the best candies I've ever eaten. Theo Chocolate's Salted Caramel Box Ghost Chile. Oh me, oh my! Both me and my husband took several notes down while trying this. Among those were the following:

  • Deep natural amber flavored caramel
  • The heat of the chilies warms the back of your throat in a delightful slow burn, pairing perfectly with the sweetness of the caramel.
  • The caramel has a subtle sweet not overpowering and in perfect balance with the chocolate.
  • Salt and caramel were meant to be

As you can tell we loved the caramels. I can't wait to try their vanilla, lavender and rose salted caramels.


Next on our tantalizing taste test was the Theo Chocolate Jane Goodall bars. From the Theo Chocolate website " The partnership between Theo and Jane Goodall is inspired by “Cocoa Practices,” a ground breaking Theo Chocolate initiative that brings together small scale cocoa farmers, larger producers and non-governmental organizations from the world’s cocoa producing regions. Cocoa Practices is designed to give farmers the tools they need to grow high-quality cocoa beans while conserving indigenous wildlife and other natural resources in the tropical rainforest eco-systems that provide both their livelihoods and their homes." 

We dove right in and tasted the 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Bars. This is probably the best dark chocolate in 70% that I've ever tasted. It was smooth and refined as the bitterness didn't show through as much as it usually does in the 70% cacao content bars. I think you will love this one too.


Last but not least on our taste test were the Theo Chocolate Classic Combination bars. 

We sampled those of Orange Dark Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate & Cherries and Almonds Dark Chocolate. All three of these were delightful. The Mint was refreshing, perfect for an after dinner chocolate. The mint flavor in the chocolate was authentic and did not taste artificial as do most mint chocolates on the market. The orange and cherry almond fell right in place with the mint chocolate proving to have natural and delightful flavor.

Our final thoughts on Theo Chocolate were all positive. We would purchase these for friends and family and obviously for our stockings this Christmas. Also, if you are a homeschooler in Seattle, WA or anyone else who would love to take a field trip, Theo Chocolate has factory tours! Boy, would I love to take that one!  We hope you've enjoyed this review. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it right?

Have a great day! 

Truth in Review: Theo Chocolate did provide me with all of the products mentioned to review including shipping. Theo Chocolate did not pay me for the review or require any certain context within my review. All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Visit our Disclaimer  for more info.

What You make of It: Vintage Valentine Bottles by Elizabeth Young



Purchase heart shaped bottles or any type of glass bottle at your local craft store.  Gather supplies such as vintage valentines, vintage gummed seals, lace, pearl trim, vintage millinery flowers and valentine garland.  You will also need a decoupage medium such as Modge Podge, a glue gun and scissors.


Scanned Valentines


Scan vintage valentines and reduce the image size to fit your bottle.  Cut your smaller image out and decoupage it onto the front of the bottle with Modge Podge.  Do the same if you are using a gummed seal that is already the correct size.

Vintage Valentine Bottle Supplies


  Add valentine garland, pearl trim and lace to the top of the bottle.  Add trim to the base if you wish, using your hot glue gun to secure it around back.  Glue cork lid down so it will stay in place and glue a vintage flower on the top of the lid. 

Finished Valentine's Bottle

These were quick and easy to do!  I already had most of the supplies on hand including the heart shaped bottles! 


Elizabeth Young is a wife and cat mom who spends many an hour hunting for vintage goodies at her favorite  thrift stores, antique shops and monthly flea markets!  A collector of vintage toys, holiday decor and general store items, many of the found treasures end up on display in her Victorian home.  She also looks for vintage ephemera, fun supplies and kitschy decor for her Etsy shop Grandmother's Attic !  When not doing this, she works two part time jobs, wearing different hats at each! 

Teach Me: Family Travel List

You may remember my post a few days ago back where I posted our family's goals for 2010. Ever since we spoke out loud what we would like to do together as a family we've been dreaming about all sorts of things.

Just last week over a gooey slice of pizza we took one of the kids menus off the table and began writing in none other than a blue crayon our " I want visit here" travel list. The kids chimed in with their wishes as well. I mostly wrote down states, one being Texas for my oldest son. Not sure what he wants to see in  Texas but it was in his heart so I wrote it down. My husband was full of places he would like to see and do like visit Table Rock Lake, Grand Canyon and go fishing in Alaska. Me, I want to see Hawaii. I also have a major one on my list ( It is certainly a must do), I really want to eat at Frontera Grill, Topolobampo or Frontera Fresco all Rick Bayless restaurants in Chicago, IL. I heart Mexican food so much and I would just like to travel there to taste anything Rick Bayless cooks. (Ahem Rick, if your reading I would love to come to Chicago and be a taste tester for a weekend)

What about you? Where do you wish to go or experience this year?

