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Snow Report: Peterborough Ontario

Through the Lens: Mary Carroll

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For those of you who don't have snow or snow photos to share, bring winter to your home with these gorgeous wintry scenes from Mary Carroll Photography.

All photos listed here are the sole property of the photographer, and may not be reproduced in any manner. Copyright Mary Carroll 2010. All rights reserved.


Account Deleted

Those pictures are wonderful! They really bring winter to my home

Lanette @ Cottage Elements

Beautiful pictures! They really make winter look inviting. Though being from MN and it's much prettier looking from the inside. LOL!

LuAnn Smith

The older I get the more I love winter. Maybe it's these hot flashes. LOL The solitude, the magic of snow and life seems to slow down a bit, during the winter season. These photos really capture that.

The Design Confidential

These are amazing, they look like something right out of a painting..idyllic for sure.

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