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As I was preparing a warm dinner of cottage ham, green beans and potatoes for my sweet man, I had the boys working on pattern puzzles. We love patterns around here. Process of elimination, critical thinking, creative thinking and art. You name it, pattern puzzles offer up some serious fun. What is more fun, is doing pattern puzzles while listening to a book on cd.

The boys started to chatter and discuss what they were creating with the patterns and I found myself shooshing them. I was thoroughly enjoying the story too. We've made it to chapter five quite quickly and can't seem to put the book "down". It has encouraged listening ears, comprehension and use of imagination. Books on CD are also cost friendly as you can find many selections at your local library.

The Horse and His Boy
Our current book on CD is The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis from The Chronicles of Narnia. I've heard books on cd before and found myself snoozing to the reader. A reading performance by Alex Jennings makes our listening time delightful and on the edge of our seats. 

If you don't homeschool, consider books on cd for long car rides, trips to and from the store or an alternative to the " one eyed monster" the TV. 

Do you have any suggestions for books on cd? Let us know what you've been listening to!



I love the C.S. Lewis! We don't listen on cd but read a lot! What do you mean by "pattern" puzzles? My littlest gals 3 & 4 are so into puzzles. Hours of them, but they are pictures. I'm not sure I've seen patterns before.

Vintage Indie

We have a set of the Melissa & Doug Pattern Puzzles


We also have the Might Mind


They really do love these both.

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