All photos above are of the Grand Canyon, isn't it dreamy! 

ps. click on the image to see these larger, they are breathtaking

Top Left: JayBuckleSprings99 Top Right: The Chad & Hope

Bottom Left: LD Photography Bottom Right: Richard King 

All photos Copyright © of their perspective owners.

The Daily Swank: Finding Fabulous

{ The Daily Swank }


I love shops full of bright and cheerful vintage wares. These above delights come from Finding Fabulous. Owls seem to have been brought back from the late 60s and 70s and have been kept in the vintage spotlight for over a year now.
Visit Finding Fabulous for these treasures and more.

Teach Me: Books on CD

As I was preparing a warm dinner of cottage ham, green beans and potatoes for my sweet man, I had the boys working on pattern puzzles. We love patterns around here. Process of elimination, critical thinking, creative thinking and art. You name it, pattern puzzles offer up some serious fun. What is more fun, is doing pattern puzzles while listening to a book on cd.

The boys started to chatter and discuss what they were creating with the patterns and I found myself shooshing them. I was thoroughly enjoying the story too. We've made it to chapter five quite quickly and can't seem to put the book "down". It has encouraged listening ears, comprehension and use of imagination. Books on CD are also cost friendly as you can find many selections at your local library.

The Horse and His Boy
Our current book on CD is The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis from The Chronicles of Narnia. I've heard books on cd before and found myself snoozing to the reader. A reading performance by Alex Jennings makes our listening time delightful and on the edge of our seats. 

If you don't homeschool, consider books on cd for long car rides, trips to and from the store or an alternative to the " one eyed monster" the TV. 

Do you have any suggestions for books on cd? Let us know what you've been listening to!

Indie Fashion: Handmade Coats & Jackets

It is still chilly in these parts. I've been cold all winter. What about you? I can't seem to get warm. I'm loving these handmade accessories from Little Houses Clothing.

My favorite top left, Shakespeares Sister with the yummy lace ruffled neck. 

Visit Little Houses Clothing on Etsy.

All Photos Copyright © Little Houses Clothing

A Day Dedicated to a Friend I've Never Met

Hello lovely readers.

Today is a sad day here in blog-land. Besides the unthinkable tragedy that is going on in Haiti there are others here in our great America suffering as well. One of them, is my online friend and acquaintance Gina Drennon of Feather Your Nest. Gina's husband tragically lost his life due to a heart attack at the young age of 39. Gina and her husband were high school sweethearts having been married for 16 years and have two sons.

Gina has been a long time supporter of Vintage Indie. You may have seen Feather Your Nest in the Vintage Indie Market several times as well as the store tour and interview I did with Gina in July 2008.

Gina has decided she must close her brick and mortar store in Eureka Springs to focus on finding a steady income for her and her boys. I can't even imagine what Gina is going though. Honestly, when I first heard the news I called my husband just to hear his voice and I've been thinking about what I would write here for a couple of days.  As a believer in God, I know his grace is good and his comfort is greater than anything anyone could provide. I'm praying that peace be in her heart, that she grow strong in him and seek him for help to the answers and unforeseen future she is now facing.

Gina is also closing her online store and moving inventory fast to prepare for the next step. I'm asking my readers to pull together and do what you can by making a purchase from Feather Your Nest.

Feather Your Nest




I know what an amazing online community and group of readers I have here. I know that people from all over the world pull together when there is a need. I truly appreciate all of you and I know if you can you will help.

There will be no new posts here at Vintage Indie on Monday, in hopes that everyone will visit Feather Your Nest.

Thank you,


If you could, I would greatly appreciate it if you could blog this, tweet, facebook and whatever else your heart leads.

UPDATE: As of right now, the Feather Your Nest website is no longer live. I will keep you updated if it goes live again.

What You Make of It: Vintage Pocket Valentine by Susan Duane

Hello! I'm so excited to be a part of Vintage Indie. I want to thank Gabreial for giving me the opportunity to share my love of vintage with all of you. I hope you enjoy my first DIY project. We are making a pocket filled with vintage ephemera for your favorite Valentine.

Vintage indie project 1 002

You will need:

  • a page protector used for scrapbooking in any size you like
  • cardstock to affix your pocket to
  • vintage papers of all kinds (I used vintage ledger paper, sheet music, wallpaper, old Library pockets and tiny glassine envelopes)
  • punches
  • stamps
  • vintage buttons 
  • vintage ribbon, rikrak or seam binding for tying the pocket closed.

Start by cutting off the edge of the page protector with the holes.

Vintage indie project 1 006

Cut your cardstock just a little wider than your pocket.

For the length you'll want about a 2" flap at the top. To fold over the top of the pocket.

I cut an old sheet music cover and glued it to the cardstock, this step is optional. If you don't do this you'll see your cardstock through the pocket which is just fine.

Vintage indie project 1 008

Sew the pocket to the cardstock. If you don't sew don't worry just glue down your pocket or use fun staples.

Punch various shapes from your vintage papers. This would be a great way to use old Valentine's, punch out your favorite parts.

Vintage indie project 1 010

Decide on buttons or anything else you'd like to put inside.
Stamp some tags with your favorite stamps.

Crepes 004

Put all your ephemera inside the pocket and tie it closed with your ribbon or seam binding.

This makes a thoughtful gift for a crafty friend or family member.  The great thing about this project is that you can easily adapt it to use what you already have on hand. No page protector? Try using a clear cello bag or transparency. No ribbon? Use twine or baker's string. You can stamp the flap for added interest, age the edges with your inks. The possibilities are endless, be creative and add your own touch!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

 - Susan

Featurebutton_05Susan Duane is a wife and mother of three young children. She is a home cook, aspiring photographer and lover of old things. She spends her days caring for her family, creating for Paperhill and in her free time chronicles her long list of interests on her blog Hometown Girl.

Art Stories: Fran Shea of Zeichen Press

Art Stories

Vintage Indie would like to welcome Fran of Zeichen Press  as our featured artist and creator this week. Get to know Fran and her world of letterpress from my recent interview with her.

Fran working
Fran working in her studio.

Hi Fran, thanks so much for giving us an inside look at what you do. Can you tell us what is your preferred medium?

Letterpress - setting type by hand or printing from vintage plates OR files that I designed on the computer and turned into plates.


How did you get started?

I worked as a graphic designer for several years but took some years off to raise babies...  I had been trained as a designer on the computer but was always fascinated by the old design and printing methods. When our babies seemed somewhat self-reliant (aka: no diapers) I acquired a tabletop press, some old type and a printer's manual (The Practice of Printing, 1926).

 Madge soiree layout  Madge-soiree-angles-color

Who or what inspires you?

 I am attracted to any vintage advertising, packaging, trademarks and technology. My studio is a a working print shop, full of objects like printers blocks*, ink, type wash, cases of lead type, brayers, paper -- I feel inspired just by walking in there - just by surrounding myself with these objects that have a history and have so much potential.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into this medium?

 If you want to get into letterpress you need a fair amount of space and it's nice to have contact with a network of seasoned printers. 

Does vintage play a role in your art or life? If so, how?

 Heavily. I am very drawn to vintage imagery and design - I love that there was a time when nothing was too insignificant to look attractive - if it was going to be printed, it should also be designed... matchbooks, air-sickness bags, fruit crates...

Zeichen Press.variety product shot.web

What is important for your customer to know about your work?

Our customer should know that we kiss and hold each and every card and print that leaves our studio. They should know that we use recycled or tree free paper and that we can and do print using actual vintage and antique type. They should also know that we are not happy unless they are happy - and that is not some dippy slogan. We actually have a pathological disorder that is dependent upon the happiness of others. I think I'm kidding.


Thank you so much Fran for sharing your passion with us. Zeichen Press art prints can be found at their shop Zeichen, you can also visit them on their blog, Is that funny?

Zeichen Press, a design & letterpress studio located in Minneapolis, offers a product line of letterpressed cards and gifts as well as custom design. Products are hand-made on antique printing presses using antique wood & metal type and salvaged vintage printers blocks.

Snow Report: Peterborough Ontario

You all are just having way to much fun in the snow. It is really taking that gloom of winter and making it more enjoyable.

Stephanie of Peterborough Ontario writes, " Here are some pictures from the tobogganing my husband to be and I did on the weekend with a great group of friends! The hill was huge and icy and snowy all at the same time. The weather has been about -15 every day for the past couple weeks usually with light flurries every day."

Thanks so much Stephanie!

Through the Lens: Mary Carroll

{ Through the Lens } { Independent Photography } {Inspired by Nature }

{ dearlittleredhouse }

For those of you who don't have snow or snow photos to share, bring winter to your home with these gorgeous wintry scenes from Mary Carroll Photography.

All photos listed here are the sole property of the photographer, and may not be reproduced in any manner. Copyright Mary Carroll 2010. All rights reserved.

Making the Most of Monday: Get Your Read On!


If you are new to the magazine, Making the Most of Monday is a regular part of our features. Mondays  signify one important thing, a fresh start. It's like a new years resolution at the start of every week.

Hopefully by Monday you've taken some off time during the weekend to rejuvenate, spend quality time with loved ones and friends, which makes Monday your chance to really get to work and make the most of your week.

It has been awhile since my last Making the Most of Monday feature, as in the start of fall 2009! I think I was in a Monday funk, which is totally not like me. Mondays are fresh, Mondays are new. I should have been practicing what I preach right? Well, today I woke up feeling good. It finally felt like New Years to me. Spirits are good this morning so I'm going to take advantage of it and enjoy it. 

Lately, I've been focusing on adding more education and reading to my own life. I've started to keep a book list. I think it will be a great idea to see what I've read throughout the year and it will feel good to cross them off my list after I've read them. I thought I would share my book list with you and if you have any that you'd like to suggest, I'd love to see them. 

These books are not listed in my Amazon store. I plan to just link directly to them. Maybe after I read them I'll add them to the store.

2010 Book List

The Business of Heaven Daily Readings from C.S. Lewis

From Clutter to Clarity by Nancy Twigg

In Defense of Food Michael Pollan

Nurture Give and get what you need to flourish by Lisa Brevere

The Vegan Table Colleen Patrick - Goudreau 

The Kind Diet Alicia Silverstone   - I just read this one and I may have a review for it very soon.

The Creative Family Amanda Soule

I know I'm forgetting some and this certainly won't be enough for the year so I'll add them to this list as they come to me.

I hope I've inspired you to create your own book list for this year.

Have a great Monday! 

xoxo - Gabreial

A Warm Welcome to Susan Duane as Vintage Indie's newest contributing editor!

I'm very excited to announce Susan Duane as my newest contributing editor. Susan will be joining us a couple of times a month for some fabulous do-it-yourself projects as well as how to revamp and reuse vintage!

Susan Susan Duane is a wife and mother of three young children. She is a home cook, aspiring photographer and lover of old things. She spends her days caring for her family, creating for Paperhill and in her free time chronicles her long list of interests on her blog Hometown Girl.

Please help me in welcoming Susan to Vintage Indie!

Stay tuned for her first feature later this week, I know you will just LOVE it!

xoxo  - Gabreial

Family 2010: Goals

Creation Museum Summer 2009

Since I've decided to go a little more personal here at Vintage Indie, I thought I would share a few things with you. A week ago my boys and I sat down to discuss how we would like to change, explore and live differently this year. (We later discussed all of this over dinner with daddy-o).  I laid out only one rule for setting these goals. They couldn't be material things/goals, meaning we couldn't buy them.

I loved what their little hearts came up with.

1. Become closer as a family unit.

We laid out and discussed a few ways that we could make this possible.

a. Get closer to God (my oldest love)

b. more family time

c. work together

d. ride bikes (my youngest love) 

2. Really explore nature & life around us.

a. go on more nature walks

b. take our new puppy on walks

c. really indulge in our family garden

My favorite part about all of this, is that these things can be achieved, they are realistic. They are reachable!  They only need love, time and commitment. Resolutions don't have to be materialistic, besides you can't buy happiness, right? If you are interested, I wrote a post on our church's blog this past week titled Resolutions? No, the tool you need to be fulfilled in 2010

What kinds of non materialistic goals have you set for yourself or your family this year?

xoxo - Gabreial

Handmade: Spring with Haberdashing Shoppe

I love fresh white snow. I love the excitement it brings to my little boys and their cheers when making snow angels, but deep down I'm already dreaming of spring. I can't wait to select seeds for the garden, plan that first dig and welcome the warm sun daily. I long for it actually.


The Gilded Bee creates these vintage inspired butterflies for embellishing gifts or crafts. I also think they would be great as little reminders of spring to come, sprinkled throughout your house.

If it is flowers and buds that you dream of, The Gilded Bee has you covered with their gorgeous handmade flowers including roses, plum primrose, starflowers and more. 


all images copyright © Haberdashing Shoppe


Snow Report: Lori from New York

We're studying snow, ice and all things weather around these parts and we're appreciating your photos! We're finally getting some real snow around here too!

  Vintage Indie reader Lori from east end of Long Island's North Fork sent us these photos, snow on the beach!

Beach 002

Greetings from snowy New York.    We were blessed with 26" of snow a few days before Christmas.  I have attached a few photos of my neighborhood beach called Harbor Lights.

Beach 003
Beach 004
Thanks Lori for sharing your photos with us! I bet that furry guy is loving the snow.

Reader Question: Can you Help Identify? Ruby Colored Pitcher Set

Vintage Indie reader Diana Mey from Wheeling West Virgina writes,

Can you help identify this ruby colored 7 piece pitcher and mug set?  The pitcher has three pinched spouts and what looks like an attached handle.  It also has seams up the back and front below the spout.  The glass on the pitcher is creamy - rather than clear - when held up to light.  The tiny handled mugs are clear, heavy and measure 2 1/2 inches while the pitcher measures just under 7".

Ruby Set

Diana Mey
Wheeling West Virginia

Snow Report: Susie L from Baltimore, Maryland

We're studying snow, ice and all things weather around these parts and we're appreciating your photos! We're finally getting some real snow around here too!

First up Vintage Indie reader Susie L.  from Baltimore, Maryland .

Susie writes, " We got bomb-barded with 14" in December '09. We aren't use to it...we've been having mild winters for the past 10 years or so. It was lovely to see though and made it so very nice for Christmas. We have more snow headed our way Friday...here we go again."


Thanks Susie!

Keep your winter weather photos coming!

xoxo Gabreial

What You Make Of It: Dime Store Chic “Goes Green” With A Recycled Paper Posy Wreath

First of all thank you to everyone who is submitting photos to our Show Your Snow feature from yesterday. Keep them coming, we are enjoying them! I'll post them soon for all to see here at Vintage Indie.

Today's What You Make of It project comes from our contributing editor Elizabeth Holcombe. She has a great idea to bring a little spring into our wintry homes. Best of all, it's a "green" project!

Paper wreath 3 on paper backing

Add a bit of “green” charm to your home this winter with a easy-to-make paper posy wreath. Make this simple and versatile wreath with strips of newspapers and/or magazines cut into various widths (3/4 to 1-1/2 inches). Look for strips of paper with designs and colors that you find interesting. You will also need tape, glue, scissors and cardboard. ( a recycled cereal box would work great)

Paper wreath 1 supplies

Cut a ring of cardboard. Use the left over cardboard to cut out leaves. Then take the strips of paper and fold them accordion style. Form the folded strips into a circle or “posy” by joining the ends and taping them together. Glue or use tape rings to stick the paper posy to the cardboard ring. Continue making paper posies in varying sizes and sticking them to the wreath. Overlap them to form a lush and interesting pattern. Stick the cardboard leaves in pairs throughout the wreath, tucking them beneath the posies.

Paper wreath 2 more supplies

Instead of newspaper and magazines, this wreath can easily be created with strips of crepe paper, scrapbooking papers, wrapping papers, or any “trash” paper you may toss out—but I hope you put them in your recycling bin!

Paper wreath 4 hanging
Elizabeth Holcombe Fedorko, aka Bethsbagz, began her checkered crafting career when at four she realized using paste on paper was better than eating it. Inspired by vintage dime store treasures, vintage fabric, and a no-fear attitude toward color, Beth crafts totes, pin cushions, wreaths, and corsages into her Dime Store Chic creations. Beth would love you to take a peek into her whimsical world at her blog.

Teach Me: Show Your Snow!

We're studying snow here at home and I'd love to be able to show them snow from all over the world. If you have some snow, can you email some snapshots to us? I'll be featuring them here.

Please leave your first name last initial with your city and state. We look forward to seeing your snow!

While we're learning, this is a Dendrite Snowflake photograph. This was taken by my friend Melissa over at In the Sparrows Nest from our most recent Northern Kentucky snow!  She is also the co-owner of Shining Dawn Books, visit them soon for their latest unit study Snow and Ice.

Snowcrystals.com is another great resource for snowflakes and snow crystals.

Happy snowing!